Get a 3D Ebook Cover on the Fly

Do you want an Ebook Cover – but don’t want to wait ages for someone on Fiverr to make it not knowing what the result will be?

Well that was me today.

So, I made an Ebook – easy process of making a document & saving as a PDF – But that’s a whole other blog post – I’ll get to that one day… subscribe to my blog by entering your details down below & you’ll find out when I write that blog!

Anyways where was I…… So I wanted a good looking 3D book cover image to use for my giveaway page.

Now I love using Gimp – But just by doing a quick Google search I discovered there was more to it than I really wanted to put into it. So I canned that idea.

I thought about using Fiverr – But that could take a while, & well, I’ve heard some reports about crappy jobs. So I canned that idea.

Well I looked & looked around the net & I came across a quick and easy solution.

A place where for $4 I can make online then download a quick and easy image of my Ebook cover.

You only pay once you download so I thought what the hell, I’ll give it a go.

I just uploaded an image added some text and pressed “Make my Ebook Cover Now” (Maybe it didn’t say that, but it should have)

Well I got a great image – if I have played with it for a bit extra and added some color instead of leaving it shiny white it would have come out a whole lot better but I’m happy.

After loading the image to my web page this is the result:

Get Your Free Ebook


Pretty neat huh! – Its so cool, I bet you want to get your copy – so you can, I’ll let you. click here and get to the page – I’m giving so much stuff away its crazy!

Now you want to know where I went to make this awesome 3D Ebook cover don’t you…

All you need to do is go to create an account and BAM you’re in!

Seriously I did this in like 5 minutes – if I spent 10 I would have made a super kick ass one – but I’m impatient….

Now, as Forrest Gump would say “That’s all I have to say about that.”


  • Stephanie Arwine

    Always love reading your post. You give great value.

    • Alex Bender

      Aim to please Stephanie, glad you like my stuff!

  • Cate Saxton

    Nothing like “Ask and you shall receive”! I’ve been putting it out there as to where peeps are going to get such great images…splashy and flashy stuff as opposed to my boring Pic Monkey creations…so this is one spot anyway…Thanks for this info!

    • Alex Bender

      Hope you like the resource

  • Debra Scoresby Palmer

    Thanks for sharing this resource, Alex! I’ve wanted to create an ecover, but didn’t want to buy a whole software program that I would only use once in a blue moon.

    • Alex Bender

      Thats the beauty of this tool – just $4 a pop!

  • Xarah Dax

    Alex, that’s a great resource for anybody needing a 3d ebook cover. I would like to know how you created that image for this blog post 😉

    • Alex Bender

      Depending on what image you are talking about… It its the header then I googled an image (shhh, don’t tell anyone), but if its the screenshot image in the blog then I use this awesome free tool Jing that lets you create an image of your screen – its awesome! get it for free at

  • Tim King

    Great info Alex! I’ve often wondered how to easily make one of those and now I know. Now, I just have to write the book!

    • Alex Bender

      This was a challenge for me, I never thought I’d be able to write a decent one, however I’m pretty happy with it for a simple marketing tool. Its only a few pages long, I give it away in an ad, every picture is linked back to my capture page & I have a link at the end for people to click on. Its the first time I have done this – I’m always up for learning new things – this is my new craft & have much more to learn.

  • Julie S Kalungi

    Booyah, I am on it Alex Thank You so Much. Not only have I been waiting for my fiverr cover I didnt like it so I created a rough one on my PC. Now I m gonna create a killer cover and I am so happy Thank You Alex once again Yeeehhaaa 🙂

    • Alex Bender

      Glad I can be of help Julie

  • Ron Sheldon

    What awesome value Alex! Thanks for sharing. I will definitely be making use of these tools. Cheers, Ron

  • Sheena

    that is pretty awesome, thanks for sharing

    • Alex Bender

      Sheena, you are not new to ebooks – I’d love to know what you use to make your covers?