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I did it again – I found me some more free shit!

I am always on the lookout for new Internet Marketing tools. And when they come in the form of FREE then well I’m all over it like a donkey on a waffle (buggered if I know what that means).

I had heard about before and didnt really know what it was & just figured it was another added expense I didn’t really need.

But after checking it out I had to get my grubby hands on it!

What a great idea – Sharing articles on Social Sites & when people click it they get a Call To Action bubble at the bottom of the page directing them to my capture page – its Genius!

This neat bubble is at the bottom of the window of the page I share on social sites


So simply everytime I come across an article I think people will enjoy & share it then I just add my link before I share it and it goes off into cyberspace where all kinds of people like and share it, and maybe there will be a few friendly people that click on that button on your link then they are on your page, they may even add their details in a contact form – BAM – free lead!

So its a win win – You will be compelled to share more stuff for people to enjoy and in doing so the universe will grant you with leads – its just a thing of beauty!

So I gave this a quick trial on 2 different articles.

The first one was a flop – bugger all views, but the second was a funny video and its still doing the rounds getting likes and shares.

Check out these stats for a quick trial – I’m pretty happy with them for a first run



As I said – this is FREE – your first 1000 clicks per month are completely free and if you want more you have to upgrade – so all depending on what you are promoting & how much you make per sale as to the viability of paying for more.

An account is super easy to get – just CLICK HERE and get your FREE ACCOUNT



Leave a message in the comments about your experience.

And if you know of any more free shit please let me know so I can do a blog on it

  • I’ve seen those before but didn’t know how they did that. Thanks for sharing this Alex! Very cool!

  • Yeah !! It is one of our favorite free tools!
    Great you found it and have success with it too.

    Sharing your message will benefit others! So again, great value you put here in the market place.

    Thanks Alex

  • WOW dude I never heard of this! Just another reason why I check out your blog Alex, always good info and tips! Off to set up my Sniply account now…..

    • Alex Bender

      Mate glad you’re getting great value out of my blog! Have fun getting free leads with

  • Thats not a bad tool. I think I’ll try and get back with my results. Great post Alex. Cheers

  • Hahahaaaaaaa Alex, yo are gunna kill someone with laughter one of these days, “Free shit” my bad, I know lots of free shit so get with me soonest 🙂

    Seriously sniply is cool and linked with Buzzsumo…where you get to know whats trending out there and you can create content based on that so Yup. do donkeys love waffles, bugger if I know either 🙂

    • Alex Bender

      Oh dear you seem to have dobbed yourself in – I will be hitting you up for some more free shit so I can blog about it and tell everyone!

  • Oh my gosh I’m with Julie on this! Dude you crack me up! I love it!! Hey I have heard of sniply but have not used it. After seeing your stats, I think I better jump on in! Thanks for sharing!

    • Alex Bender

      May as well mate – its FREE

  • This is pretty cool, checking it out now

  • Love this Alex! Such a great tool 🙂 Have already used it. Will be using it more often and I’m sure it will increase my lead rate!

    • Alex Bender

      Yep Its a great way to “Hi-Jack” other people’s posts & add your own call to action. I’m sure you will get more leads out of it!