How to set up an Affiliate Coded Team Hangout Page

How would you like to be able to make your own team hangout page that can be affiliate ID coded so that all of your team can use the page & make everyone’s life simple?
For me it seemed like an easy enough thing to do – I’d seem plenty of other people do it so I figured lots of people knew how to set it up.
I was wrong…..

Curating Content and why Gary Vee Thinks its a Great Idea

So coming up with content just plain and simply isnt easy for a lot of people.
I know I have struggled with it ever since I started blogging.
A really really great way to come up with content is curating someone elses content.

Its actually a great thing to do, because you are showing that you don’t pretend to be the be all and end all of all the answers in the universe & that you are humble enough to let the world know that someone knows stuff better than you.