The Power of Dream Building

Does this sound familiar: “Dream on….” or maybe “Get your head out of the clouds…”
As a general rule, society really talks down people that talk of doing grand things.
Even if people do wish they could do great things, rarely will people share this with others & generally they won’t go out looking at the “What if’s….”

Why Strippers Would be Amazing Network Marketers

I’ve been told from my mentors that I should enjoy being sold to and enjoy the experience of being sold to…… frequently.
Well I might have the best place for a hot blooded male to experience an entire sales funnel, and enjoy the entire experience & be OK with leaving the night with an empty wallet.
That place would be a strip club!

35 Conor McGregor Success Quotes That Will Inspire You.

Conor McGregor has made UFC history, being the first person to hold 2 belts a the same time. Now holding the Featherweight & Lightweight UFC Championship belts.
Conor McGregor lives & breathes success.
He has so many success quotes out there, by just hearing his quotes you wouldn’t think he would be a professional fighter, you would be more inclined to think he was a motivational speaker.