How do you make a full-time online income?

I get asked quite a bit how I do what I do.

Lots of people are really intrigued & they think that because I make a living off the internet it was like winning the lotto or something.

Also lots of people think that its just a scam i am in & that only the guys at the top make money……

So on October 9th 2016 I had my last day working on payroll.

It was a goal of mine I had set earlier to leave my job by my 36th birthday on October 17.

Now I have a full-time income on the internet.

So how did I do that.

I started thinking about that today & it brought me back to one thing that I heard on an audio 2 years ago that in all honesty took listening to 10 times before I took it serious.

What I heard on that audio was this:

[tweet_box design=”default”]”You must work harder on yourself than you do on your business to be successful”[/tweet_box]

This was hard for me to do – I wanted to learn so much & implement all the trainings…..

I had to drop down a gear and literally spend more than half of my time working on myself in the form of books, audio’s, video’s, journaling, writing goals, stretching myself.

I was making myself be the person who I wanted to become.

Now in doing so as I was doing my marketing & building my business I knew that I would make mistakes, that I would crash many times.

But I knew if I kept on doing things, if I kept correcting my course that i would be OK.

And in all honesty – if it wasn’t for my personal development I probably would have given up – because it wasn’t easy.

But so damn worth it.

This episode of The Daily Show explains how you can become a professional marketer.

You should definitely check it out