Do you have a reason to succeed?

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t get results in their home business, or any business at all, is they really haven’t tapped into their reason why they started in the first place.

Yesterday i was honored to have a good friend of mine, Valerie, as a special guest on my team hangout.  herself & other amazing panelists shared many great tips and nuggets that you might be able to take with you.

If this is something that you resonated with & you thought that you would like to be part of an awesome team like this, then simply click here, fill out your details & I’ll give you a call to see if we are a good fit to work together.



  • Way to go Gladiators and Keep sharing value and building strong! Thanks for sharing this Alex. Most of us Forget WHY we started for sure. And when we do, we go astray and lose focus. Time to Refocus!

    • Alexander Bender

      Glad you like the Gladiators Julie!

  • Jonna Lindawan

    Yes we all have reason to succeed! Thank you for sharing.

    • Alexander Bender

      Glad you liked it Jonna

  • Thanks for sharing the video. Keep it going.

    • Alexander Bender

      Cheers mate

  • Nice one! loved this video. It’s always to remember the reason we started as well as the reason we want to keep going. IT may change, but the fire should always burn bright.

    • Alexander Bender

      Exactly Daniel. The fire should always burn bright.