Fully Transparent Bitcoin Trading with USI-Tech

Do you want to know if trading Bitcoin with USI-Tech actually works?

You’re not alone.  There is a lot of hype all over the net about making money by buying Bitcoin packs with USI-Tech.

To tell you the truth, when I first saw the business model, I actually thought it was a scam or even possibly a ponzi scheme….. and that’s the honest truth…. Before I decided I was going to get behind this business, I grilled my mentor, Mike, about it, who has put his reputation on the line building this business publically.

I liked everything so much I decided to get fully behind this, both with trading Bitcoin and also in the affiliate program, both of which will be described throughout this article, so be sure to read through this post.

So this post is an evergreen post….. which means I will be updating it with constant updates on how I’ve gone about building my business with USI-Tech. I plan on being fully transparent on everything that I do to promote it, so you can see if you think you could be able to make money from this opportunity.

So what I’ll be doing is putting updates regularly – kind of like a journal of my journey with USI-Tech.  I’ll be putting my latest updates at the top – so you can see the most relevant info first – but I am keeping everything throughout the post so you might find it interesting to scroll all the way down, watch the video’s, check out the pictures, and enjoy my terrible writing skills!

So first up who am I, and why should you be paying attention to me over all the other noise out there in the marketplace?

I am Alex Bender, a normal (well kind of normal), everyday Aussie guy. I work a construction job in my day job, building minesites & other remote construction jobs throughout Australia.

So how does that make me qualified to talk about business opportunities? – settle down… I havent got there yet… I’m just telling you a bit about me…ok….

I’m also a huge fan of home business & entrepreneurship – predominantly on the internet.

I’ve learned quite a few marketing skills over the past few years, enough to put me on company leaderboards for income, recruiting & leads generated. I’ve been featured in many company sales video’s, I’ve spoken on stage at a company event in Dallas in 2016, & I have a large network of many very well connected online entrepreneurs in many different niches all over the world.

I went full-time as an online entrepreneur in 2016, however after a few unforseen circumstances & me personally not liking how the online marketing industry is right now, I stepped back from full time to now pursuing my online home business as a part time deal.

This opportunity with USI-Tech found its way to me in a very timely manner…… after taking a break from the industry for a little bit & also reading a whole lot about Crypocurrencies I was really thinking about getting involved with Bitcoin somehow.  Actually I was listening to a podcast by Tim Ferriss – you can check it out here – The Quiet Master of Cryptocurrency — Nick Szabo where he was interviewing Nick Szabo, a crypocurrency founding founder, after that podcast I was thinking I have to get involved somehow – then the next day I got an email from one of my mentors, Mike, who has helped me have some great success online & is one of only a handful of people that I trust completely – as I know he will never ever promote anything unless he has a firm belief in that product & company.

So I joined.

I checked it out – I was dubious about it being based in Dubai & the main currency was Euro, and there really wasn’t any direction of what to do next once I was in the system – But i figured it out & started snooping around – and the more I looked at it, the more I liked it.

So at the end of June, I decided I would start this blog post & document my journey – and show you exactly what I am doing, what my progress is & all that.

So get yourself a big mug of coffee (or your drink of choice) and enjoy this article.

Here’s a quick video I shot on the 29th June 2017 (Before I’d even bought my first Bitcoin or BTC Package)

Bitcoin was only about $2500US then……..

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14th October 2017

Its been an exciting month with myself & with USI-Tech.

USI-Tech has just finished a big leadership retreat in Mallorca, Spain – this in itself is a pretty huge deal for all the people out there calling USI Tech a scam – The owners are making themselves very very public – they are flying the top 150 partners from all over the world to get together, they are doing things all the time – meeting with people, doing deals, probably more than most people would do.

At the same time Bitcoin price has skyrocketed….. today settling at $7110 as I write this update – rather huge jump from a month ago when it was around the $3800 point for a little bit.  Financial gurus from all over the world are starting to take notice – more and more articles are popping up promoting Bitcoin & more and more places are accepting Bitcoin. So needless to say – I’m very confident Bitcoin price is set to go insanely high over the next couple of years – so go get you some damn Bitcoin already!

So it seems both USI-Tech & Bitcoin have proved themselves this year – & I am very happy in my decision to join them back in June 2017, slowly building my BTC packages.

I’ve more than doubled my BTC Packs in USI since my last update on 8th September – I’m now sitting at 68 packs & between my daily pack payments & my team commissions I am rebuying a pack almost everyday & still buying 3-4 packs a week on top – my goal is 100 by end of October.

My recruiting has been steady – pretty much not doing much promotion at all, besides the odd email, the occasional Facebook post about Bitcoin, & the randoms that find my blog & join through my links – which now is starting to get pretty sweet – finding some duplication & getting pretty much daily commission notifications from team members that I didn’t directly sponsor – and without me having to teach them anything about marketing – they just shared links & others joined – I I have team members in dozens of countries now!

See – I told you this is a fully transparent post about my time with USI-Tech…..’

As I’ve grown more confident with what I have my hands on here with USI-Tech, I have been letting my team know of my confidence too, emailing them & screensharing some video’s with some strategies. Only last night I recorded a video on a rebuying strategy, I’ve also recorded a video explaining the compensation plan & how powerful it is (both video’s I’ve embedded below), I even recorded my own sales video – which I know needs some work – but it has been a year since I have recorded a sales ideo – so was pretty happy with it.

Video Showing a great rebuy strategy

Click here to view the spreadsheet

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Video showing the awesome comp plan at USI-Tech

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My personalised sales video I made for USI-Tech

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So yeah I have been actively doing stuff to promote USI-Tech over the past month – and its starting to show, with confidence in my team to promote it as well.

Some people have mentioned to me that I spend too much time doing stuff promoting Bitcoin & USI-Tech, however really I havent done all that much, I am just sharing what I am loveing, I really do see a bright future with Bitcoin & with USI-Tech, and with some marketing skills I have learned in the past I figured I may as well put some to use.

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8th September 2017

So lets have a look at a few things – This is a screenshot of my BTC packs

As you can see – I have personally bought 31 USI BTC Packages at €50 Euro each – so far I have spent €1550, and the people I have brought in have purchase 33 packs – which means I have earned enough commissions to buy 3 packs (which is part of my 31).

Now many people want to see proof of returns – and fair enough too….. so this is a screenshot of the return of all of my packs right up to 8th September 2017:

Now these figures are actually figures that they have deposited into my USI account – I am free to withdraw my balance whenever I choose – however, I’m on a rebuying mission! Whenever I have enough Bitcoin in my account to buy another pack I immediately do – as I have full faith in this company to continue to pay out everyday & I also understand the power of compound interest.

The compounding effect of these USI Tech packages is what really got me excited – the more packs I own, the more payment I get 5 days a week.

My plan is to have at least 100 packs by the end of 2017 – but I think I will be able to beat that – as I’ve gone to 30 in just over 2 months & I have many team members who havent yet bought any packs but I know will – I am likely to be buying a pack a day by the end of October, between my own weekly purchases & my commissions & earnings – I’m sure to be hitting 100 by 2018 – then its game on!!!!!!!!

In all honesty I was still a bit skeptical about it all until Mike went & met with owners & leaders in USI -Tech& he was so convinced that this is going to be a massive business that he went all out and made this is his primary focus – He met people that were earning more than the company was allowing to withdraw – which is a massive 2.5BTC a day!!!!!!! And the company hasnt even been going for a year!

Mike himself is withdrawing probably close to a Bitcoin a week – and thats after he buys 10-15 packs a week – or probably 20 packs a week now… this is a video of his strategy:

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I am currently updating this post – making it flow better – so the rest of this post is a bit all over the place – my apologies – however I should have it fixed in a week of so.


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OK so first up why do I like the idea of trading Bitcoin with USI-Tech…….

The main reason that it made me interested is because I wanted a piece of the Bitcoin action, but I had no idea about good ways to get involved.

When I got an email from my mentor Mike that he was getting into the Bitcoin industry & he was going to be doing big things with it…. & I knew Mike, every-time he said he was going to do something big with something… he does….

When he explained everything, it seemed that everything he liked about this business, I also liked….. you get paid daily, you can compound your Bitcoin, and you can earn bitcoin everytime that you referrals buy Bitcoin packs, there is also a team build – there is help from literally thousands of people all over the world plus the opportunity to get involved with co-op marketing & lots lots more.

Check out Mike’s strategy how he is going to earn a $8,000+ passive income, and how you can too

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So lets look at my resources I have at my disposal and how I will utilise them:

  • I have an email list I have built up from people interested in home business. After deleting a whole lot of old email addresses & people that just don’t open any emails I have brought it down to a list of 964 people – which is TINY in the online marketing space – however I get about a 15-20% open rate on this email list.
  • I have a Facebook group of 290 people that have come from various places, either my blog or other marketing strategies over the past 12 months
  • I have various Facebook fan pages for different niches but all are about making money online (Haven’t contacted them in months)
  • I have various blog posts that get search engine traffic for free.
  • I have a database of people that have signed up with me in different business opportunities that might be interested in making money with Bitcoin
  • 4399 followers on Twitter (haven’t tweeted in Months)
  • Thousands of Instagram Followers (Very different niches and have not used them in months)
  • I have skills I have learned in the past 6 years as an online marketer

So looking at these resources I do have a bit of a start & if I made a plan to utilize all of these resources I know I would be able to recruit people into USI-Tech from this & be able to create an income.

This video explains a bit about how USI-Tech works:

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Terrible internet but I’m still making money – 11th August

My new job I have been on for the past 11 days has had TERRIBLE internet (Hardly able to send receive messages).

But my business has grown….. I have had new team members join that have purchased BTC packages.

Straight up – this works!

I have seen the price of bitcoin skyrocket over the past 30 days – which honestly I was hoping wouldnt happen just yet – because I have a strategy of buying Bitcoin every week on payday – the higher the price of Bitcoin, the less I can buy every week……

My mentor, Mike released a video showing his results & they are downright staggering – it proves that this is truly an amazing opportunity.

With me building this very very part time – with minimal internet & still making money, it is proving that this business can be done by absoluetely anyone & the only reason why people won’t succeed here is if they actually do nothing.

I’m excited.

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I have kept this entry because i promised a “Warts & All” blog post.  This was an idea I had to help my team members – however as a promotion it did not work – nobody stepped up and bought 10 just because I had this promotion, so hence I have removed it – but it does show that I actually do care about my team members.

This entry from 15th July – I thought was a good idea – but really it wasn’t – so I am no longer honoring this idea I had (so please don’t ask me when you join & buy 10 packs – what I will then do is say – awesome – welcome to taking your business serious

I’m giving my commissions back – 15th July

Yep you read that right, I’m giving my commissions back to the people that buy multiple bitcoin packs (lots of 10).

When you sponsor someone into USI-Tech whenever they purchase a Bitcoin Package you receive a 10% commission – which is pretty sweet – you can make some good income just on that alone…….

So, I have decided to give my commission back to my sponsored members that buy 10 package lots, so whenever someone buys 10 packages in one go I will buy them an additional package – which gives them back the commission I received (no longer honoring this promotion)

I am doing this because I truly want people to trust me & to trust the USI-Tech system. (I still do – but you just have to buy your packs like everyone else)

I want people to see that I’m not just wanting to get people in….. Im here for the long haul & it means more to me that my own team members succeed than anything else, as I have been involved in many different systems in the past that required people to sell & recruit to make an income, where thats not the case here at USI-Tech…. as much as you can earn a good income from referral sales, you can make a solid income just on Bitcoin Package purchases.

So I plan on really making this a strong point as to why people should join with me in USI-Tech, not only to you get a great company backing you, but an awesome team with Systems in place to help you set up & succeed & marketing co-ops in place, but you also get the advantage of a bonus 10% when you buy 10 packs at a time. (Again – no longer honoring this promotion)

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1 Week of Bitcoin package payouts – 10th July

So after a week of Bitcoin Package payouts with USI-Tech here is the results….

Now just note that this is only with 2 BTC packages…. its just showing that the system is working:

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USI-Tech member opportunity hangout recording – 8th July

This is a recording from some members in USI-tech showing some of the results that they have been getting.

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First Daily Pay…… This actually works! – 4th July

So today was the first day of the weeks trade with my 2 Bitcoin packs I purchased on the weekend.

This video explains how it went:

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Bought Bitcoin & 2 USI-Tech bitcoin Packs – 1st July

So today was the day I put my money where my keyboard is…. I had my first dipping of my toes into investing in USI-Tech Bitcoin packs.

I wrote an article about the whole experience here:


Created a Team email list & added Optimizepress to my Website – 28th June

My vision is to have a very successful team – in fact my vision is for 100 people to be able to create their own passive income to win their freedom with this system with USI-Tech.

For me to have a successful team I need to give everyone that joins me to have the best possible chance of success & of setting themselves up properly as quick as possible.

The reason why I joined USI-Tech with Mike is because I know he knows how to create system to help everyone succeed. He has created a fully replicatable system that anyone can use to set themselves up quickly.

In fact I wasn’t willing to promote USI-Tech until I had been through his entire system to ensure that it all works smooth (which it did) After signing up at lunch time on a Sunday I was able to go through his getting started video’s in the afternoon & have everything set up ready to go by the evening.

So I have now set up in place whenever anyone joins USI-Tech with me I will add them to my email list & they will get a series of emails letting them know exactly what to do to get set up & how to access the system that Mike has set up.

I will also in the future set up ad campaigns & use my own opt-in forms going to my email autoresponder (I use Activecampaign as my email manager), so I have installed the Optimizepress plugin on my blog so I can create good looking opt-in forms.

Watch the video for USI-Tech & join for FREE

Added Mike’s strategy video to the blog post – 27th June:

Mike let us in the team know of his new updated strategy for everyone which gave people different options & the best way they can go about getting into daily profit ASAP.

What I really liked best about this is that there is Mike really shows ways you can build it aggressively as a team builder or just by buying your own Bitcoin & having the USI-Tech system work its magic and way its 1% a day for 140 days.

After I added the video I sent my email a list & let people know in my Facebook group. After 24 hrs it has had a 9.98% open rate. I have to restrategize my email  campaign – because soon my subscribers will be sick of me just pitching them on this – I have to have a value strategy and really only pitch them once a week at the most.

First published this blog post & shot the original video for YouTube – 24th June:

My whole plan for this post is to show a warts & all view of how I am building my USI-Tech business very very part time.

I don’t intend initially to pay for traffic – I initially intend to grow my team organically.

This post is being inspired by one of my mentors, Gary Vaynerchuck, who is constantly telling everyone to document their journey.

Its also a little bit of an experiment.  By having this post as an evergreen post, and sprinkling keywords, especially USI-Tech many times there is a chance that I may even rank this blog post in Google.

However this is going to be a very difficult feat – as literally thousands of people will be trying all sorts of ways to get their posts ranked as this is such a very very lucrative business.

So for me to be able to win in the long run I will need to have a very long post – updated constantly, linked video’s, many backlinks, social media posting, comments & replying to comments… (So please leave a comment of what you think of this post…..)

So yes – I am playing the long game with USI-Tech, as I believe it will be around for quite a while – I am confident in investing my time into this post on a constant basis.

I also intend on backlinking all of my YouTube video’s I do documenting my journey with USI-Tech, this should help in my rankings of my YouTube video’s too. With the search term for USI Tech about to really increase It is a good strategy to do this the correct way – more “White Hat” rather than “Black Hat”, its better to do this.

I will also post this article in a blog syndication group I am part of that comments on each others blog posts to help with social proof.  I don’t normally let many people know of this, however for full transparency I thought it was important to add this to the post as well.

Watch the video for USI-Tech & join for FREE

Updated video from my blog posts – 22nd June:

So 2 of my blog posts that are reviews for other MLM companies get quite a bit of daily traffic, so I decided to shoot a video encouraging people to click the link underneath it and view this blog post.

Unfortunately at the same time I have had to change hosting of my website – this may possibly harm my ranking of my blog posts – I will keep you posted on this.

You can find the 2 posts that I have updated here:

Modere Review

Properity of Life Review

(Truthfully the main reason for linking these is for more SEO Backlinking – See I told you this was a fully honest review)

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Updating some of my blog posts – 19th June:

It was time I updated some of my blog posts letting people know about this opportunity.

Initially I simply added links in the middle of my posts to checkout the sales video.

Just by doing that I had 1 person click the link & sign up, however I have not been able to connect with that person to ensure they were able to follow the setting up training & know just how powerful this opportunity can be.

So I emailed the person with the link to the team training – just hoping that they get the email & watch the video’s.

Watch the video for USI-Tech & join for FREE

My First Promotion – 18th June:

So I figured once I set up my marketing funnel I may as well send an email to my list promoting this.

Truthfully I didnt have much faith in this promotion – I hadnt emailed my list in 2 months & previous to that I hadnt had many sales from my email list in the past at all, however, I have always been told about the power of an email list so I will continue to build my list.

So What I pretty much did was copy the same email I received from my Mentor, Mike, and I added a couple of things to make it more “me”

So this is the email I sent my list:

Hey there!

So, I’ve decided to officially enter the Bitcoin arena and I plan on doing BIG things with it!

I’m inviting you to take a look at what we are doing and see if you would also like to multiply your bitcoin on a daily basis!

Take a peek at my video on it here:

This is big!

I partnered with my good friend Mike Hobbs who I have worked with in the past & has helped me have
many 4 figure days.

As soon as I saw this it was a no-brainer.

I had a chat with Mike, then I signed up and within an afternoon had my whole system set-up!

I have been wanting to get part of the Cryptocurrency boom for a while now but wasn’t sure who to trust and how to go about it.

The exciting part about this is there is no need for a team build – it is completely optional – but if you did want to build a team you also can unlock Multiple Streams of Income!!!!!

But if you didn’t want to build a team then you can just earn passive Bitcoin income every single day!

This system simply makes sense & I am inviting you to have a look right here:


Have an epic day!


This was sent to 890 Contacts.

After 7 days these are the results:

  • 16.07% open rate
  • 1.24% Clicked the link
  • 0.45% Unsubscribed
  • 0.34% Bounced

Zero Signups from that campaign.

I decided to also post in my Mastermind group the same message.

As I had no been posting much into this group I also wasn’t very optimistic about this post, All it resulted in was 2 of my friends liking the post & zero signups.

Now in all honesty…. at this point 95% of all people would immediately stop promoting this & calling it too hard.

How do I know this – because I have been in this industry long enough to know that most people give up way way too easily.

However my true purpose for these posts was just to inform some people that I am doing something a bit different from normal – I know that lots of people will be watching from the sidelines, waiting to see not only if I am serious about this, but also to see if I get results.

So thats the reason for this evergreen blog post – to show my entire journey & show that its possible to get results – it will just take consistent effort.

Watch the video for USI-Tech & join for FREE

The super salesey video

So this is the super salsey video that I watched when I first started:

Click here to Join USI-Tech

Once you join for free send me a message on Facebook and I will get you access to our team resources

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  • Aaah the Bender-Myster has discovered Bitcoin. Way to go bro, you should have started on this journey 3+ years ago. The Pioneers and early adopters are getting paid daily by the late adopters. Brilliant exposition of the Platform you are using to mine and grow your bitcoin. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Hey Julie – yeah I know I took my time – but I’m here now!
      From what it seems, we are still in the pioneering stages of crytocurrency, so better late than never!

  • Adewale Adebusoye

    Great review on bitcoin trading with this platform. Keep us updated on your journey, and I am sure you and Mike will have massive success!

    • Keep this page bookmarked & you will get your updates my friend!
      Thanks for stopping by

  • This post gives me so much knowledge on bitcoin trading platform! Very helpful and informative.

    • Thanks for dropping by Mike.

  • I’m in agreement with Julie, This platform was ripe a few years ago. Even early this year, my bitcoin value more than doubled. Keep up the good fight and I love your transparency.