The Power of Dream Building

Does this sound familiar: “Dream on….” or maybe “Get your head out of the clouds…”
As a general rule, society really talks down people that talk of doing grand things.
Even if people do wish they could do great things, rarely will people share this with others & generally they won’t go out looking at the “What if’s….”

Why Strippers Would be Amazing Network Marketers

I’ve been told from my mentors that I should enjoy being sold to and enjoy the experience of being sold to…… frequently.
Well I might have the best place for a hot blooded male to experience an entire sales funnel, and enjoy the entire experience & be OK with leaving the night with an empty wallet.
That place would be a strip club!

How to set up an Affiliate Coded Team Hangout Page

How would you like to be able to make your own team hangout page that can be affiliate ID coded so that all of your team can use the page & make everyone’s life simple?
For me it seemed like an easy enough thing to do – I’d seem plenty of other people do it so I figured lots of people knew how to set it up.
I was wrong…..

Why You Should Build Your Internet Real Estate Portfolio

You might be wondering what the hell an Internet Real Estate Portfolio is…… I know its something that baffled me for ages. So I look at the internet for home business as this big giant unlimited sized Monopoly board where you need to go and get as much real estate as you can.

You see, if you’re doing any kind of online business, affiliate marketing, Network marketing or whatever – you want people to find your stuff and buy your stuff or join your team or a combination of both. And its not a big chance of people finding your stuff if you don’t put lots of content out there.