Farewell to my best buddy

I remember the day we met. I was starting the renovations on my house in Adaminaby.

You were so tiny and fluffy and the cutest pup in the world.


From that day we became great mates.


You spent most of your time growing up on the back of my ute.


Or on the Quad bike



You loved to chase cows, and sheep even if you were told not to….


I remember when you had that 1 pup…. the fattest pup in history.



Wherever you went everyone loved you – you were such a frinedly girl, never had to worry about hurting anyone, all you wanted to do was be everyone’s mate, even to overfriendly birds…..



As much as you were a terrible guard dog, you did keep an eye on the gold in the sluice box for me.



I am so sorry that I wasn’t there in your final days mate, I’m just glad I visited you a couple of weeks ago.

I am going to miss you like crazy.

I used to think I was an emotionless prick incapable of feelings, however today you have proved me wrong, damn it.


For everyone who looked after her whenever I wasn’t able to, thanks so much.

Paul & Simone Miners, thanks for looking after her when I went to Calgary in 2012 & all the times I dropped her off when I was at work.

Jim & Clare Buckley, thanks for looking after her when I went to Canada for 12 month in 2006

And last but not least to my Parents, Rick & Therese for taking care of her wehen I went to Work in WA in 2007-2009 & also this year, and for being there for her in her final days & being able to do what I really don’t think I would be able to do in the end.


Rest In Peace Yobs, July 2003 – December 2014