4 Ways to Save Heaps of Money on Software

I just love free shit.
Call me a tight ass or whatever I don’t care – If someone gives me something legally and its good I will take it.
I discovered Open Source software many years ago & I bloody love it!
I’m not talking about freeware or stuff packed with ads – I’m talking about super kick ass software that rivals the big dogs – its either free or not much at all.
Believe it or not there is a great FREE alternative to Windows & Mac.
There are FREE alternatives to Microsoft Office
There are FREE alternatives to Adobe Photoshop
And so so so much more
This has literally saved me thousands of dollars over the years & the products are just as good at the one’s you pay ridiculous amounts of money for.
Here are a couple of AWESOME programs I suggest you seriously consider.
  1. HandBrake – Open Source Video Transcoder

    I wrote a blog about this just the other day – check it out.
    HandBrake is a tool for converting video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs.
    I use it for compressing my video files for uploading onto YouTube. & recently I have used it for converting .flv files that didn’t play too well in players to .mp4 that run anywhere.
    Don’t even think about it – just go get it!

    hack image

  2. GIMP – Awesome alternative to Adobe Photoshop

    I discovered Gimp a few years back by absolute accident – I was completely broke & needed to do some “Photoshopping” I figured there had to be a cheaper alternative to Photoshop so I looked and looked & came across Gimp.
    It took me a little bit to get used to how it works – but it truly is a kick ass program.
    I’ve never really used much Photoshop in the past but from what I’ve been told is that Gimp pretty much does the same job – but its FREE.
    Go on, get it NOW!

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  3. OpenOffice – Thats right a FREE Office Suite

    I’ve used OpenOffice for years – its awesome – does everything an Office Suite does except for hurt your wallet!
    I also found a neat trick – if you have an Office file that is password protected, save it as an OpenOffice document & the password protect feature is gone………
    You don’t have to worry about not being able to open the files – it recognizes Office files & you can save them as such as well.
    What the hell are you waiting for…. get your FREE OpenOffice suite NOW!

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  4. Ubuntu – Awesome Operating System

    OK so this is how I found Ubuntu……
    My Windows needed re-installing but I didnt have any install disk or code & a friend of mine sent me to check out Ubuntu.
    It is Linux based & at first I was scared – I’m no programmer…..
    But i soon found it to be brilliant – just have to adjust to the way things are done in this operating system.
    I found there to be soooo much free software specifically made for Linux based system – I loved it. However my laptop that I had it on died, I am considering ditching my current crazy Windows 8 and running Ubuntu instead.
    You can download and burn a dvd and trial run it off the DVD before you decide to install it – I suggest you check it out.
    You can get your grubby hands on it Here

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Seriously go and google Open Source & open your eyes to a whole world of awesome free software. You can Thank me later.
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