Get an Accountability Partner & Start Achieving Your Goals

Do you struggle with staying on track with your goals?

I know I sure as hell do.

So many times I’ve headed out with all these good intentions only to get sidetracked with something else and the next thing I know I’m on a completely different path not really knowing how I got there.

But every time I have someone egging me on, be it positive or negative, there’s something deep down that keeps me going, keeps me doing something towards the goal.

One great way to keep you on the path to your goals is having an accountability partner.

Somebody that can keep check with you seeing if you are staying on path and you can do the same for them.

This can be in any part of your life, business, financial, health, fitness – by having somebody thats in a similar situation with a similar goal, keeping you in check –  this can be the one thing that is the difference between success and failure in achieving your goal.

Jason Zook, in his article at Inc describes choosing an accountability partner with these 4 qualities:

  1. They are reliable (can be reached quickly and respond quickly).
  2. They are okay with being your accountability partner.
  3. They can relate to what you’re doing on some level (you wouldn’t pick a non-smoker to help you quit smoking, or you wouldn’t ask someone who’s never been through the book writing process to help you write your book).
  4. You can be honest and open with this person and they’ll give you honest and open feedback (you don’t just need a cheerleader).

Once you’ve got your accountability partner, then best to start with set up how you want to keep each other in check.

Swap your goals & be honest! Don’t start off by bullshitting your partner.

  • Set out your goal
  • Break down how you are going to get there
  • How much time & effort you will put in
  • How you want to be held accountable

One thing you must realize is that everybody’s situation changes.

There’s a good chance your accountability partner and you will not stay on the same path.


Everybody has their own journey.

So when that happens, there’s no need to lose a friendship. just go out and find a new accountability partner & it will all be good.


Have you ever have any stories of having an accountability partner? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.