Guaranteed Way to Make Money in a Gold Rush

Its no secret that during the times of the great gold rushes all over the world that at the end of the day not that many people actually made much money from gold prospecting

Even today, seeing the show Gold Rush on Discovery Channel, they follow a few people that go in search of the big money hoping they are on good dirt.

I’m a big fan of the show – its actually my one show that’s my vice.

Year in, Year out they show the Hoffmans with their big plans of striking it rich, getting millions of dollars worth of equipment together, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on Diesel running all their big operations, all with the big hope that they will have a good “Clean Up” at the end of the season. And most years to date they have come up short of paying their bills.

Make Money OnlineThroughout all the Gold Rushes there has been one type of person that wins.

These people still to this day are making great money out of gold mining & prospecting.

They are the people that SELL THE TOOLS to the miners.

Think about it – every prospector needs a gold pan, a pick, a shovel & more specialty tools.

Today’s gold rush is in a new form.

It’s digital.

People from all over the world are trying to stake their claim to make money on the internet.

Its time to take a step back & learn from the people that guaranteed they made money in a Gold Rush.

Its the time to set up shop selling tools that all the gold miners will want & need.

So what are these digital age gold miners after?

They will need a blog.

  • A place they can stake their claim to be their home on the internet.
  • A place where they can bring people to from all different types of social media.
  • A place where they can create articles that people will search for
  • A place that they can get a following of people.
    Make money Blogging

Now just like gold miners, not all internet marketers will find gold.

However, without the gold pan, pick & shovel, the gold miner has no chance of getting the gold.

Without a blog, the internet marketer will struggle to catch his internet gold.

Thats exactly what I have here – its this exact blog platform that you are reading this article on.

Its a platform that has been designed by marketers for marketers & is the best tool for catching internet gold there is.

So do you want to be the guy that makes money in a gold rush or are you just going to trust your luck and hope your claim “has some color”.

By clicking this link, adding your details & watching the presentation, you get to be the guy that sells the tools to the Internet Gold Miners.

  • great post Alex, this story always inspires me every time im reminded of it. i agree that selling the tools is a good way to seize an opportunity , and a blog is perfect tool for those who want a online business.

    • Alex Bender

      Thanks for commenting Sabrey – Its an analogy that makes sense to me – I’m a gold prospector myself – but I only prospect for the hell of it, I wouldn’t do it to try and make a living out of it!

  • Hey Alex,

    Now you are talking! Invest Learn Teach Or ILT as my mentor Ray Higdon always says. Those of us doing this have set our shop for the “Gold Rush Miners” and Trust me its very true, In fact I have been quite busy setting our launch of our Digital Info product and I am so excited to say it was launched successfully on JVZoo and Via another system. Thanks for this Alex

    • Alex Bender

      Ha Julie you crack me up – always taking an opportunity to plug one of the many things you do. You’re awesome!

  • A very well compared example !! That is really awesome… you have compared the gold rush with today’s blog rush and explained in simple terms how blog is a gold mine !!! Kudos for making such a awesome post and Thanks for Sharing with us.

    • Alex Bender

      The big difference with the old gold rush and the new internet gold rush is there is an even bigger opportunity & you don’t have to live in a tent city to be part of it

  • Alesha

    Hey Alex, this is a great analogy for people to understand what it is that people actually buy and what the solution actually is. I remember the first time I heard this and it made so much sense to me.

    • Alex Bender

      Yes it just makes sense really – I know i heard it a while back but it really sank in with listening to an Aaron Rashkin audio just the other day.

  • having a blog is necessary, thanks alex

  • Thanks for the analogy, Alex. It makes a lot of sense and we are in a unique position where we can not only sell the tools to the prospectors but turn them into prospects and strike gold. Cheers, Ron

    • Alex Bender

      yep – i love double dipping!

  • I really like your article Alex, very well explained and a great analogy! I really liked your statement “So do you want to be the guy that makes money in a gold rush or are you just going to trust your luck and hope your claim “has some color”.”

  • People under estimate the GOLDEN tool to use…. the BLOG.
    Thanks Alex for telling others about it. It can change their lives, if they are willing to see it.

  • It’s awesome that you are speaking with authenticity here.
    most don’t
    Appreciate you Alex