Curating Content and why Gary Vee Thinks its a Great Idea

So coming up with content just plain and simply isnt easy for a lot of people.

I know I have struggled with it ever since I started blogging.

A really really great way to come up with content is curating someone elses content.

Its actually a great thing to do, because you are showing that you don’t pretend to be the be all and end all of all the answers in the universe & that you are humble enough to let the world know that someone knows stuff better than you.

Also one of my mentors Dave Wood always says[tweet_dis]”It’s a good thing to quote other people” – @workwithdave[/tweet_dis] – see what I did there…..

Here is Gary Vaynerchuck’s take on content curating, be sure to watch all the way through this episode of #AskGaryVee show (Be sure to Subscribe to his Youtube Channel) – he gives nugget after nugget of amazing information


And curating content is really easy, see all I have done here is found some great information, embedded the video, added my own take to it & given linkback to the source (Very Very Important).

Here are some other great articles on curating content:

So at the end of the day, yes its easy to come up with stuff to blog about because other people are constantly putting content out there. People will actually  like you and thank you for linking back to them & using their content.