Are Your Home Business Videos Entertaining?

Its fair to say that boring videos are…well….boring.

Nobody wants to watch them, nobody cares.

Funnily enough people tend to forget that when it comes to them having a home business & wanting people to watch their videos.

First up if you are actually doing video’s in your business then AWESOME! Most people don’t & the only people I know that get any results are people that do video.

Now by just doing any kind of video initially you will spark curiosity with people close to you – they will be wondering what you are up to…. But soon people will stop watching your video’s unless they are being entertained or are truly learning something.

So the key is make your video entertaining, give people something to want to watch.

Here’s an example of a video i just shot

This was just a quick video I show with a couple of dogs I am house sitting for.

Now this video I use a couple of things, I use my surroundings, the dogs, and also I’m moving the camera around and its breaking people’s state & capturing their attention.

Its nothing fancy, but its giving value, entertaining & giving a call to action on the video – pretty much all the elements you need in a video.

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