How to Avoid 9 Huge Mistakes When Building a Profitable Online Business

Would you like to know the 9 key mistakes that people do when starting or building their online business?

These are key things that most of the leaders and guru’s know about.

However most of the leaders didn’t know about this in the the beginning – they either had mentors to guide them along the way or leay learned by trial & error

The beauty is, now that you’re here reading this, you don’t have to go through trial & error, you can go completely through this article and get the secret sauce.

Avoiding each mistake listed below are crucial to your long term success online. So pay close attention right to the end of the list.

Mistake #1 – Not Marketing Your Business!

marketingNow this you might think is a no brainer, but seriously, its a problem – people go out and they think they have a business but they don’t really do anything about it.

Think about this, pretty much everything on the Internet is an advertisement.

You are being marketed to all over the place.

These people that are advertising to you are taking action….. its all about taking action and doing something online getting their message out there.

Doesnt matter where you are online you are being marketed to – just about every site has some form of advertising, the big question is if everyone else is marketing, then why aren’t you?

Mistake #2 – Not Building an email list.


Building a list of people you can market to is a very crucial part of your online success.

A study has shown that majority of people take multiple exposures of a product before they make a decision to buy.

So you need to work out what is better:

To hope that people keep on coming back to your website,OR is it better to have that person’s email address & send information to them that lands in their inbox.

Another huge benefit of having an email list is once somebody has purchased from you, as long as the initial purchase was a good experience, then they already trust you and are more likely to buy again.  So why not keep that contact to increase your long term profits – your hard work is already done, now its simply a matter of keeping them informed of what you are doing and promoting via email.

Now I could go on for ages about different methods of emailing and what to send, how often to send and all kinds of stuff, but thats for another day.

Its pretty easy to set up a email campaign by using Austoresponder systems like Getresponse.  You can Click Here and get a 30 day trial run of Getresponse for free.

Its very simple to collect the emails, you could have opt-in boxes on your site, pop-ups, clickable images, links & banners that direct to a lead capture page & many other innovative ways.

Mistake #3 – Not talking to people


As much as 100% automation is very very very attractive – 100% automation doesnt make it a people business – and its very hard to get that duplicating & building a team with.

Sure you could go and run affiliate programs and not talk to people, however having the human touch goes a very very long way.

Yes there are plenty of things you can do to automate your business, with having email autoresponders set up, blogs ranking on search engines, different social media apps & pre made sales video’s, however when you put yourself into the equation you create trust with people.  And when people trust you they are more likely to do business with you.

So sorry to put a damper on your whole plan of “Set & Forget” and just pick up the paycheck, but if you really want to have a successful online business then you will still need to communicate with people.

Mistake #4 – Not having a DMO – Daily Method of Operation


This can be a big issue.  Especially working from home in front of your laptop. Its very easy to get distracted and not do certain things.

If you set up a DMO that you stick with you can always stay on track everyday and get results.

Here are a few things you may want to put into your DMO:

Create content every day – it could be a blog post, a video, a FB posts, Articles – somethying of value, every day

ACTIVE MARKETING – actively talking to prospects in Facebook chat, Skype, respond to emails, or communicate in some other social platform

PASSIVE MARKETING – Writing Blog Posts, Shooting Video, Set up Facebook PPC, Instagram marketing and more – things that stay on the internet that you can generate leads over a period of time.

Follow Up Email – As mentioned earlier you should be building a list of contacts.  Its a good idea to be constantly in contact with your list by sending them daily emails, it might be updates on what you are doing or new blog posts or answering questions.  There is always something you are able to send to your list, so make sure that they remember you!

Maintain your Health – Being in front of your computer everyday its very very easy to get into bad habits with no exercise, eating unhealthy, bad sleeping habits, not drinking enough water.  Don’t disregard this. I know this first hand how easy it is to get way off track.

When you look after your body and feel healthy, you have more energy & are able to produce more and more likely to stay on track.

I heard this saying recently on a webinar… “No Health, No Wealth”

Mistake #5 – Not Investing in Themselves


Personal Growth is so improtant.

Everyday feed your mind with positive audio’s, read personal development books, surround yourself with success, watch success video’s or attend seminars or company events.

If you’re not big on reading, then take some advice from Jim Rohn, I was listening to an audio of his recently and his response was 3 words… “I’d change that”.

Just about every successful person I have spoken to make it a habit or reading for at least an hour a day – From what I’ve found, success leaves clues, than that clue of reading for an hour a day is a big clue.

Make sure you align yourself with people that will keep you on the path to success.

It has been said that your wealth will be reflected on the 5 people you associate yourself with.  So wouldn’t it be a good idea then to surround yourself with success?  The best way to do that is with books, audio’s, video’s & seminars.

Mistake #6 – Lack of Focus


This is a huge issue & is very common across the entire industry.

One of the biggest issues a lot of online marketers face is trying to market in every possible avenue.

There is so many different ways to market online but each way has its own set of skills you need to work out and master.

Instead of trying to learn all the possible marketing strategies that exist, why not focus on one or 2, become an expert at it and crush it!

I know many successful online marketers that have crushed it in all different ways, Youtube, FaceBook, Instagram, Solo Ads, SEO Blogging, But they focus on one thing and learn it, and learn it, and learn it.

This kinds of ties in with the DMO as well, know what you will be doing, be able to wake up and say “I know what I am going to do in my business”.

Mistake #7 – Not Having a Blog for their Business


A blog is crucial for you business.

Consider your blog as your “Home on the Internet” or your “Base of Operations” A place where you can send people to from all over the internet.

Now, you must realise that a blog isn’t necessarily just to rank on Google, Blog sites can be shared on different social media sites, you can embed video’s on them, you can send your email list back to your blog.

Once people are on your website then you can market to them, get them on your email list or sell them a product or service.

I remember hearing a home business leader describe a blog as an “Undercover Sales Page”  meaning that when people are reading your article or watching your video, they have their guard down and are more easily sold.

I can’t emphasise how important a blog is to your long term marketing strategy.

Now you don’t want to just go out and get yourself a free Blogger or site – these sites are not made for marketers, they are more like for the hobbyists.

What you would want is a blog designed for business.  You have a couple of options, you can go and pay somebody to design your site, pay for quality hosting & deal with all the hassles you will come up with when you have a self hosted site.


You could use a site that is already made, designed & hosted for you and has been specifically made for marketers.  This site is actually hosted on such a place. But more on that later on.

Check out my article I write about 23 Reasons Your Business Should Have A Blog

Mistake #8 – No Vision


Not having a crystal clear vision is possibly one of the biggest mistakes people have in this industry.

Truth be told, times will not always be rosy.

There will be some rough patches.

Thats the life of the Entrepreneur.

If you haven’t got yourself a big vision that you keep on striving to achieve then you might not make it through the tough times.

There are plenty of great books, audio’s & video’s on goal setting & setting your vision.  One book I will suggest you might want to look at for setting your vision is “7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness” by Jim Rohn, there is an amazing section in there on goal setting.

Mistake #9 – Not Unifying with a Group With the Same Vision


Not having a unifying group is a huge, huge mistake.

So many people try and go out and try to conquer the world on their own, and as awesome that may sound they are missing out on the “X-Factor”.

Dr. Napoleon Hill spends so much time in “Think & Grow Rich” & in “The Law of Success” going into detail about the power of the mastermind.

Being part of a unified group creating a mastermind can defy logic and make 1 + 1 = 11! – That might not make sense to you right now, but insane things happen when you get together and mastermind with like minded people all focused on one goal.

The team I am a part of is The Gladiators.  Our mission as a team is to help people become FREE.  We come together as a group and help eachother out, welcome new team members, have hangouts together, come together at company events and all focus on the one vision of helping families be FREE.

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Ok, so I really hope that you were able to get something out of these 9 mistakes that people make when building a profitable online business.

 So to avoid these mistakes be sure to:

  1. Market your business
  2. Build an Email list
  3. Talk to People
  4. Have a DMO – a Daily Method of Operations
  5. Invest in yourself
  6. Be sure to be focused to 1 or 2 marketing methods
  7. Get yourself a good Blog platform (see below for more details)
  8. Have a clear vision on where you are going
  9. Unify your vision with a group.

As I mentioned before I invited you to join the Pipeline Prosperity Alliance and unify with our vision of freeing 100 families a year.

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