How do you get focused?

As I was walking along the beach this morning, clearing my head, getting focused for a big day of marketing, I got to thinking what other people do to clear their head & get focused?

Apologies for the quality of the video, I’m overdue to update my phone……….


So what I find if I just get up and get to work without setting a true purpose for the day is I get constantly sidetracked.

I check my facebook with new comments & likes, check peoples new updates, watch video after video, check my emails all day, then get up make a coffee, check my email manager, see how many people have checked my blog posts & sites, check twitter, check facebook again, send someone thats online a quick message & let them know how busy I am, watch someones new video post, check my comments on my blog, check my LinkedIn account to see new people that have viewed my profile, make another coffee, check my shares to see how bad they have gone today…….. see if there is any new training video’s or audio’s posted in my companies back office, check facebook again and the day continues like that – such a busy day, right.

However, if I clear my head, get focused on what I want to get done for the day & maybe the next couple of days, set out a plan of attack then I actually tend to get shit done.

So by taking the time of day out to go and walk along the beach, really enjoy my morning, having the water splash on my feet, the smell of the ocean as the breeze gently blows by, the joy of seeing a pod of dolphins swim by  as they just go about their day aimlessly (that was so cool by the way, I totally didn’t think of getting some footage of that, oh well, next time….) I was able to get focused,set my intentions for the day & I am having a super productive day!

So what is it that gets you focused for the day?  Is it a leisurely stroll in the park? Is it going for a swim?  Is it meditating, taking your mind away from all the stress in the world and just being at peace with yourself?

Let me know in the comments.

Have a bloody great, productive day!