How to get an International Phone Number

Have you ever wondered how you can get an International phone number so people are able to contact you abroad but not cost them a fortune?

This is something I picked up a few years ago.  I was under the assumption that most people knew about this, however I was chatting to my good friend Robert Frank from and he didn’t know about how easy it was to get an International phone number & what the benefits were. He actually was the one that suggested I write a post about it.

So first up you may be wondering why you should have an International phone number.

There are a few great reasons why you should consider having an International phone number if you are doing business in another country.

1st – It shows your clients / prospects that you are serious about being in business & care about the your clients by not making them dial an international phone number and cost them a lot of money just to speak to you.

2nd – It makes you more approachable to your overseas clients.  Your clients are more likely to pick up the phone and dial a number in their own country than some foreign phone number

3rd – If you leave a message for a client or prospect to call you back its much easier to give them a number in their own country and much more likely for them to return your call.

4th – It just down right looks professional.

And I’m here to tell you that its easy, and it really doesn’t cost much at all.

Now I know that there are a few different ways and different VoIP (Voice over IP) providers, however I find that the simplest and easiest to use is Skype.

Now I’m not sure about Apple computers, however most Windows based computers now come pre-loaded with Skype.

If you don’t already have it, simply go to download and create a free account (or use your Microsoft account)

To get a new international number, log into your Skype account at and scroll down to Manage Settings


(Yours probably won’t be highlighted blue like mine yet, the dark blue indicates that setting has been activated)

Simply click on “Skype Number” to create a new phone number.

You will be asked to select what country you want your Skype number in (I will use the United Kingdom as an example)


Next, you simply select your state and area code you want your number in.



Then you can select your preferred number from a list of available numbers.

If you want to have certain numbers included in your number you can. For example you want to have the last 3 digits of your normal phone, you can search to see what is available.  Here I have queried any number ending with “832” and it shows the numbers available in that area. I selected the first one available in the list.

I also have the option of having that number show up on caller ID when you call somebody.


Then once you click continue you have the option to buy the number for 3 or 12 months and pay via PayPal.  At the time of writing this a 3 month number cost AU$24 ind a 12 month number cost AU$80

It really is as simple as that.

Now to use the number you have a few options:

  • You could use it straight from your computer, maybe with a headset.
  • You could use skype on your mobile phone by downloading the Skype app
  • You could have your Skype permanently redirected to another phone number (that does cost per call).

It all does really depend on your situation.

Another benefit is if you are travelling a lot and don’t want to always have your mobile phone roaming you can have a Skype number that people can call or leave you a message if you are not online or haven’t got your number diverted to a local number.

Now that I am travelling a bit more, I have set up a Skype number for Australia, so instead of using my mobile paying crazy roaming fees or buying new sim cards in new countries, team members, prospects, friends and family in Australia can all dial a Australian “Landline” and it is sent straight to my Skype – works a treat!

I hope that has at least helped one person out there in Internet land.

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  • That’s a really great post Alex, is actually quite helpful and insightful. I did not know any of those options but that is definitely something to consider and I can imagine being in Australia and working with people in other countries like the United States etc, how beneficial that could be. There may be a point that I will need to have a number in a different country than the US. I’m excited about this technology and the simplicity of it. I appreciate your great explanation and the simplicity of it.

    • Alex Bender

      Glad you liked it Rob.

  • Man Alex, This is super helpful and useful. I didn’t know I could leverage Skype this way. We learn something new every time we are open to it. Yayy! I can imagine being in Australia and working with people in other countries And you chose UK in your e.g. making it super simple for me :), how beneficial that could be.
    I know that I will definitely need this service sooner rather than later and I thnak you for sharing the technique of getting it sorted super fast! Very excited about this. I appreciate your great explanation and sharing it.

    • Alex Bender

      Glad you found it helpful Julie.

  • Hey Alex, looks like I’m a US only dude when it comes to the phone number lol. Although I use Skype calling all the time! Great post on how to get an international phone number – RING RING!!!!! 😉

    • Alex Bender

      You cauld always have a number for each state Jeff…. just kidding – thanks for swinging by mate – You’re a rockstar!

  • Awesome post Alex! I haven’t seen any blogs on this – so great topic to choose.

    I’ve been using international numbers for a couple of years now. Super super handy! And it works so well when running an international business.

    Also, I think I know where you learned about Skype international numbers 🙂

    • Alex Bender

      Yeah I think you do know where I learned this from too!

  • Yes indeed, Mr. Bender. I have a friend in OZ who may benefit from this information. Thank you. Indeed traveling a bit more — one never knows where you’ll show up next? Isn’t that a treat!

    • Alex Bender

      Well Carol, its awesome for everyone – especially in our industry – it doesnt take much to get a number – even if its always diverted to a message – it doesnt cost your prospect anywhere near as much by calling their own country.

  • Never new it was so easy to get an international number, this will be perfect for me, because most persons are scared about the 876 area code. this post as help atleast one person, me!

    • Alex Bender

      Great this has helped Wayne – That was my intention – If I can benefit at least 1 person then I am happy! Thanks for stopping by.

  • Thanks for sharing Alex! Being from Canada I’m a frequent Skype and Whatsapp user! This all round great information! Cheers

  • Anthony Desouza


    Was wondering whether i can use my Skype number on Whatsapp?? I want people to see my skype number rather than my local number.


    • Alex Bender

      Sorry buddy, I wouldnt have a clue – I havent used Whatsapp much