10 Ninja Ways to Get Leads Online

Are you struggling with getting leads?

I know I’m not the only one that has struggled with getting quality leads online for my business.

It can be so frustrating to see other people seemingly have no issues at all with generating quality leads and sales and here I am sitting in front of my computer drawng a complete blank as to how to get the next lead.

Well can I let you in on a little secret….. Its actually not that hard.

Now before you go jumping through the computer screen and strangling me saying “But you just dont understand my situation – Its not easy at all”, I’ll let you know that I have been in exactly the same situation as you just wondering how the hell am I going to actually make this happen.

OK so before I go on I am going to say that you actually should not go out and do ALL of these methods I am going to lay out – if you do that then you wont be able to really focus one one thing and get good at it, all you will end up doing is being bad at a whole lot of things and tell me that my blog post is full of it.

So first up you are going to need to be able to capture your lead.

To capture your lead you will need some kind of autoresponder email management system like Getresponse.

I like Getresponse because it is very user friendly has amazing live support, easy stats, built in webforms & also they have their own landing page system – so you can have it as a 1 stop lead capturing spot.

If you would like a free 30 day trial of Getresponse, simply click here and create your account today.

What to do with your lead once you have their contact details is for another post so I won’t go too much into that right now, however just know that you really should set up a automated follow up sequence giving some good value so that your new lead starts to trust you and know that you are not just there to get their money.

Be sure to set up your Autoresponder properly with the correct logo for the campaign, correct reply details, be sure to know if you want people to confirm their email address or not (single or double opt-in), have confirmation pages set up  – pretty much make sure it looks like you’re not half assing the job.

Remember, the way you manage & treat your leads can be the major part in your success or failure with an online business.

OK so now you have got your Autoresponder set up, now you need to look at how exactly you are going to capture the lead.

The most popular and easiest method is through using some form of landing page.  For this you will require access to a company that provides landing pages.  As mentioned before Getresponse has the option of using their Landing Page software.

There are plenty of other companies that are offering landing pages, they seem to be popping up all the time, at the time of writing this the big ones are Clickfunnels & Leadpages, but there are plenty of others that are all offering their services, I’m not going to list them all here simply due to the fact that so many are popping their heads up some may come and go pretty quick that I dont want to mis-inform you.

One more resource I suggest you invest in if you want to attract quality leads is a blog.

Now when I first heard that I should get a blog I honestly thought it was like an online diary or journal or something – I honestly had no idea.

A blog is your home on the internet, your digital fortress, a place where you get people from all over the internet to come to your site and all they are seeing is what you want them to see.

You can place banners wherever you choose, you can have opt-in boxes linked to your autoresponder, you can have pop-ups, really it is a place that once you have someone on your site then you want them to have a good experience.

I distinctly recall hearing one big time guru describing a blog as “an undercover sales page”.

The purpose of the blog is for people to gain your trust.  Give valuable content, make them know that you are a real person, somebody you want to do business with.

Now here’s a secret for you.


Look, you might bet something that you can make look alright and you might be OK for a while, but seriously free blogging platforms are for people that don’t want to make money online.  All it takes is for one person to flag just one piece of your content and your whole site gets shut down and you can lose everything.

There are quite a few different options you can go with, and really, it all depends on how deep your pockets are, how much you want to work on it & how secure you want your blog to be.

If you want a complete unique site thats nice and shiny with all the bells and whistles, you may need to pay a developer, then make sure you have secure hosting that is able to withstand a lot of visitors to your site.

There is a really good option if you don’t want to spend the thousands and you just want to set up a good secure site, that is very secure, can handle traffic with some already awesome made themes.  This is actually what this site is on, its called Kalatu Brand Station.

Kalatu is “WordPress made easy”, it has great theme’s, its safe & secure, can handle boatloads of traffic & is specifically made to help online marketers.  There are 2 options with Kalatu, the Basic at $25/month & premium which comes with premium themes extra plugins, live Q&A, 10 seperate websites, extra tutorials all at $97/month.  Both options are great and all depend on what you want out of your website.  Click here to discover more about Kalatu.

Now that you have your Autoresponder, Your Landing Page & your Blog then you are ready to tackle the wide world of getting leads online.

So here are 10 Ninja Ways to Get Leads Online

The 1st Ninja way to get a lead is using your Blog and post really good content that goes viral (or sort of viral).


This can take some work to get something that people share, but if you get people to share your site, you can have banners and pop-ups that have call to actions, people can click on these and add their details and you have a lead – you have to make sure that your capture page is very congruent to what people click on.

Remember “That Dress”  That went all over the world. Well that image was posted on one person’s blog, with that blog post shared everywhere.  Now as much as the chance of creating something as viral as that is slim – you can still make things that people want to share. And when your site gets shared, then that’s free marketing.

The 2nd Ninja way to generate a lead online is by using Facebook Chat.

fbchatFacebook is so hot right now & getting hotter and hotter all the time.  More and more people are spending lots of time on it.

Chatting with people on Facebook is a great way to gain trust with people. By connecting with people personally one on one you can gain some great trust.

Now first up – if you want to have a go at Chatting with people on Facebook to generate leads PLEASE DONT SPEW ALL OVER THEM!!!!!

Seriously, I have had plenty of people connect with me say hi then immediately pitch their deal to me before even knowing if I am looking.  Its much better to have a conversation, make people curious aboout what it is you are doing, find out if you can help them then either ask them if they would like some information or you can actually get good at the methos and they will actually be asking you for a link to get more info – NOW THATS A HOT LEAD!!!

The downside to the Facebook Chat method is its 1 on 1 so you cant really leverage your time and set it on autopilot, however if you are willing to put in the consistent time you can generate great leads this way.

The 3rd Ninja Way to get a lead is to hold a Webinar.

WebinarWebinars are a great way to get people to give you their details.  There are plenty of different platforms you can use for webinars, but pretty much you cant really get much easier than using Google Hangouts.

By simply inviting people to register to attend the webinar then emailing the address to attend the webinar you are getting a great lead that really does want the information you have advertised.

Its very easy to embed your Hangout onto your blog and have some form of call-to action close by the hangout window.

Just know that you have to follow through with giving the content that you promised or else you lose all credibility.

The 4th Ninja Way to get a lead is with Youtube

youtubeI know guys that have absolutely crushed it on Youtube! And that all they do – shoot video’s, collect leads and make money!

Youtube, being owned by Google, ranks really well on Google search too.  So you can go for specific keywords and be able to not only get ranked in Youtube, but Google as well.

People turn to Youtube & Google for answers, so if you try and solve peoples problems thats a great way to get views.

Mix in a call-to-action in the video and have your business link in the description and thats a great way to get a lead.

The 5th Ninja way to get a lead is using Bing PPC.

bingLook, I know that a lot of people disregard Bing because all people think of when they think of searching online is Google.

However, Bing is a very big search engine & is very marketing friendly, and from some statistics I read they are actually making ground in online searches, mostly on mobile platforms, but still they are a great place to think about when it comes to placing ads to get leads.

Here’s a super secret ninja tactic I got from a private webcast – you can get clicks for under $0.20 each if you do some good keyword research & use long keywords that people might search for on a mobile phone.  This way you will have hardly any competition for those keywords and people will be likely to click.

Now with your Ad with bing as much as its not as much under scrutiny as a Google or Facebook ad its still not a good idea to just link to a basic capture page.  People are searching online to get information, not just to add their email address, so thats where your blog comes in.  Write a good article that is congruent to your ad, then place some good call to actions to add their details to get more information either directly on your page or on a lead capture page.

So play around with Bing and see how cheap you can get your leads from there.

The 6th Ninja Way to get a lead is to Create a Boot Camp

bootcampBoot camps are great – they are jam packed full of information, you can have them as either live events or you could completely pre-record your boot camp & have it as a “Set & Forget” series that when people opt-in to get on the boot camp they are then getting used to getting your emails. So once your lead has finished the boot camp then you have gained some good trust with your lead and are more likely to open up your email broadcasts later on.

One thing I will suggest is don’t make it too complicated, I once made a boot camp that made people complete each step before being allowed to go to the next step – it didn’t work so good…..  be sure to make it simple and something that people actually want to get.

The 7th Ninja Way to get a way is to hold a competition

ipadEveryone loves winning something.

So if you are giving away a pretty cool prize then you are likely to get people willing to give you their email address in return for entering the competition.

Now here’s a ninja way to get people to give you their best email that they will be checking – When people enter the competition tell them that they will be notified by email when they win – If the prize is good enough then they will likely give you their best email.

You will probably need an active audience for the competition really work – so either on a large Facebook Group or if you have a lot of people already visiting your website – the bigger the audience you have the more leads you will get so you can offer a better prize.

The 8th Ninja way to get a lead is with Solo Ads / Click Providers

2015-08-21_1428If you have some money to burn and want to get quick leads you can always use a traffic provider.

There are plenty of people that are willing to sell you clicks to your website at a cost / click

This can be a very very quick way to build up your email list.

However heed this warning:

You need to know how to “Work Your List”. Meaning its not much point in buying “Cold Traffic” (People that don’t know anything about you before they get to your lead capture page) if you don’t know what you are doing. You need to learn good copywriting skills.

One of my mentors David Wood actually doesn’t suggest using Paid Traffic until they are already getting good consistent results in their business. My suggestion is listen to Dave Wood.

The 9th Ninja Way Use Facebook Pay Per Click

Facebook-PPC-1You might be there thinking that its not that much of a ninja way – how mistaken you are.

There is so much you can do with Facebook ads its amazing.

It is the best way anywhere that you can target a specific audience to view your ad.

I would suggest you take a course or 2 to fully understand Facebook ads.  Facebook is constantly changing their rules & if you don’t abide by their terms and conditions you are likely to get your account shut down.

2 great courses you might want to consider are these 2 (I am not an affiliate of either):

PPC Traffic Mastery: http://ppctrafficmastery.com/

Facebook Ads University: http://dwm.dominatewebmedia.com/fb-ads-university

I’m not going to go too much into Facebook Ads because truth be told I’m not an expert on it, however what I do know is that the ad should be something that people want to view, like & share – That’s the way to get your cost per click way way down.

The 10th Ninja way to get a lead is with Periscope.

periscopePeriscope is the newest kid on the block & is really turning heads in the marketing world.

There are some really good reasons to take notice of Periscope, the main one being that Reality TV is so popular & everyone likes to see people live.

However, one of my mentors Mike Hobbs suggests not to let Periscope take up any of your existing marketing time & efforts – use it as an additional marketing platform.

Check out our team training on 5 Reasons to use Periscope to Build Your Business.

Don’t just wait on the side to see if Periscope is worth it or not – start to build your following – get people to follow you and trust you. Send people from your Periscope back to your blog or other social media site to connect with you.

So after seeing these 10 Ninja ways to generate a lead – you really don’t have an excuse not to be generating leads.

However I must emphasize this – and I can’t emphasize this enough – DON’T TRY AND USE ALL OF THESE METHODS!!!

Choose one way that you can resonate with, learn it & master it!

If you try and master all of these, all you will end up is being bad at a whole lot of methods.

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