Garth Brooks new album Man Against Machine

Yes Garth is Back – we’ve all known about this for a while now. All Garth fans around the world have been waiting years for his new album, Man Against Machine, and it happened a few weeks back!

So I got the album yesterday, and loved it.  I must say that it wasn’t quite what I expected, especially when his first single released was Mom, as awesome as that song is, its really not what I would have thought he would be doing as a comeback song. But this is Garth, he does things different.

So listening right through the album there really not much old school Garth stuff, no signature ripper of a song. The only old school Garth song on there is Rodeo & Juliet, and yes its an awesome song, has everything that GB fans love and also everything that his critics hate – but lets just let the haters hate and be done with them.

The whole album is one which you can just have on and really enjoy, it’s already on my favourites playlist and will stay there.

I’m really looking forward to his EPIC world tour, hoping he spends a whole lot of time in Australia, and really hopes he heads to Western Australia, a place where most US tours dont venture to.

Garth doesn’t share his music in iTunes.  In fact he started his own site called GhostTunes.  Here’s a direct link to get his new album on  Or support your local store and go and buy it there.

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