3 Key Things to creating Magic in your Business

It baffles me the amount of people that truly struggle with their online business.

Well truth be told I’m more baffles at the fact that so many people give up on their dreams way to quickly.

Did you know that there are 3 key things that can change the outcome of your business and turn something that’s struggling big time, to being able to have what looks like “Magical” results.

These 3 key things are:

  • Self Faith

  • Understanding

  • Single Focused Massive Action


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Self Faith

The first thing is you have to know and truly believe that you will be successful.

I remember when I was in a previous business opportunity, as I reflect back now I really didn’t have faith in not only myself, but in the company product & the business model.  That might be the reason behond haveing terrivble results in my previous business – Maybe if I truly believed in not only myself but of the whole system like I know others did, then maybe I would have had success there


[tweet_box design=”default”]”Without understanding you can go the wrong way – fast” Dave Wood[/tweet_box]

You need to know the correct direction in where you are heading.

I recall when I had my mobile coffee business “Kuppa Krazy Mobile Cafe” I knew I was going to be successful in it, I knew the product was great & I knew there was a market somewhere.

I had never done this before and in all honesty i didnt do any market research – I just went out and worked my ass off – and for the first few months I was not really getting the results I wanted – I had to take a step back & have a look at my situation, look at the market & come up with a new plan – and in no time when I changed my daily routine & where I was going my business was booming. – It all came down to understanding my market

Single Focused Massive Action

When you dial in on one strategy to create results & you work your ass off at getting there – that will set you apart from the rest.

Now I have heard this many times in the past. I’ve heard it in audio trainings, I’ve read it in book, & I’ve heard people say it to me in conferences – yet this is something I personally have struggled with.

I know every time I get laser focused on my goal & just have 1 or 2 marketing strategies that I dial in on then I tend to get good results.

Recently I have left my job & now run my online business full time helping people all over the world to learn how to have an online business.  Now I have been getting good results, however what I did was stupid, I decided to do 5 different things, and be kind of good at them, instead of learning to master 1 or 2 & dominating.

So now I am focusing my energies on blogging & helping my team blog & also I am starting to learn & master Instagram, and within 2 weeks have been able to build up a following of 2000 people & generate dozens of leads – and I’m only getting started…….

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