Are You Making This Crucial Mistake In Your Online Business?

Would you like to know why most online home businesses just don’t work?

Its funny seeing all these landing pages promising the end to your worries, these insane income posts people spam on Facebook & all this absolute nonsense.

It really doesn’t take a genius to figure out they are full of shit.

Its easy to go and photoshop an image or make a quick video with some quick sales pitch. Or find some deal that promises they will be given money everyday by just being there – do the bloody math people! Money isnt just given away for shits & giggles.

This may work for the really really low hanging fruit out there, the super easy pickings, but a good sustainable income is not made by these methods.


Now don’t get me wrong, there are some insane results all over the internet, but as a general rule these guys that are making the good coin don’t go spamming all over the place and big noting themselves. They do things different……

They have worked it out.

And it has something to do with this little piece of gold I read the other day.

Now as a part of my everyday activities I have a habit of reading (I suggest you do that as well, but thats for another article one day….)

I like to read books of personal development & growth & overall how to better myself

I read for at least 30 minutes a day.

I just finished reading “7 habits of Highly Effective People” by Steven Covey

I don’t know if you’ve ever read that book, however I highly recomend that you read this book, and read it again, and again….

– You can even get you hands on a copy by clicking this link here and getting it from Amazon

Anyway, I was reading a revised edition or something like that where Steven Covey was interviewed and they have the interview at the end of the book.

One of the question he was asked is:

How is technology going to change business in the future?

Part of his answer was this:

“High tech without high touch does not work, and the more influential technology becomes, the more important the human factor which controls the technology becomes.”

Steven Covey hits the nail on the head right there…

Having an internet business thinking that you won’t have to be part of it at all just doesn’t work.

You can’t just post stuff out there, spam all over the place and go into hiding, not being able to be contactable, never answering phone calls or messages or emails.

People need to know that they are doing business with a real person.

You still need to engage with people.

Look, the internet is great. Its  the best tool we have currently for reaching out to the masses.

But think about social media.

Think about why Facebook is so popular, its because you can connect with real people.

And it seems the more real you are, the more people love you.

I think that’s why Periscope is starting to be a real hot social platform – its because its 100% live and you can interact with people directly.  Check out my article I wrote on 5 Reasons to use Periscope to Build Your Business also make sure you follow me on Periscope @alexbender1980

Don’t get worried about being blasted all day over the phone, I’ll tell you a secret – people aren’t going to go out of their way to call up a stranger just to annoy the hell out of you (well, most of the time….).  The people that will take the time to actually connect with you are the people you want to do business with & they are seeing if they want to do business with you.

When I get a new lead, my first email they get is saying please reach out to me on Facebook, or Skype, reply to me with Email or a phone call.

I often get phone calls from people giving me a quick email or phone call, just to make sure I’m a real person before they decide to join my team or do business with me.

Now it all depends on my situation is, whether I’m in transit, or whatever country I am in at the time as to how I can be contacted however you can be sure that I will reply to you.

That being said, I challenge you to test me on this……

As far as I’m concerned, that’s what its all about, making sure someone is there.

Find out how I can help you make money online, leverage the internet & be part of one of the most powerful business models that exist.  Click here, add your details, watch the video.  You’ll get an email from me with my contact details…. reach out and connect with me, find out that I’m a real person who wants to help you.