How to get the best ‘Bank For Your Buck’ with your content

Would you like to know a secret that a lot of people just don’t think about for their content that they put on the internet?

This is a great way to get your best “Bang For Your Buck” – using your content wisely & it look like you are doing way more that you really are.

Actually this page that you are reading, I am actually using as an example of exactly what you can do with your content.

Check out this video I shot and posted on my Facebook Business Page wall:

You see the most difficult part about creating content is the initial idea of what your content will be about.

Here’s some ideas for you:

  • Your video can be used as a blog post
  • Also the other way around, your blog post text can be turned into a video
  • You can put your video on separate hosts, eg, Facebook & YouTube
  • You can turn your video into an audio & have it as a bonus download on your blog

The idea is to get your idea of your piece of content and use it lots and lots.

Not only will this save you hours of time trying to think of new content to create, and you will be able to post the content all over the internet and will be looking unique.

I’m also finding that it is getting me more into posting more blog posts, making more content on my blog & making me more confident in creating more content, its actually a real great way to keep myself doing things for my business.

If you are reading this thinking “This actually makes sense, I like this idea!” then you might be also interested in working with me.

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