Get an Accountability Partner & Start Achieving Your Goals

Do you struggle with staying on track with your goals?

I know I sure as hell do.

So many times I’ve headed out with all these good intentions only to get sidetracked with something else and the next thing I know I’m on a completely different path not really knowing how I got there.

But every time I have someone egging me on, be it positive or negative, there’s something deep down that keeps me going, keeps me doing something towards the goal.

One great way to keep you on the path to your goals is having an accountability partner.

Somebody that can keep check with you seeing if you are staying on path and you can do the same for them.

This can be in any part of your life, business, financial, health, fitness – by having somebody thats in a similar situation with a similar goal, keeping you in check –  this can be the one thing that is the difference between success and failure in achieving your goal.

Jason Zook, in his article at Inc describes choosing an accountability partner with these 4 qualities:

  1. They are reliable (can be reached quickly and respond quickly).
  2. They are okay with being your accountability partner.
  3. They can relate to what you’re doing on some level (you wouldn’t pick a non-smoker to help you quit smoking, or you wouldn’t ask someone who’s never been through the book writing process to help you write your book).
  4. You can be honest and open with this person and they’ll give you honest and open feedback (you don’t just need a cheerleader).

Once you’ve got your accountability partner, then best to start with set up how you want to keep each other in check.

Swap your goals & be honest! Don’t start off by bullshitting your partner.

  • Set out your goal
  • Break down how you are going to get there
  • How much time & effort you will put in
  • How you want to be held accountable

One thing you must realize is that everybody’s situation changes.

There’s a good chance your accountability partner and you will not stay on the same path.


Everybody has their own journey.

So when that happens, there’s no need to lose a friendship. just go out and find a new accountability partner & it will all be good.


Have you ever have any stories of having an accountability partner? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.



  • Having a person to partner up with in internet marketing is great for masterminding, accountability and healthy competition too! Great post Alex!

    • Alex Bender

      Yeah I didn’t add the healthy competition – thats a good one aswell. Thanks Shannon

  • Thanks Alex and couldn’t agree more. Thanks to my own mentor/accountabilty partner I have got things done I know I wouldn’t otherwise.

    • Alex Bender

      Awesome, glad you agree!

  • Ahhhh yes the good ole’ accountability partner!! My very first accountability partner was my older brother, he taught me how to play basketball when I was a girl.. and without playing on any little league basketball teams (because my parents did not have the money to put me in little league) I told my brother that I wanted to make the school team in middle school. He made sure I knew everything I needed to know for tryouts… he held me accountable for everything basketball!! and yes.. i did make the team and played through high school

    • Alex Bender

      Brilliant story of a great older brother!
      Appreciate you sharing

  • Don

    Great post Alex! Someone who keeps you honest and on the straight and narrow is a wonderful partner o have and help you through the down times!

    • Alex Bender

      Glad you liked it Don.
      Yes & there always will be down times!

  • PHC-BR

    Outstanding message Alex without creating a mastermind where you can share a similar vision and inspire one another it becomes a little harder to keep yourself up all the time. Gratitude for sharing.

    • Alex Bender

      Glad you agree.
      I just love the word “Mastermind” – first time i hear it i was like – damn…..

  • Hey Alex, absolutely agree on the accountability partner. Gotta have one to help achieve your goals!

    • Alex Bender

      glad you agree my friend

  • I Love This! Accountability Partners can be So powerful in helping Us to Succeed!! Thank you Alex, And That Video Rocked too!

    • Alex Bender

      Thanks for the feedback – yeah the video was a real “Off the cuff” kind of thing which actually inspired me to write this article. I really dont know what it was exactly that gave me the idea but I kind of zoned out and it popped into my mind.
      Its funny, I never used to be a “Beach Guy” I was born and raised in the mountains, but ever since I’ve spent time by the ocean I’ve absolutely loved it & had some great “Moments of Clarity” on the beach

  • Great video Alex. Knowing that you will have to report to a partner who is interested in your success can make all the difference when you face those moments of distraction. Cheers, Ron

    • Alex Bender

      Thanks for the comment Ron

  • I think accountability partners are a great way to keep on course and stay challenged. Thanks for sharing Alex!

    • Alex Bender

      Glad you agree Lynn. Thanks for stopping by

  • Awesome share Alex! Accountability partners are amazing. I would say to be careful who your accountability partner is through. I had a business coach once where after two months it was more disempowering than empowering to me. I started to feel like I needed him to tell me what to do and I became less and less resourceful, only relying on him.

    So I’d recommend for anyone to choose wisely and to learn how to be accountable to yourself as well. There is so much power in driving yourself to achieve your goals.

    • Alex Bender

      Yes I think you can drift from your accountability partner – just because you choose one doesnt mean that it will always work out.
      Appreciate you stopping by. I love your new blog & all the awesome stuff you are doing at the moment.
      Appreciate you taking the time to swing by my site & leaving a piece of your knowledge.

  • Its great to have someone to bounce ideas on/with. Someone who understands our journey and wont bullshit you. Someone who is not worried that your feelings will be hurt by their constructive criticism…lots of us marketers just cant take it, though we give it out lots 🙂 Thanks for this post and vid Alex!

    • Alex Bender

      I think you nailed it Julie with someone that won’t bullshit you.
      yep set out the groundrules at the start and keep eachother on track.

  • This is a great idea. right now i dont have an accountibilty partner. Dont know really how to find myself one.

    • Alex Bender

      Well Tessa if you want me to send you weekly checks I’m more than willing to. Send me a private message & we can chat.

  • accountability partners are awesome!!

  • Great concept and would definitely remove that ‘alone’ feelig that some people feel… Great post and thanks for sharing

  • So true Alex!
    What would I be without….

    It helps each other to keep on going!

    Thanks for your great post,


  • I like this Idea some much that I have been applying it in my own life. its easy to kick the bucket when nobody is watching but no so much when you are getting a little push

    • Alex Bender

      Yep Daniel, we all need some kind of a nudge every now and then.
      Its a bit harder in the online world we live in. but still en email or a skype chat and a quick ass kick can sometimes be all we need to get us back on track.

  • Great advice, Alex. I usually don’t recommend spouses as accountability partners for each other. That can lead to battles that are not healthy. You want someone that you can set the ground rules with ahead of time who you will accept that kick in the butt from when needed.

    • Alex Bender

      Yep I agree Marian. Unless of course both you and your partner are super positive people that thrive on eachothers ass kicking, mind you that would be ridiculously rare!

  • More and more is being said about accountability partners, and it seems to work for people. Next week, I’m starting a project to last about 7 weeks or so and will have an accountability partner, so we’ll see how it turns out. Glad you pointed out the things to look for in such a person. Thanks Alex.

    • Alex Bender

      Hope this project of yours works out great Carol. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Absolutely true Alex! My wife has been my accountability partner especially when it came to exercising because it’s been a big difficulty for me to maintain consistency. Sometimes I can get up early on my own but when the weather is cold, I want to sleep more. She’s been there to wake me up and force my butt to get up and move. Having an accountability partner does work but he or she has to be objective and it has to be someone who can be brutally honest with you.

    • Alex Bender

      Thats awesome having your partner as an accountability partner – sometimes that can be tough to do – sometimes you need someone outside to really kick your ass

  • Brilliant post Alex – such great information you have shared. I can remember many years ago when I had a fitness goal I wanted to achieve which required me to get up at 5am and drive to the gym, knowing that my girl friend was also doing this and I would feel bad if I didn’t trun up and she did was the motivation I needed to get out of bed. These days I have a wins buddy, over Skype messenger we share 10 wins each per day, it is really great to help me stay focus on how much I am achieving.

    • Alex Bender

      Kym thats awesome – really appreciate you leaving such a great comment.

  • Dave Moale

    Hi Alex

    Currently I’m on a 90 day bootcamp challenge learning about EN and self-development. My mentor and the team are my accountability partner. There have been many a times. Where I’ve gone into some project half heartily and didn’t continue on the path. Like you said having an accountability partner makes the progress that much focused. Thank you for your post 😀

    • Alex Bender

      Great stuff Dave

  • Another good idea is to try and find an accountability partner that will motivate you as well.
    If you want to go a bit more extreme you can also make a deal to pay eachother whernever you do or don’t do something that you’ve agreed to get done.


  • having an accountability partner has really helped me in my own business just taking more action


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