How to Overcome Procrastination

Do you struggle with getting focused and getting shit done?
Not only has it been a struggle for me, but its a huge issue with home business owners all over the world.
Procrastination is possibly the biggest issue in the network marketing industry. One of the reason why is because as a general rule there isn’t much invested in their business compared to traditional bricks and mortar business, they don’t have the urgency to make things happen to recover their initial investment.

Get Free Traffic to Your Page With

I am always on the lookout for new Internet Marketing tools. And when they come in the form of FREE then well I’m all over it like a donkey on a waffle (buggered if I know what that means).
I had heard about before and didnt really know what it was & just figured it was another added expense I didn’t really need.
But after checking it out I had to get my grubby hands on it!

4 Ways to Save Heaps of Money on Software

I just love free shit.
Call me a tight ass or whatever I don’t care – If someone gives me something legally and its good I will take it.
I discovered Open Source software many years ago & I bloody love it!
I’m not talking about freeware or stuff packed with ads – I’m talking about super kick ass software that rivals the big dogs – its either free or not much at all.
Believe it or not there is a great FREE alternative to Windows & Mac.
There are FREE alternatives to Microsoft Office
There are FREE alternatives to Adobe Photoshop
And so so so much more
This has literally saved me thousands of dollars over the years & the products are just as good at the one’s you pay ridiculous amounts of money for.
Here are a couple of AWESOME programs I suggest you seriously consider.

An Absolute Rip Snorter of a Video Compressing Tool

I used to get so pissed off waiting forever to upload video files to YouTube.

My internet connection was never brilliant & I pay/MB so I wanted to upload my video’s quick – I just had no idea how to do it.

Somehow I stumbled on this kickass program a year ago – Its awesome & its Free!

I love open source programs – any time I can get my hands on a open source program vs spending hundreds of hard earned dollarino’s I will always go the open source option.