An Absolute Rip Snorter of a Video Compressing Tool

I used to get so pissed off waiting forever to upload video files to YouTube.

My internet connection was never brilliant & I pay/MB so I wanted to upload my video’s quick – I just had no idea how to do it.

Somehow I stumbled on this kickass program a year ago – Its awesome & its Free!

I love open source programs – any time I can get my hands on a open source program vs spending hundreds of hard earned dollarino’s I will always go the open source option.

Handbrake is awesome. It very simply gets your video you have made & makes it a much smaller size, all ready to upload onto YouTube, or whatever video platform you use.

Just open the program up, click on source, find your file. Select the destination file, the output settings and press start – Easy as!.

I’m no instructor on this and I really only use the basics of it – so for more info do some Google searches and you will find the info you are looking for.

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I also discover its great at converting files – I had a whole lot of flv files I had issues in watching on any player I found – I just added the files to Handbrake & selected output to be .mp4 and now the file plays in any player & plays it brilliantly.

Now I have recently learned that Handbrake is also a kickass DVD ripping program. I’ve never used it for this but if you have a DVD you want to put on your hard drive then this is the program to get.

This tool is awesome and its FREE. So just get it, don’t put it on your list of stuff to get, just get it now – you can thank me in the comments.

Click here to get Handbrake

Now I have no issues in adding video’s to YouTube for promoting my Internet Business. For you to start your own Internet Business Today simply click here, fill out your details & watch the video.