Gary Vee Once Again Giving Great Advice on Social Media Marketing

Would you like to know the better way to use social media?

Gary Vaynerchuk aka Gary Vee once again shoots straight from the hip in his awesome #askgaryvee segment on YouTube.

  1. How To Stand Out On LinkedIn

    Love it when Gary Vee Starts out with “This is a loser question”. It immediately gets you taking notice!

    Gary Vee pretty much sums it up right at the start “If you’re worried about everyone else, you’re not worried about yourself, and that’s the bottom line”

    “Stop paying attention to everyone else. Who gives a shit!”

    I used to be so hung up on this. I was trying to emulate what other people were doing. However I realized its not about everyone else, its about what my readers want to read!

  2. How to Gain a Following By Creating Content & Context

    “The best way to build a following is to put out daily, if you can, content.  And get as close to that as possible”

    Now, I did know this…… however I have been slack of the late. No excuses though – but I’m back!

    Now, I have resigned up with the 21 day blogging challenge to keep me having to push out content every day!

Gary Vee is one guy that I really admire and respect.
If you are at all serious at all about marketing online you really will be doing yourself a service by subscribing to his YouTube Channel.
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