An Insiders Review of Prosperity of Life / Polaris Global

So, you want to know about Prosperity of Life (Polaris Global)……….

Let me guess, you’ve been in contact with a Prosperity of Life (Polaris Global) Distributor/Director, you’ve seen the business presentation they sent you to, you’re intrigued to know if this is a scam or if its for real.  So you’re doing some research on it online before you make your decision.  GOOD MOVE – its a hell of a lot of money they want from you.  I’ve been there – I was involved from 2011 until I left in early 2014.

You might also be wondering how the hell did I get this post to be so high ranked on Google above everyone else….. you see I have learned some skills required to be an online entrepreneur.  I can help you with these skills as well, click here for some details on how you can actually get results and have a successful online business.

Yes, I was an active M7 distributor of Polaris Global from June 2011 until early 2014. I went to different events and met many people including the owners of the company. Here’s a pic with myself & 2 of the owners Shane & Rachel Krider when I was at a ‘Super Saturday’ training event in Sydney 2012.



Now I am not going to bag Polaris Global at all or its flagship product Beyond Freedom Evolution.  I enjoyed my time I was a distributor, I still have friends within the company & as far as I know they are still making money with it.

And in all honesty since I left the company in 2014, I have gone on to have success in many companies, but truth be told, Prosperity of Life is still around – and I can’t say that for some other opportunities I went with later on.

So after consideration I have decided to remove most of the post I had about the company & my YouTube video’s & just let you know this – most people will fail in home business – like more than most – pretty much everyone…… including the leaders that are on the calls & trainings (this is industry wide – not company specific….) – most of those guys are broke too.

Yes you can make good money in home business – you just need to learn how to market & how to run a business – so I suggest you go and learn those skills, join “The Home Business Academy” run by my 2 good friends & mentors, Paul & Mike, also read up on some sales books – one I suggest is “Way of the Wolf” by Jordan Belfort.

Have fun in the crazy ass world of home business…. I’m pretty much done with it – its chewed my up and spat me out – I do have one passive network marketing business going however I am not actively promoting it.

I am now learning to trade Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc…..) – If you are interested in learning with me hit me up on facebook at and we can have a chat

Enjoy your day & all the best with your home business pursuit.

Oh and for the current members of Polaris that absolutely hate me for taking away their commissions in the past (This single blog post has made me LOTS of money…..) you can now be happy that I have no intention of stealing away your prospects anymore, but as I am taking away most SEO from this post it will likely fade away and not be seen by many people that are searching for Prosperity of life Reviews or Scam or whatever people tend to search for these days…..

Home business has been a fun ride over the past few years – I’ve met some awesome people, made some great friends, traveled over the world, learned some great life skills….. I truly suggest you get involved with some form of home business just for the experience – just unless you are prepared to learn some serious skills and lose thousands of hours sleep, dont expect to make much money


  • In this day and age there is such a better way to work smart. There are great tools available to the home business owner so a lot of the work can be automated. Great post.

  • Great review from the inside out. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • Thanks Alex that’s a really great blog from an honest perspective and informative too!! Polaris has a great product and lots of support within the company but as you say it is quite a financial investment. It was a very fun place to be though, great vibe within the community there.

    • Alex Bender

      Yes Clare I enjoyed my time there too. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  • Alesha

    Alex, great value here! You learn something new everyday! You rock!

    • Alex Bender

      Yep, I do rock!

  • Kelvin

    Wow i have just spend a few hours watching all their videos, and have to say I was keen to look into being part of it however after reading your blog and many others on the internet I am now not sure. Can i ask why you stopped Alex?

    • Alex Bender

      Kelvin, Mate to be honest it was a multiple of things, however I guess it came down to nothing seemed to work, because I really didn’t know what I was doing.
      I guess I lost the drive & passion for the opportunity. I will always use BFE now I have it, however looking back I think I only joined up initially because I joined up from an old school friend & I had trust with her.
      However the passion for home business was always there & will always be there, and being able to make a good income online without having to call people up and try and convince people how awesome it is suits me much better. I honestly love what I have found & my suggestion to you is to not just look at the hype video’s but be honestly passionate about what you do – there is no get rich quick anything online, regardless of what you see all around the place, whatever you decide on will involve hard work, dedication & a long term vision

      • David

        Hi Alex I was just reflecting yesterday on my stint with liberty league and came across your post. To all of you that left like me I left when the new change over to polaris was done.
        yes you are right about the support etc great people to be around etc but there is a high drop out rate and I put it down to one thing in particular I JUST DID NOT HAVE THE SALES SAVY TO CLOSE THE DEAL. (Maybe to be pushy to be more exact) I done all the visualisation techniques and got a lot of good Leeds but they talked the talk but never came on board.

        With there pressure of getting all three products or your missing out I borrowed the bulk of from my brother for the last two ended up only getting two signed up who went to my sign up member simon haggard otherwise countless hours for no return.

        I saw simon do really well out of it but there is a lot of people bleeding out there.
        Talking about bleeding when the change over to polaris came I think from memory your first two sign ups had to go back to the person that found them so if they were a real firecracker in the group guess what you lost them

        I think the polaris version was a mistake I heard a lot left when this took place it took away the big life changing money getting the top product any way should have sunk that money in blue chip shares and get the 2 tax free dividends per year

        Cheers David

  • Good review Alex. Unfortunately 95% of those who join polaris lose the money they spend. It’s almost impossible to persuade new customers to spend thousands of dollars when they can go to a TAFE or do an online university course for a quarter of the price. Sure Rachel Krider(Oliver) can be nice, but as many people can attest she can also be a scheming nasty piece of work. $cientologists get very good at hiding behind a veneer of respectability, but the reality is that they really just want your money. All the best✈️

    • Alex Bender

      Thanks for checking out my blog Sillery.
      Mate yes it is hard to get people to buy BFE. I don’t know what TAFE course or Uni course you would be referring to though, there really isn’t any other course that I know of like BFE. Saying that, I get just as much out of reading great personal development books & listening to Empower Network Inner Circle audio’s.
      But I don’t regret signing up and buying it, it got me on the path to where I am today.

    • Colin

      Sillery please….. It is Painfully obvious you do not know anything about Polaris or Rachel.
      It is strange how some people can get the microphone.
      Brilliant simple business with amazing ROI.
      7 years now and counting.

  • Great job Alex! Love that you’ve created an article that doesn’t bag Polaris and isn’t one sided. As you know, it as really great to meet you when you were at Polaris and we’re still friends 🙂

    As I’m still with Polaris and loving every minute of it I just wanted to back up what you said that Polaris is not Scientology at all. As for the money spent, it really is up to the individual and if they identify with the business. For example, if someone’s only looking to make a few hundred bucks extra per month with minimal expense, I’d recommend them to join an MLM business like Herbalife or similar.

    I also wanted to clarify the convincing people thing. Becoming successful in Polaris means getting to the point where you don’t convince people. Many new people have the misconception that it is sales and you have to convince people to get started and buy BFE – I was the same when I started. However, Polaris is not sales and it’s not about convincing people. It’s about finding serious people about starting a business, presenting the info to them, answering their questions (without convincing) and leaving the decision up to them. If they don’t want to get started, then that’s absolutely cool!

    Lastly, about speaking with people on the phone, that’s a personal choice each individual has to make. For me, I LOVE speaking with people around the world. My communication skills have improve massively since I got started in Polaris. There’s no way I’d have improved in that area so much if I didn’t do this business. But then again, there’s people that might not want to step out of their comfort zone in that area and that’s perfectly fine. This is why there’s so many varieties of businesses available for all different types of people.

    Anyone that’s looking at getting started in any business, whether it’s bricks and mortar or online, should know that only 1% ever succeed. This really comes down to what each individual values. Everyone wants to be wealthy, but not everyone is willing to do the work on themselves and their business to become wealthy. My advice is, whatever business you get started in, commit yourself 120% to learning and growing, taking massive action, following leaders that have already created success, and putting your business first. If you decide that you’re going to be in the top 1% and do all you can to get there, you’ll be unstoppable.

    • Alex Bender

      Wosers Alex – you went all out with this one mate.

      Yeah Mate, it was great meeting you at the couple of Super Saturdays I attended.

      Not going to go into it and I know that Polaris is big on pushing that its not sales, thats its marketing, however, I remember hearing my mentor Dave Wood say “If your marketing isn’t selling stuff, then its no use marketing, isn’t it”.

      Anyone can learn how to sell a compelling way by clicking the link in the post, adding your details and watching the video.

      Appreciate you taking the time to comment Alex, yes you will always be a mate & I do enjoy your updates on Facebook. I am truly happy you are successful within Polaris, everybody who dedicates themselves to their biz op deserves to be successful

  • John

    I have enjoyed reading your blogs Alex. As someone who is all about exhausting all due diligence avenues, the blogs have been very informative. Paying $2285 wholesale or $2855 retail Beyond Freedom Evolution (BFE) is a significant investment and I guess it depends on whether you want to run it as a business venture or just purely for personal development.

    Nothing in life comes easy and its about changing your personal mindset and being prepared to work hard in a consistent manner each and every day as to whether you succeed or fail. From what I have read, BFE does appear to be a very well structured and presented personal development system.

    A business is about selling a product and in this case the product is BFE so to say that it is not about selling a product is incorrect. There must be some sort of influence via the phone calls to prospective customers in order to achieve an income and that is ultimately the person buying the product.

    Again, thank you very much for the informative blogs and keep up the great work.

    • Alex Bender

      Thanks for taking the time to comment John.
      I am glad that you like my posts.
      All the best with the decision that you make for your business.
      If you want to discuss anything feel free to leave me a message.

  • RJ

    Hi Alex.
    Thank you so much for your post. As someone above, I also watched the videos and was seriously considering starting up. However did have reservations and wanted to do some further research – hence stumbling along your post. Refreshing to see an honest write up.
    Are you suggesting that if you were to start up, you should buy all of their courses? Can’t you just start up by paying the start up fee? And paying the monthly fees?
    I did wonder how easy it would be to sell their M1 course.
    I am seriously looking to start working from home and need to do so ASAP, so I am looking for the best fit. But disappointingly it seems to be a tricky challenge.

    • Alex Bender

      To be honest RJ I am not up to date on Polaris’compensation plan, I do believe that there is a way to start up without buying any products but I dont know what it is.
      However I must say that in ANY home business that you choose you must not only know the product that you are selling but believe in it 100%. How would it look if you wanted somebody to take the business serious & at the same time you just running at the minimum – people tend to do what you do. So if you just join up & dont own anything, chances are that other people you bring in will follow suit – so you may end up with a big team with no product and nobody making any money.
      For myself, I have chosen to go All-IN with my business. I believe in them all 100%, I use them all and I have also positioned myself to earn great commissions at the same time.
      All the best with your venture into the great world of home business!

  • kelly

    i have concerns on this i really do!! my mother who is unemployed has joined up in this and being naive as she can be after almost destroying her marriage to amway and now she has joined up in this. seems so risky to go ahead with and knowing u are not making any money until u hit the $14000 mark!! no one in the day and age will buy a product worth over two grand for some tapes videos etc (audio tapes went out years ago so why are we using them still??) and handing over big dollars for live training etc…sounds so silly and so dangerous and not a good way to make money…sorry i have to be honest here…it all sounds like scientology to me and a company that has changed its name so many times well im suspicious for sure!! i sure do hope my dear mother hasnt got herself into some stupid financial strife!!!

    • Alex Bender

      I can understand your concerns. I actually had real concerns when I was looking at the business myself.
      I’m not sure what you mean when you say hitting the $14,000 mark – I can’t recall anything like that on the comp plan when I was involved.
      Look, if your mother takes it serious, and learns the right way to market & actually use the product, she does have a chance of success.
      As I mentioned in the post, I had no sniff of scientology when I was there, but I also don’t care for people’s religion.
      Feel free to get your mother to contact me for a chat if you like.
      I’ll never be negative towards Polaris, I am thankful that it ended up leading me to where I am now, helping Internet Marketers & Home Business people learn the better way of Marketing their business.

  • garyb

    HI Alex.. Loving your post.. Finding the right company can be difficult.. I Myself researched around 40 companies before choosing the right company.. are you still looking?

    • Alex Bender

      Yes there is all kinds of biz opps out there. Some good, some not so good.
      Its a good idea to do some research. But more important really is finding the right person to work with.
      In just about every home biz you will have people that have made success – so that proves that there is a way to make money, you just need to be shown how.
      Its very common for your sponsor to go into the “Witness Protection Program” once you’ve handed over your money.
      So be sure there is a great team to be plugged into.
      But to answer your question Gary, no, I am not looking for a business. I have found my home & really enjoying helping my team succeed. Feel free to reach out to me and I can show you how I can help you.

    • Liz

      Hi Gary,

      Would love to know what you findings were and which company you choose in the end?

      Look forward to hearing from you


  • James

    Hi Alex. Great post. So what have you found that you enjoy so much?

    • Alex Bender

      I’ll send you an email James

  • Norma

    Hi Alex
    I thought that you put up a great post. I would love to know what you ended up finding to do and enjoy doing with you team yo do it with . I haven’t been lucky enough to find anything yet please share, love to here from you …… Kind regards Norma.

    • Alex Bender

      Hi Norma,
      I’ve sent you an email.
      Appreciate your comment.

  • Luisa Malan

    Hi there,

    I have spent the last 3 days looking into Polaris and listening to all the videos on the site. I too was scouring the web to see reviews of legitimacy as I am all too cautious about pyramid schemes. I really found your blog great and honest. We need more of these!
    would also be interested in what you have finally found to work on.
    it is sooo difficult finding the right thing out there.

    • Alex Bender

      Hi Luisa,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.
      Yes there is all kinds of tricks and traps out there in this world wide web, I’ve been stung a few times myself.
      To find out what I am doing Luisa, simply click on the banner down below or on the side of the blog, enter your details and watch the documentary video.

  • SHAN

    Alex. Nice to hit your blog for honest opinion. In the same stretch,would like to know if you have found some home business giving moderate income for a person who is not so skilled in selling(aversion towards selling) as a part time stuff

    • Alex Bender

      Hi Shan,
      Appreciate you commenting.
      To be brutally honest with you, and this may sound like something that you dont want to hear, I heard this from some very successful home business people and I’ve found this to be true, – You’re either selling to someone or you are being sold to.
      As much as sales is a dirty word for a lot of people, and it sounds like it is for you, if you want to be in business then you have to get used to the fact that you will be selling something.
      Now that being said, you can do it in a way that not slimy & manipulative. If you are actually giving value to people and offering a product that will be of benefit to them, then selling isn’t a bad thing at all.
      Now to answer the question of have I found a home business giving moderate income for a persona who is not skilled in selling then absolutely. Click on the banners on this blog, or click the link in the article, add your details and watch the video. Any questions, you can contact me personally, all my contact details are in the email you will receive when you enter your details to find out what it is I do.

  • Hi Alex, Polaris have just contacted me. I’m interested in what you ended up doing post Polaris. Cheers, Carmel

    • Alex Bender

      Hi Carmel, I’ll send you an email.

      • Mat

        In the process of looking at Polaris…but interested in finding out what you’ve finally decided on before
        I make the decision

  • JOHN



    • Alex Bender

      Hi John,
      Polaris is a legit company, they sell legit products, I like the people that are involved and I have no issues with the company itself.
      I’m not going into what is and isn’t a pyramid, but no – Polaris isn’t a pyramid scheme.
      To find out what I do now, simply click the banner at the bottom of this page or on the side or the link at the bottom of the article, add your details and watch the video – its easy.

  • Hi Alex. I really enjoyed your blog today and found it enlightening. I too did not realize the power of a blog and have never done it. What was the name of the Google blog you mentioned?
    Yesterday I came across Lifes True Purpose Polaris Global. I have been reading and watching videos on this company ever since. I am considering jumping in but need more time to research all aspects, pros and cons. I too get frustrated with sales calls and it’s not for me. Your experience has just opened a door for me, the possibility of creating blogs. Thank you for that. But I am also sorry that you did not know about this aspect of marketing in your time with Polaris Global.
    I am going to watch another blog/video that you have created because I am interested to see what you are doing now in 2015. All the best to you Alex and again, thank you for sharing your experience!!

    • Alex Bender

      Hi Lexie – well this post alone demonstrates the power of a blog…..
      I wrote this article at the start of the year, it ranks on google for plenty of specific keywords, and I get plenty of people seeing it every day, i get leads every day & sales just from one single post i wrote at the start of the year – this whole this cost me nothing excpept for my hosting of my website – I just love the power of a blog.
      The blog platform I use and promote is part of my primary business.
      Shoot me a message & we will chat.
      Appreciate you taking the time to leave such a thoughtful comment


    Hi Alex,

    Loved your honest review. I too am in the initial stages of looking at a home based online business opportunities. I am not adverse to selling, but I don’t believe Polaris Global is what I am looking for. Would love to see where you are at.Thanks again.

    • Alex Bender

      Hi Rob,
      I’ve sent you an email.

  • Mat

    Interested also in what you are doing now…currently reviewing Polaris now
    Thx Mat

    • Alex Bender

      Hi Mat,
      I’ve sent you an email.

  • Ras

    Hi Alex,
    Can you let me know what you are into.

    • Alex Bender

      Hi Ras,
      I just shot you a quick email.

  • Sudesh

    Appreciate your comment?

    I also red and looking for Polaris investment. I just want to know during the time Polaris were you able to cover up your investment. After how menay months were you got your first income?

    • Alex Bender

      Mate honestly thats not the right question to ask – everyone has their own journey, some crush it immediately, some never even make a single sale.
      Its more about mindset, coachability & trainability.
      Polaris can work if you are willing to work. I actually shot a video on that today and put it on my facebook wall – check it out Here

  • Mikle Josun

    Alex, Who is Robyn Ellis? Is she connected w Polaris in any way w Shane & Rachel Krieder? I’ve been in touch w Robyn and she sent me the videos. Any info will be most helpful,

    • Alex Bender

      Mikle, I don’t know that name but I havent been involved with the company since early 2014. & there are literally thousands of people involved with the company.
      It can be confusing when people introduce themselves as “Directors” because the distributors in the company are actually called “M1, M7 & M8 Directors” depending on what level they have bought into.
      I’ll send you an email Mikle

  • Melissa

    Hi Alex,

    Loved your review. I have done selling and am looking for something different but I don’t believe Polaris Global is what I am looking for. Would love to see where you are at. Thanks again

    • Alex Bender

      Melissa, I will send you an email.

  • Priya

    Hi Alex,
    Interesting read. Like everyone else, would be keen to hear what you up to and if that can work for me.

    • Alex Bender

      Hi Priya,
      I’ll shoot you an email.

  • Hi Alex, Ditto to many of the previous comments. I have a hook-up shortly to discuss next moves with Polaris. I too am looking for a home based business option if possible. I have written down many questions following review of info sent and thanks to your blog and the questions asked by others, concerns are similar. I have a great history of people empowerment and engagement which has lead me to this initial stage, but I don’t wish to part with $’s without some guarantee of a return on investment, even though I am willing to work for it. Would appreciate you emailing me your thoughts and what you’re now up to.

    • Alex Bender

      Mate it was great just having a chat.
      It seems to me that you’re serious about starting your home based business. You have the desire & determination to make whatever you want a success.
      And from after our chat I would love work with you. I think we would work well as a team.
      Just re-reading your comment you are looking for a guarantee of a return on investment – straight up, thats not how business works.
      All I can say is that are if you are coachable, trainable & willing to do what it takes, I will work with you, guide you and be there for you. However, this is business – you need to work your ass off & learn this industry.
      I hope to hear back from you.

  • What at article we have hear. Alex you have said it all. well I will give it some thought and see if I would still join them or not. thanks for this wonderful article.

    • Alex Bender

      Glad you liked the article!

  • Steve

    Hello Alex. I’m also speaking w Polaris and it sounds promising. I’ve been in sales for many years and understand the psychology. I believe in self empowerment and if I’m passionate about the product or service I will work diligently to succeed. I’ve been duped and dissapointed in the past and wasted time, energy, and money. I just want something real and honest where I can put in the work and make a good living for myself and family. I Enjoyed your blog. You seem like a straight shooter and I appreciate that. I really want to make an educated decision . I would love to hear what you have found out and up to. You sound like you have alot of integrity..thanks again.

    • Alex Bender

      Hi Steve.
      Sounds like you’re ready to make a decision to change your life in a positive way – awesome!
      I’ll shoot you a quick email and we can have a chat to see if you will be a good fit in our team.

    • Min

      Hi Alex,

      I too was considering joining Polaris after watching the video just now so thank you for your honest write up on it. I would like to know more about the home business you have found that suits yourself, please do email me with information. Thank you and I look forward to your email.

    • Min

      Hi Alex,

      I too was considering joining Polaris after watching the video today so thank you for your write up as it gave me the information i needed. I am very keen to know what home business you have found that suits yourself though. Could you please email me with information? Thank you in advance!

      • Alex Bender

        Sending you an email Min

  • Janette

    Hi Alex. I found the polaris opportunity quite a few months back n have done alot of research have spoken to several people n am contemplating going to one of their info days in Melbourne in a week. I am still concerned a little about the monetary input. Which is initially whats holding me back. I would love to know what you are doing now that you love. You were so honest in your blog. This is the 2nd time ive read it but 1st time ive commented

    • Alex Bender

      Hi Janette,
      I’ve sent you an email.
      I like it that you like my honesty – its what I pride myself on – I’m honest, sometimes to a fault, which sometimes holds me back against the schemy slimy guys out there, but it also puts my in a place of trust with people that are sick of all the bullshit out there, and at a place that not many people are. And I believe that long term this is the best place to be.
      Look, Polaris is good, and the changes that they have made is good long term. I never regret spending time there – if it wasn’t for them I would not be where I am now – but wild horses couldn’t drag me back there.
      As Forrest Gump would say “Thats all I have to say about that”.

  • Cec

    Thanks for a great article Alex. Looking at the Polaris business model it seems that all the emphasis is on getting people to join for the opportunity rather than trying to actually sell their products on a retail basis. Since you seem to have experience of going to Polaris events would you think more participants were part of the Polaris business or were they just doing the courses for there own sake to learn about things.

    • Alex Bender

      Hi there Cec,
      In all honesty I don’t know of anyone outside Polaris distributors that went to any events (besides my mum who I brought to a Foundation Live event in Sydney because I had a spare ticket). I might be wrong though – I never dropped the large coin on the cruise events – I just went to a Foundation event in Sydney & a couple of Super Saturdays in Sydney.
      When I was a distributor of the BFE product I tried to sell it as a retail product – however my selling skills are not all that great, especially for a high ticket product like BFE. I think now with BFE being a monthly subscription it may be more easy to sell as a retail product, however I havent gone a great deal into what they are doing these days – I’m more focused on building my business and helping 100 Families a year become free.

      • Cec

        Thanks for the honest reply Alex. From what I have read about network marketing it seems that when all the customers are also the distributors then the business is little more than a pyramid scheme dressed up a bit to make it “legal”. All the Polaris Global websites seem to push the business opportunity rather than the retail of the products which seems to me to be super dodgy. I bet not many people who pay to join the business actually make any money and if they do it is from recruiting new distributors rather than sales. I think I will stay away from this one. Thank you Alex.

        • Alex Bender

          Well Cec,
          All network marketing companies are different & they have different compensation models. Some are wholesale/retail priced, and with the likes of Polaris where you get the huge discount at wholesale, you’d really have to not be the full 6 pack to pay full retail price. Some companies are members only products but if you want to be a re-seller of the product you pay a monthly affiliate fee.
          Yes the Polaris Websites promote the business opportunity – its up to the distributor to sell the product.
          You are 100% correct not that many people really do make that much money in the industry, because it involves work!!!!!
          The biggest problem with the industry is people do bugger all work, make no money then call it a scam because they weren’t retired in a month.
          Let me just say that running any business is going to involve hard work, a hell of a lot of mistakes, an extreme amount of failures, but also some great huge wins.
          I love this industry because it gives EVERYBODY a chance.
          For example, you can get started with me to trial my system extremely cheap by clicking the banner below. You can be in business within a matter of hours after you go through some initial training and you can learn as you go.
          And if you don’t like it once you’re in, just ask for a refund within 14 days and you got your money back, no questions asked.

  • Vee

    Hi Alex

    Great and useful information.

    May I contact you by email as I would like your advice on Polaris.

    Thank you for being honest and open to others opinions.

    • Alex Bender

      Hi Vee,

      Yes I got your message and replied to your email.
      I appreciate you like my honesty. Honesty is what its all about Vee

  • Could not view your video. I am interested in new money making opportunities

  • I am interested in new money making ventures

    • David

      Hi Jerry

      Your interested in making money stick to the old proven method that can get you tax free dividends
      BUY Blue chip shares. Its not all Win or Lose like Polaris
      Even if it were a pyramid scheme so what it can be a great time leveraging device if you can really sell yourself and close the deal. I am one of the guys who done my money got a lot of leeds but 2 sign ups only so DONT rush into this Cheers David

  • Ross

    Hi Alex, would like to here more from you regarding your online business.
    Kind regards

  • Anaïs

    hi Alex , I was wondering what did make you switch from polaris from alliance. I mean you were already in the business, so i guess you were making good income with them. so what made you wanna quit ? in your story did polaris was your first online business who wasn’t working?

    • Alex Bender

      I left because of a few reasons, I wasnt making any money/leads/sales, I lost confidence in the company, and I found something way way way better.
      No Polaris wasnt my first home biz, I was in Amway way back when i was 18 & 19 – always loved the industry. Now I have my flag firmly planted & wanting to help every single person i possibly can to success.
      If you want to have a chat feel free to call me up or add me on Facebook or Skype.

  • Bugs

    Hi Alex

    Interesting read and the questions that have come out of it.

    Totally understand that this is a selling game if one wants to be successful.

    Keen to know what you are currently doing?

    I am always looking to better my position.



    • Alex Bender

      Hey Bugs,
      Cheers mate for the comment.
      I’ll send you an email.
      Or better yet connect with me on facebook at

  • Liston

    Hi Alex,

    I too have been in touch with Polaris.
    I have been doing my own research and am very glad I came across your blog.

    I commend your honesty and think that is a must have quality for any successful person.

    I am looking into a home based business that I can excel in with the returns to compliment the hard work I put in.

    I work my butt off to find financial freedom for my family and was seriously considering Polaris as I know in myself I will do what it takes to market/sell product at hand.

    I believe that life is 1% of what happens and 99% of how you see,react and execute. With that being said I am trainable, hard working and constantly go over and beyond when completing tasks set.

    I would really love to know more about what you have found much success and happiness doing.

    Look forward to hearing back from you.


    • Alex Bender

      Hi Liston,

      Appreciate the comment,

      I just sent you an email.

      Look forward to hearing from you


  • Samantha

    Thanks Alex,

    I was just starting to review the 1.5hr promo but really want something that is based in Australia. I don’t have the finances that you so honestly revealed.

    I work 3 jobs on a casual basis – 7 days a week, so not afraid of hard work.

    Would be interested in hearing from you to review your opportunity


    • Alex Bender

      Hey Sam,
      appreciate you comment.
      may i ask why you would want something that is based in australia? I kind of understand being skeptical about deals from the US but I prefer to have an opportunity that is truly global, and the company I am involved with has done more business in the past 4.5 years that any other online home business there is.
      thats great that you are not afraid of hard work – all home business requires it & also you being coachable & trainable.
      I’ll send you an email to discuss things further
      also i always suggest you connect with me on Facebook at – its my personal account where I dont just do business – I have my friends & fam on there too – you will probably see that i dont really post much business stuff in there at all actually.

  • Victor

    Love to know what your doing now

    Great Blog

    • Alex Bender

      Hey Victor,
      Mate I’ll send you a private email

  • stacey jarrett

    Hi Alex

    Love you video i have had someone from Polaris get in contact with me and I’m waiting on a phone call this afternoon my main worry is its a lot of money just to get started and money i don’t really have

    After quitting my job last week to go in search of my dream job I’ve come to a crossroads I’m looking for a good team environment where i will also have a good income

    Would love to hear about the company you have joined

    • Alex Bender

      Hi Stacey,
      I just sent you an email.
      best thing is to connect with me here at
      look forward to chatting with you

      • Purnima Nagarkar

        Hi Alex thank you for this r/v I had a short interview yesterday with a lady here for this product at first she said u have failed because I said I would like to earn around 70,000-80,000 aud a year she said they are looking for people who can earn 100,000 dollars so today when I sent her a mail saying yes I would love to do the same she sent me a video to watch which to be honest was all talk talk and talk so I decided to come to your site and see if you had anything to say and yes you did if I have to invest big money to earn 100,000 and sell forget it. I am with good MLM company for wellness products and I had read a r/v before I joined and although it’s a slow journey it’s a clean experience and products are excellent and it’s highly recommended by professionals too so I am going to tell this woman no

        • Alexander Bender

          Well Purnima, that sure is an interesting story.
          Thats amazing how they won’t even show you the presentation if you don’t want to earn $100k.
          I do understand the psychology behind it though.
          Thats great that you are with a great MLM. If you would like to learn how to build your MLM online, have the correct tools & resources that you will need then I suggest you send me a friend request on facebook at
          Look forward to chatting with you.

  • Karn Payne

    Hi alex I was just about to watch the 1.5 hour webinar from prosperity for life but after reading this I goukf not afford to tulle part in it even if I want to..any suggestions would be much appreciated.

  • Adele Monck

    Great Blog! Would love to know what you are doing now.

  • Adele Monck

    Hi Alex! This this first time I have searched a blog and I’m glad I found you! I have watched the Prosperity of Life Webinar and have been in contact with my coach. We spoke for over an hour as I had a tonne of questions to ask. That was a few weeks ago and I have come to a standstill as I’m still trying to get my head around the initial outlay and doubting myself if I can make it work as I don’t have any marketing experience. I understand you are given the tools and the training, webinars and your own coach but it is still overwhelming when the cost today in AUD for M1 is $3,291 + $145/mth and M7 is $8,817 + $145/mth for sales platforms. This doesn’t include any other marketing costs. It is a lot of money when you don’t know what you are doing! I’m sure it works for a lot of people and there are100’s of testimonials out there with many claiming to be earning 6 figures plus! It proves the system does work but it all begins with the Market. It’s not about the product, it’s about the audience!
    Traffic + Conversion = Sales. I have been procrastinating about whether I can actually be successful with online marketing (with zero experience) and have looked seriously into Resort 360, then MOBE (MTTB), then (Prosperity of Life), then Kyani and now Arbonne! I am now going over all my notes over the last couple of months and my head is swimming! I am still leaning towards Polaris but it comes down to the expense every time! I am very interested to find out more about what you are doing and if you can help me out of this rut! I really want to work from home and need to start making money! I would love to know more and would love to hear your suggestions.

    • Alexander Bender

      Hi Adele,
      thanks for your comment. I applaud you for going out and doing some research.
      I’d love to have a chat, I’m familiar with a few of the companies you suggested.
      connect with me on facebook at and we can chat there.
      Look forward to connecting

    • Cec

      Don’t believe a word of the testimonials. They have a motto at Polaris. “Fake it til you make it”


    You look drunk bro…what load of bullshit! Not interested! Guys please do your research regarding this. This company is NOT a scam but you will NOT see the returns they promise. If somethings sounds too good to be true, then it usually is!

  • kiran

    Hi alex wow!!! I have read all these comments and watched your video. I have just created a fb account as i dont use it but after watxhing your video i needed to get in contact with you.
    I received an call for a brief chat she wouldnt explain everything and answer my questions as she said i have to watch the video for myself. basicially trying to scam me. becuse it seemed to good to be true. This prosperity of life does seem to be a bit of a scam. I was invited to watched an hours long video but did a bit of research first no matter how interested she thought I would be. The names Alena Turley who runs this business.

    • Alexander Bender

      Hey Kiran,
      First up, no Prosperity of Life is not a scam…….
      And no, this Alena chick was not trying to scam you.
      I got your message on Facebook & will reply in depth there.
      I appreciate you leaving a comment & look forward to having a chat with you.

      • Prati

        Hi Alex

        I think it is a big scam too. It is my opinion. I have invested in it as I believed it to be true. I am now in it to see it that its a scam. If you are genuine can you get my investment back for me? Help me out here? If not you will either say you cant help or youll just pick not to respond to me. I do not need my finances to be stuck in such a place. I would like it back please. It is simply a product that i did not like and I would like a refund and return the product

        • Alexander Bender

          Really Prati,
          You want me to get your money back for you……..
          How the hell do you think I would do that?
          I do believe they have a refund policy – so you will have to check out that – i dare say if its more than 2, 3, or 4 weeks then your shit out of luck – & rightly so. You could have determined if it was for you within the first week of having the products and going through the system.
          Polaris Global is actually not a scam….. it is a legit business with legit products…. I however found it extremely difficult to sell them.
          Best of luck with whatever you end up doing

  • This is awesome Alex Bender! I want to work with you. I’ll find you on Facebook and send you a PM! I want to know more about the Total Shortcut System!

  • Joe

    Hey alex

    Would love to hear what you are involved with. I just finished the video and laying out that kind of money is difficult if you are not ready to lose it. I work very hard and want to start supplementing my income from home so I can retire preferably before I am 70 or die.

    • Alexander Bender

      Hey Joe,
      Reach out to me on Facebook & lets have a chat.
      Starting a homebusiness using someone elses system will always require you to invest a certain amount of money.
      All depending on what it is you invest in as to what you will get – for me & the system I am in, the products I have invested in I actually use, have implemented & will forever implement the trainings, I looked at it as my education in the home business industry with a kicker of being able to make a great income.
      I look forward to having a chat with you

  • Neil Wallace

    Hi Alex, thanks for your blog it has been very interesting, I would very much like to discuss a item I have been working on with you. I will try and catch up with you on FB to organize a chat. regards

  • Paul

    Hi Alex,
    Had a phone call follow up. Brought up a few comments about reviews and LLI ETC . Feeling a little uncomfortable after reading your blog. Haven’t paid money or joined as I came to a standstill when I saw you blog.

  • Preetha Vijayan

    Hi Alex, I am glad I came across your post as I have watched the videos for Prosperity of life and have a follow up call with the associate who phoned me. I have done my own research and reviews, and it looks like a significant amount of outlay for something which I don’t even know which will work or not. I don’t get a good gut feel, and this is what I usually rely on for most decisions in my life, and has never failed me, so I think it will be a no for me. Thank you for your honest, open, direct feedback as it is rare to find that online these days, and to get the authentic feedback – I truly appreciate it.

    I am also interested in what you are working on and your home business, and curious to see whether it can apply to me. Would you please be able to send me some information on this.

    Many thanks 🙂

    • Alexander Bender

      Hi Preetha,
      Happy New Years!
      What I would suggest is send me a friends request on Facebook then message me at
      I look forward to you messaging me,

  • Mario Roy

    Hi Alex, I, too, made an investment in Polaris Global, however it did not go anywhere and I have not looked back on it for over a year now. I believe I can rejoin if I pay the annual subscription and may do that in the future as I would love to recuperate my investment. You are right in that it is very difficult to make money in Polaris Global, and I like that your blog is honest and straightforward but not discouraging of the PG program. I am curious to know more about which programs you are currently spending your time on these days?

    • Alexander Bender

      Hi Mario,
      Consider your investment in Prosperity as an investment in your education for new opportunities.
      I wouldn’t just rejoin just to try and get your money back – that’s coming from a bad mindset that is destined to to produce poor results.
      When I came to the realization that their business model was just not for me, I was in $50k in unsecured debt, my interest alone was killing me, I knew I’d stuffed up and I had to make a drastic change.
      I realized that yes I had spent tens of thousands of dollars in buying the M7 course and in all kinds of ridiculous advertising and all my business expenses, with truly still no idea of how to do online marketing or have any sales skills after 3 years of being in the system. I decided to walk away from it & consider it as an expensive lesson.
      And to be honest it took me many months of discussions with myself to get the courage to walk away from Polaris & to start my new opportunity – Its a very difficult thing to walk away from something that I truly thought was a great opportunity.
      I had closed myself off from looking at anything else – it was my first online deal I had joined & had no idea that there was a better way of marketing online.
      What i would suggest is still utilize the course and use the trainings into succeeding anywhere you want.
      And honestly, I am actually going through the BFE course at the moment again, because I consider the information in there worthwhile enough to implement into my life. (I read everyday, so figured I would read the BFE course at the moment)
      Just because I no longer & will not ever promote their company again doesnt mean I don’t use the product, heck, I still use Amway’s products but I don’t promote Amway anymore either.
      So Mario, mate send me a friend request at facebook at and lets have a chat there

  • Kerin

    Just sent a FB request. Like others have said before…I too had a call, then recieved email to view…was going to look at link t’row. Thought I would do a google review search first and have now read your posts. Ummm, reading the content and the cost Polaris is not for me. Thank you Alex for your honesty.

    • Alexander Bender

      Hi Kerin, yep got your Facebook message, I look forward to having a chat.

  • Emma

    Hi Alex
    I am the same as many people below, looking at Polaris Global but I cant justify the prices, and don’t want to join into a dead end cause. I’m interested in your thoughts. Thank you

    • Alexander Bender

      its all up to your decision. Have you checked out my links above?

  • Lucinda

    Hello. I dont have facebook page. Can you connect with me with email please?

    • Alexander Bender

      If you want an online business you’re gonna need Facebook. You can’t get past that then I don’t think I could help you anyway.
      I’m done with working with people that can’t follow instructions, there are simple instructions that are a pretty good filter for me as to who has a chance of being successful with an online business.
      I look forward to chatting with you on Facebook.

  • Gina Morgan

    Hi Alex this is unreal….was doing some additional research on Polaris and hit your page, so thank you for your honesty! My question is, given that we are at the end of May and the challenge finishes end of Jun ’17, would it be too late to get a 90 day free trial to discover the world of ecommerce? Cheers Gina

    • Alexander Bender

      Hey Gina! You can get access to all of the training they have done so far… the only setback you will have is the time frame to hit the goals to go in the draw to win the prizes from memory the prizes are:
      1 – make $100 in sales in your store by end of June – go in the draw to win a all expenses paid trip to bora bora
      2 – make $1000 in sales in your store by end of June – go in the draw to win US$20k cash
      3 – make $10,000 sales in your store by end of June – go in the draw to win a 69 Chev Camero Convertible
      Other than that you get all of the training you will need to get results in your online store