Are you doing this? I sure hope not…….



We all know the definition of insanity:


“Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”


It also holds true that doing what others are doing, you will likely get the same results as they do.

It’s no secret that in society today the gap between the rich and the middle class is getting bigger and the gap between middle class and poor is getting very much smaller, sometimes even hard to find the actual line that differs the 2 classes.

I also find it interesting that people complain about their circumstances yet don’t change what it is they are doing, they just play the blame game – “It’s the Governments fault.”, or “It’s the rich people’s fault”, they keep on blaming others for being in the situation they are in. Sure, maybe their current circumstances may have something to do with current Government policy, and yes, the wealthy do keep on getting wealthy – they have learned how to become wealthy and continue following their own values. However the individuals current situation will not change until he or she actively seeks to change what it is they are doing and what they want to achieve.

Create Freedom Online

“Leaving The Herd” is a powerful decision one must make to break through the barrier of their current situation. One must decide to do not what everyone else is doing. There are so many things I hear about this:

  • “if you make a suggestion to your friends, if more than 2 agree with you then its a bad idea”


  • “A man who wants to lead an orchestra must turn his back to the crowd” – Max Lucado


  • and my favorite is “Be careful of following the masses- remove the ‘m’ and who exactly are you following?”

The current system just simple doesn’t work. The old 40 year plan – go to school, get a good education, get a good job, work that job until retirement days are over. People’s resume’s are getting long! Job security is a thing of the past. More and more people are working temporary contracts. It is now the time of the Entrepreneur.

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  • Robert Frank

    You’re Absolutely right Alex. The 40 year plan is over and it is the time of the entrepreneur. In fact I just wrote an article that your readers might enjoy on the very topic. Check it out here. Oh boy, I really liked your quote, “if you make a suggestion to your friends, if more than 2 agree with you then its a bad idea”. I think that pretty much sums it up, unless you get around the right people. Thanks for you insight!

    • Alex Bender

      Yes mate and to be honest the 40 year plan now is not just 40 years – we are living longer so retirement age is getting pushed higher and higher. But employers want to hire younger and younger people – the system sucks & I can’t see it getting any better in the foreseeable future. Thanks for your comments mate.

  • Poh

    This is a great post Alex! People do live in insanity, doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Many simply are content leading a comfortable life and never taking a chance even though life is indeed short!!

    • Alex Bender

      I think the biggest problem is people just don’t believe there is another way. Everyone when they are young have these grand ideas and get shot down all the time by the herd that they simply don’t really question where things are going. Thanks for your comment Poh.

  • Sheena Yap Chan

    its a shame that people think doing the same thing over and over again will get them the results they want. Its time to think differently

    • Alex Bender

      100% Sheena, its all in the way we think.

  • Steve Krivda

    Right on man, i see lots getting frustrated that their friends are following their lead.
    If this were easy, everyone would do it

    • Alex Bender

      Ha Ha, yeah there is no easy way, but I guess its easier to keep on doing the same as everyone else

  • Stephanie Arwine

    great article… anyone following David Wood is definitely NOT following the herd. He is one of a kind.

    • Alex Bender

      Yes Stephanie, he certainly is one of a kind!

  • Brandon

    Funny, my wife and I frequently bring up and talk about this quote by Albert Einstein. Also, I totally agree with you. The current system isn’t working. We need to change, and there is no better time than now :). Happy New Year!

    • Alex Bender

      its all about attitude Brandon, keeping a positive attitude & taking action rather than watching someone else do it. Happy New Years to you too buddy

  • Kat Zapanta

    Funny how we can get trapped in that cycle of insanity and not even realize it!! The 40 year plan can no longer be called a plan and people definitely need to realize that. It is wonderful that you are spreading this message Alex and offering people a REAL solution – the future is definitely online and it is happening NOW.

    • Alex Bender

      Yep its definitely a nasty cycle, I guess like that guy in the hamster wheel.

  • Francis

    Couldn’t said it any better. Wonderful Subject matter

    • Alex Bender

      Thanks for taking the time to read & comment Francis.
      Happy New Year.

  • Sandy Zalecki

    Yes the hamster wheel. I know it well. I got off and I hope others will see the light also. It just doesn’t work anymorel

    • Alex Bender

      Sandy, I don’t think it ever really worked – except for the big bosses……