Finally an Unbiased Beyond Freedom Evolution Review

OK first up – this is an INDEPENDENT review of Beyond Freedom Evolution. I am not a re-seller of this product & I make no commissions on this product at all.

I am writing this review because when I went searching for reviews of this product when I was looking at purchasing it in 2011 I really couldn’t find a good independent one – sure there are plenty of distributor reviews but i really couldn’t find one from somebody that wasn’t a re-seller.

I must make the disclaimer that I used to be a re-seller of this product from 2011-2014. I struggled big time selling it. Since I left in 2014 I have since promoted a different business opportunity where I have had much better success. Its a lot cheaper, a lot more fun & an amazing team environment. Click Here and see what I am currently promoting

Right. I bloody love Personal Development.

I’ve been a student of Personal Development since 1998 when I grabbed a 2nd hand copy of How To Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie for $5 in Downtown Sydney.

Now saying I have been a student doesn’t really mean I’m a good student of it…… actually if I was graded on my knowledge & application of all the Personal Development books, audios, videos, seminars & courses I have taken part of lets just say my grades wouldn’t be very good.

I was introduced to Beyond Freedom Evolution in 2011 through an old school friend. At the time I was running my mobile coffee business in Canberra, Australia & was actively seeking some kind of Personal Development course or some high end success course. And just as I started to look around it was like the law of attraction went to work immediately and put Beyond Freedom Evolution in my lap.

Initially I was a bit hesitant to purchase it due to it being such an expensive course & I really couldn’t find any quality independent reviews online, but something inside me told me to just have a go coz it sounded pretty good.

So, what is Beyond Freedom Evolution?

Beyond Freedom Evolution is designed to be a 12 month web based success course to guide you from wherever you are in life right now to get to wherever in life you want to get to. It is Polaris Global’s flagship product that they revolve all of their products around.

Honestly, the whole package is great quality.  It really has been put together really well, the creators of the course, Shane Krider & Gregory Strom really do know their stuff, together with Shane’s huge knowledge and ability to explain concepts so well & Greg’s incredible producing talent does put this product in a class of its own.

The website is incredibly easy to navigate through & as soon as you log in on the home page is immediately links to tutorials on how to get the most out of your investment.

Home page when you log into your Beyond Freedom Evolution page


One awesome part they have implemented is whats called a “BFE Quick Start”  which is a pre set out daily routine to get you in the habit of doing something everyday toward your course.  There is no need to read – the book has been put into audio so you can listen to the section.

View of Week One in the BFE Quick Start

The 9 video’s are of high quality – they are put together by Greg Strom who is a brilliant director.  Some of the video I don’t thnk needs to be in video format with it just being Shane sitting on a stool talking, however over all they really are great.

The 9 audio’s compliment the corresponding section on the guidebooks.  They are all recorded by Shane Krider who really knows how to get a message across. I personally have the audio’s on my smart phone and listen to them now and then.

You also get a smartphone app that goes with the course – I’ve never really used it but if you use your smartphone to take notes and whatever you may find this a great tool.

Neat SmartPhone App

Now inside Beyond Freedom Evolution you also get access to their private social platform called “The Mastermind” where all people that use the course can share thoughts on the course and give insight.  One thing it that it is primarily used by the re-sellers of the product and there are is a fair bit of chatter about their business opp. However the community are a great bunch of people that love helping each other out.

Now one really awesome part which really adds another dimension to the course is a weekly call held by one of the users on the call.  Every week a new person, generally a leader within the re-sellers of the product, talks about a specific section in the course, what it means for them, how they have interpreted parts & how they have implemented it in their own life.  Some of the calls are incredibly inspiring and some are very emotional and personal.  You can access the call live and add your comments at the end of the call or you can catch the recording on the website.

A bit more about the course.  Well its broken down into 3 sections, Departure, Decision & Action, each having 3 guidebooks, 3 audio’s and 3 video’s.  Each section is designed to take 3 months then a month of reflection. Each section adds onto the next section so you won’t get true value if you start the course in the last section.  The course has excercises all the way through it.  Its best to actually complete each section – its not a race to finish the course, by taking your time and properly completing the excercises you will get the most value out of the product.

Snap shot of one of the first pages in the course

I find it best for me to put the whole course on my tablet. I have the guidebooks, audio’s & video’s saved on my tablet so I can access it anywhere and not have to go online and get back to where I left off.

So pretty much my conclusion is that this is a great course, however you must be prepared to actually implement the strategies and complete the exercises as you go else all it will be is a very expensive thing you can say you own.

I get asked quite a bit about the cost of the product – well yes it is expensive.  But really compared to what?  Yes there is plenty of free personal development & unlimited amout of success stuff online you can get for free & countless personal development books video’s audio’s that won’t cost you near as much.

As I said I am not a re-seller of Beyond Freedom Evolution so it doesn’t bother me one bit if you choose to buy it or not.  I do have great friends that are re-sellers of the course & I’m sure I could get you a good deal on it so you can send me a message & I will get you in contact with people that have access to it.

If you are looking at this page because you are unsure if the value of the product is worth it as a reseller – well thats a tough one….. I was a reseller of the product from 2011 to early 2014 and in that whole time I was only able to sell 1 product – however I really didn’t know what I was doing & truth be told I really didnt know how to sell – and yes – selling a high ticket priced online product you will need some selling skills.

So if you are wondering why I decided to leave and promote something else then simply click here and see what I am doing now. Its a whole lot cheaper, its a whole lot more fun, plenty of people are actually having success with it & the team environment is 2nd to none.

  • Looks interesting and expensive. My thought immediately was that don’t we have a lot of this training with the Black Card Membership of EN. Perhaps not everything, but we have a ton of training at our finger tips. Most, myself included, don’t take full advantage of. Great review in any case.

    • Alex Bender

      Yes Stephanie there is great training at the black card level with ipas. I really should log on more often and utilize the resources, however I cant be everywhere at once…….This course Beyond Freedom Evolution can be tailored to any aspect of your life – I should really be a better student and apply it to more aspects….

  • Nice .. Alex .. I’m all for personal development.. This product looks amazing..!

    • Alex Bender

      Yep Kenneth it is a great course with principles I have not heard anywhere before and some of the aspects of the course really are unique.

  • Good on You Alex for seeking to be a better entrepreneur and having the generosity of heart to review a product that you gain no commissions from. Most people wouldn’t and That’s telling a lot! Indeed there is so much training out there its unbelievable! So one has to be very picky who and what they by! Thanks for sharing!

    • Alex Bender

      Thanks for the kind words Julie. Yes well I do use this product regularly & I no longer am a distributor of the product however I do think there should be a place people can go to and get an unbiased opinion from somebody that has actually used the course and has no financial gain for it either way.

  • Hey Alex, nice review and looks like a great product around development. It IS pretty cool you review a product you are not even a part of. Your blog is always a great source of knowledge! Thx bro!

    • Alex Bender

      Thanks for the kind Words Jeff

  • Thanks Alex for your honest review of this course. If you recommend it, it must be good! You make it sound enticing and something to be considered.

    • Alex Bender

      Yep you are right – everything I recommend is great. Now all I need is a cult following to buy whatever I endorse!

  • A very thorough and accurate review Alex. I too purchased BFE some years back and still dip into it for inspiration and pearls of wisdom. As you say, it is expensive and requires consistent implementation of the strategies taught, but the same things apply to the iPAS Black Card.

    • Alex Bender

      Glad you thought it was accurate Ron. I will always be a user of BFE and after doing the review I am compelled to dive right back into it again!!!!

  • Think it’s a catchy blog Alex! You really put a lot of energy of promoting your review here.
    It will absolutely be read by many people because it’s an engaging article.
    So you will hit your goal here!

    • Alex Bender

      Thanks Muriël. My honest goal here is just to give insight into the product.

  • Robert McCann

    Great review Alex. And after reading this review….I hardly think you would get a failing grade in the personal development arena! I have never heard of this program before and your review has expanded my knowledge and for that I am very appreciative of your non biased insights. All the best….looking forward to the next review. Cheers Mate!

  • Judy

    Hi Alex,

    I appreciate what you’ve got to say about this indeed very expensive product, particularly when mine, which I purchased in 2011 still to this day does not work correctly.

    Having been in touch with Head Office, I’ve not been satisfied. I paid $2500 in 2011. Not a happy customer and certainly while unable to access it, have about given up ever having anything further to do with it.

    Polaris Global called it the ‘Success Stick’ … not much success at all.

    Just sayin’ …

    • Alex Bender

      AHHHHHH – The Success Stick – Yes I remember that little device! I actually have my success stick somewhere, or I might have given it to a friend or something.
      Well that was a time in Polaris Global’s life where is was transitioning from books & DVD’s to a digital product, yes they did have some bumps in that path, well maybe more than bumps…..
      You should be able to be in contact with Polaris’s head office and they should be able to give you access to the course which is now 100% online – from what I gather once you fork out to buy BFE you then have access to it for life – I’m no longer a distributor & I can still access BFE online.
      Appreciate your comment Judy.

  • Jasmine

    Great honest review Alex. I am thinking about getting Bfe as you have said it fits into different aspects of your life. I was wondering does it actually fit into all aspects of your life?

    • Alex Bender

      Hi Jasmine.
      The course is designed to be ambiguous so that you can actually tailor it to any aspect of life.
      It is specifically designed for the Entrepreneur, however, like pretty much all personal development, you can tailor it to any aspect of your life.
      The biggest problem I had was I never went into the course with any specific goal in mind. Once I had focus I actually was able to implement the principles.

  • Love your un-biased article on BFE, Alex! As you know, I’ve been with Polaris since about the time you got started. I got the Success Stick too, which was a flop. But that’s ok, many new products are a flop… Apple had heaps of issues with their first iPhone. The content has always been amazing though!

    Then since BFE went 100% online, it’s been amazing! New content is now getting released every month and, yes, once you buy it, you get new content and upgrades for life.

    Anyways, thought I’d say that I loved this review on BFE as I’m a great fan of it 🙂

    • Alex Bender

      Thanks for swinging by and leaving your thoughts Alex – yes the success stick had its issues, and yes they overcome that with a killer online product. Its been a while since i popped in and checked out the new updates, you’ve inspired me to check it out tonight. Cheers mate, I appreciate you and love all the great info you put on your site.

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