Get a 3D Ebook Cover on the Fly

Do you want an Ebook Cover – but don’t want to wait ages for someone on Fiverr to make it not knowing what the result will be?

Well that was me today.

So, I made an Ebook – easy process of making a document & saving as a PDF – But that’s a whole other blog post – I’ll get to that one day… subscribe to my blog by entering your details down below & you’ll find out when I write that blog!

Anyways where was I…… So I wanted a good looking 3D book cover image to use for my giveaway page.

Now I love using Gimp – But just by doing a quick Google search I discovered there was more to it than I really wanted to put into it. So I canned that idea.

I thought about using Fiverr – But that could take a while, & well, I’ve heard some reports about crappy jobs. So I canned that idea.

Well I looked & looked around the net & I came across a quick and easy solution.

A place where for $4 I can make online then download a quick and easy image of my Ebook cover.

You only pay once you download so I thought what the hell, I’ll give it a go.

I just uploaded an image added some text and pressed “Make my Ebook Cover Now” (Maybe it didn’t say that, but it should have)

Well I got a great image – if I have played with it for a bit extra and added some color instead of leaving it shiny white it would have come out a whole lot better but I’m happy.

After loading the image to my web page this is the result:

Get Your Free Ebook


Pretty neat huh! – Its so cool, I bet you want to get your copy – so you can, I’ll let you. click here and get to the page – I’m giving so much stuff away its crazy!

Now you want to know where I went to make this awesome 3D Ebook cover don’t you…

All you need to do is go to create an account and BAM you’re in!

Seriously I did this in like 5 minutes – if I spent 10 I would have made a super kick ass one – but I’m impatient….

Now, as Forrest Gump would say “That’s all I have to say about that.”