23 Reasons Your Business Should Have A Blog

Bill Gates famously said
“If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business”.
Many small businesses have some form of web presence, be it a basic website or a Facebook page, which is great, However many businesses are missing the boat on not having a blog.
Here are 23 reasons why these businesses are missing out.


  1. Viralability. Having a post that your business creates that for some reason gets shared throughout the internet can get your business attention worldwide literally overnight. Remember “That Dress” that people couldn’t work out what color the dress was…. well that dress was posted on a Blog
  2. Easy to share. Pretty much all the popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus are very blog friendly. Its ridiculously easy to post a link to a particular blog post on any social site . For example, its easy to put your blog post in your company Fcebook page then share it from there
  3. Comments. Having comments is a great way to interact with your customers. By replying to the comments that are valuable, you show that your business actually cares.
  4. SEO – Search Engine Optimization. If you don’t understand what that means, its just means that good blogging platforms like the Kalatu Brand Station make it easy for your blog posts to rank well on search engines like Google.
  5. No Maintenance. Because you don’t need to host the blog, all the background maintenance is done by the host of the Platform you use. Because the company you use will want to keep customers, its in their vested interest to keep the platform up and running smooth.
  6. Cheap. Let me actually put it another way – it CAN be cheap if you use a platform like the Kalatu Brand Station.  There are other platforms you can use, but Kalatu has been designed by marketers, specifically for small business & home business in mind.
  7. Share your expertise.  Using a Blog is a great way to show off your specific talents and expertise to the world
  8. Undercover Sales Page.   I remember hearing a blog being described as an undercover sales page.  When people visit a blog post they have their guard down, its a great way to sell.
  9. Great way to direct traffic to your business.   Because blog posts are easy to share around the internet, when people are on your post you can direct people back to your base website or lead capture page or whatever.
  10. Content.  Its said now that “Content is King”. Blogs are the ultimate way to create content.
  11. Give your business personality.   With today being more and more digital, its a good thing to give your business a bit of a personality.  Many do it through video – and yes, video is HOT right now.  the best thing is, you can embed your video into your blog posts.
  12. Great way to grow your network.  By people sharing your posts throughout social sites its a great way to expand your customers.  This kind of ties in with Viralability, however a post doesnt have to “go viral” to grow your network, just a share here or there can really help.
  13. Plug and play.  Once you’ve set it all up, its a simple as log in, click on something like “Create New Post”, and type away!  It honestly is ridiculously easy.
  14. Keep customers in the know.  If you have your customers liking your Facebook page or have them subscribed to your email list, you can write a blog post to let your customers know about updates on your business.
  15. Great way to get subscribers.  By having a “Opt-In” form on your blog (like the one at the bottom of this post) You can link that form to an email management client like GetResponse.
  16. Makes you aware of latest trends.   By being active Syndicating (Sharing) your blog posts around the social world, you become aware of the latest trends and be able to get ahead of your competition.
  17. No need for designs.   By selecting a good blogging platform like the Kalatu Brand Station you get access to world class themes already designed & ready to go.  This could save you thousands in design fees.
  18. Great plugins and widgets.  Blogs have the ability to add widgets and special plug-ins to customize your theme, add banners & all kinds of things.
  19. Get more customers.  At the end of the day – being in business is all about more customers and more sales.  A blog will help you do that.
  20. Guest blogging.  This is a very powerful way to be able to tap into other people’s “Sphere of influence”. You can have other people write a guest post on your blog or you could write a post on someone else s blog.  Either way you will be able to tap into other people’s contacts, making them aware of your business.
  21. Gets attention of other business.  You’ll soon get on the radar of other businesses who might be able to assist you in some way.
  22. Free Public Relations.  Blogging is a great way to have great PR and its free!
  23. Blogging can be fun!   Instead of making is a chore, you can actually make blogging fun.  Play around with it – add your personality, give it some kind of uniqueness.  You can get started boldly by using the 21 Day Blogging Challenge plug-in with the Kalatu Brand Station, that will get you in a habit of blogging everyday, getting better at it & developing a good collection of posts quickly.
Seriously, if you business doesn’t have a blog, why the hell not?
You are seriously missing out.
The best way to get your blog is by clicking here and getting your Kalatu Brand Station today