6 Amazing Google Chrome Extensions That Every Online Marketer Should Use

I’ve said it before many times… but I just love free shit!

Now the question is…. do you also love free shit?

If you answered yes then pay close attention to this article because I am going to show you 6 awesome free Google Chrome extensions that have really helped my business, and it might just make your life a whole lot easier too.

Now before we go on, I am assuming that you have Google Chrome browser…..

If by some chance you are still using Internet Explorer then shame on you, shame, shame, shame – That OK though your life can be a whole lot better by getting your free copy of Google Chrome for your desktop here

Sweet now that you’re in the great new world of Chrome read on.

Google Chrome Extensions add a whole new dimension to browsing the web. They can save you all kinds of time & make your online marketing experience so much more enjoyable.

OK so here are 5 amazing Google Chrome extensions (And One BONUS tool) that every online marketer should use

#1 Video Downloader Professional

Have you ever wanted to be able to download a video that is embedded onto a website, but you just aren’t able to figure out how to get it?

There have been many times when I have bought an online training & I wanted to save the training but there was no option to download the video”s

Video Downloader Professional solves this problem a lot of the time

I actually wrote an article on this a few months back here:


#2 HubSpot Sales

If you have ever wondered if someone has opened your email you send using gmail then this is the tool for you!

There has been quite a few times I have used this tool and been able to get a good response from people that I know have opened up their emeil but not responded – I send a quick email back letting them know that I know they have opened the email & was waiting for a response – many times I then promptly get a reply.

Its also interesting to see how some people open some emails several times & you get notified every single time they open the email.

#3 Video Speed Controller

Have you ever wanted to get through a training video twice as fast?

I know some of the video trainings I watch are just as easily watched at a much faster speed with still being able to get the informaion.

I know its easy to change the speed on YouTube video’s, however if the video you are watching is hosted on some other site then “Video Speed Controller” comes to the rescue.

And for some video’s that have their control bar disabled this allows you to jump forward of back in sections.

Video Speed Controller can really save you lots of time – it literally saves me many hours a week.

This works on just about any video hosted by any video hosting.



#4 Momentum

This is a handy little extension that I have only recently discovered.

I like it becasue it adds a nice little extra to my browser when I go to open a new tab….

Every time you open a new tab the Momentum extension gives you a moment of calm and inspires you to be more productive. Set a daily focus, track your to dos, and get inspired with a daily photo and quote. Eliminate distractions and beat procrastination with a reminder of your focus for the day on every new tab load.


#5 Awesome Screenshot

If you want to be able to quickly take a screenshot & edit it then this is a pretty handy extension.

In all honesty I use Jing a lot as my screenshot tool, however this is a very handy tool as well.

One benefit I like over Jing is that it quickly lets you blur out sections of your screenshot along with other neat little quick tricks.

This is a quick screenshot I took of a Google search of my own name, so here I was able to quickly put a red box around the top search which is a link to this blog, I was able to highlight my LinkedIn profile & blur out the 3rd search (because it wasn’t me….) quickly add some text and some arrows.

Alex Bender   Google Search

#6 Toolkit for Twitter

I’m gonna let you in on a secret….. I know hardly anything about twitter……

However I have been able to amass a following of nearly 3000 followers & have been able to get quite a lot of leads from Twitter.

One tool I use for Twitter is the Google Chrome Extension called “Toolkit for Twitter”

Now I must admit I don’t use it all that often….. just because I always forget about my Twitter account (I am amazed at my ability of getting leads from Twitter without being consistent at all with anything I do on Twitter)

However I find it super handy when it comes to liking peoples posts – it will literally like all the tweets on the page – now this is something I normally wouldn’t do if i didnt have this extension & it might like some stuff that i really don’t like….. however I only use Twitter for lead generation – so it can create a bit of curiosity from your followers & might get the extra lead here or there.

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