How to get $10 in free Bitcoins using Coinbase

Everyone loves free stuff!

I’ve written many blog posts about all kinds of free stuff on the internet.

But the best free stuff I love is free money!!!!!

Now I know what you’re thinking….. there is no such thing as free money…. But seriously, it doesn’t get much better than getting $US10 worth of free Bitcoin.

So, how can this be………

Well it all started off by me looking for places for me to buy Bitcoin as I became a member of USI-Tech & wanted to start buying Bitcoin packages so I could start to get part of the action there and earn some good returns on my Bitcoin.

The first place I discovered was with ending up buying $200 worth at a newsagent.

It was a good novel way to buy my first bitcoin, however I knew that I needed to find a place to buy online.

After a Google search I found a review that seemed to be legit & one recommendation was with Coinbase.  I followed his link, signed up with Coinbase, set myself up and bought $300AU worth of Bitcoin.

Everything worked out perfect – easy transaction, I then proceeded to buy my Bitcoin packages with USI-Tech and I was happy.

Then I received a nice surprise….. an email from Coinbase saying they had just sent me 0.003977 Bitcoin

I thought that was pretty awesome, so i thought I’d also give other people that same offer that i was able to get.

If you would like $US10 worth of Bitcoin for free, simply buy or sell $US100 worth of bitcoin at Coinbase & you will also get one of those nice emails.

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