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I did it again – I found me some more free shit!

I am always on the lookout for new Internet Marketing tools. And when they come in the form of FREE then well I’m all over it like a donkey on a waffle (buggered if I know what that means).

I had heard about before and didnt really know what it was & just figured it was another added expense I didn’t really need.

But after checking it out I had to get my grubby hands on it!

What a great idea – Sharing articles on Social Sites & when people click it they get a Call To Action bubble at the bottom of the page directing them to my capture page – its Genius!

This neat bubble is at the bottom of the window of the page I share on social sites


So simply everytime I come across an article I think people will enjoy & share it then I just add my link before I share it and it goes off into cyberspace where all kinds of people like and share it, and maybe there will be a few friendly people that click on that button on your link then they are on your page, they may even add their details in a contact form – BAM – free lead!

So its a win win – You will be compelled to share more stuff for people to enjoy and in doing so the universe will grant you with leads – its just a thing of beauty!

So I gave this a quick trial on 2 different articles.

The first one was a flop – bugger all views, but the second was a funny video and its still doing the rounds getting likes and shares.

Check out these stats for a quick trial – I’m pretty happy with them for a first run



As I said – this is FREE – your first 1000 clicks per month are completely free and if you want more you have to upgrade – so all depending on what you are promoting & how much you make per sale as to the viability of paying for more.

An account is super easy to get – just CLICK HERE and get your FREE ACCOUNT



Leave a message in the comments about your experience.

And if you know of any more free shit please let me know so I can do a blog on it