Do you resonate with this………

This is probably the most honest pic I have seen floating around social networks about new years resolutions…..

Create Freedom Online


All the social networks are filled with all different resolutions & quotes & inspiration.

Well I’m calling you out – don’t make 2015 the same as 2014 (unless of course you had an amazing 2014…..)

Don’t put off what you have been putting off for years.

Whatever you’re resolution why not start with it today.  Write it down and read it everyday and do something towards it.  Make it an everyday part of your routine.

Don’t be in the same place 12 months from now just adding another year to your life.

Create Freedom Online


Here’s an idea……..

This may sound crazy but why not do something different like blog about what you are doing. Write about it every day & post it on the internet for everyone to see!  Not only will this keep you in check everyday – you wouldn’t want to be embarrassed by not following through on a commitment you told the whole world about…. but it will also inspire other people to start doing something.

Here’s another insane idea – how about getting paid to blog about it everyday!!!! You heard, you can make money from blogging about your resolution. Don’t believe me…… click here, add your details & watch the video on how you can.

But wait, there’s more!!!!

I challenge you to take the 21 day blogging challenge with your new years resolution.

Do this challenge & you will be kickstarting your resolutions and finally start to achieve something you’ve set out to do.



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