3 Ways to Breakthrough the Newbie Zone & How to be a Home Business Warrior

Its damn tough trying to breakthrough the “Newbie Zone” when you start out in the world of home business.

You get on a team webcast and all these people seem to be talking a whole new language – traffic, squeeze pages, opt-ins, leads, conversion ratio, blogging, SEO, PPC, I was even stumped at how to do a google hangout……. It was so overwhelming, especially for me… a farm worker & construction worker – all this stuff was very foreign to me.

Some people get stuck in the newbie zone for ages, wandering around aimlessly…..

The best way to get out of the Newbie Zone & become a Home Business Warrior is to get some “Battle Training”.

Getting battle training can come from several sources. Here are 3 which are very useful:

From Warriors who know how to win

Listen to people who have made it to the place you want to be.

Get yourself a mentor, or a couple of mentors who you can learn from.

They know how to do it

Let their advice guide you and give you wisdom as you deal with the same things that they also did.

Don’t be shy either….. most leaders are more than willing to help & guide people that want to have success. BUT THERE IS A CATCH…. you must be willing to follow what the mentor says – if they try to help you, and you don’t listen, then its less likely they will continue to try and help

From Reading / Watching / Listening

Read or listen to to information in your particular area of weakness on a regular basis.

Read personal development books.  There are thousands of great books to expand your mind and grow you in all aspects of your life. Leaders are readers.

This is what Grant Cardone has to say about reading:

The average worker reads an average of less than one book a year and works an average of 37.5 hours per week. This same person makes 319 times less money than the top U.S. CEOs, who claim to read more than 60 books a year. Many of these financially successful executives are maligned for the huge sums of money they receive; however, we often fail to appreciate what these people have done to get where they are today. Warren Buffett says he spends most of his day reading.


Listen to recorded audio’s of successful people

There are thousands of hours of recorded audio – most books have been made into an audiobook.

Get onto an entrepreneur’s podcast

There are so many different resources to get access to great audio’s.

Jim Rohn always talked about turning your car into a mobile classroom. turn off the radio & start listening to positive audio’s when you are driving.

Video is now a great place to get information too – YouTube is not only for watching cat video’s, but there are some great channels to subscribe to to get some great info. Just don’t get stuck on there for hours watching video after video, or else you’ll stay in that newbie zone… forever.

From Personal Experience

Get into the trenches.

Get some war wounds.

Go out and put into practice what you have learned

Yes you might fall…. often….. but pick yourself up and keep on going.

Don’t become a professional student while other people are out there winning the game of life.

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Become a warrior.

Listen to successful people.

Go out and implement what you have learned.

Teach what you have learned to others.

Its what my mentor Dave Wood calls the “Success Triangle” – Learn, Do, Teach

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