How to Overcome Procrastination

Do you struggle with getting focused and getting shit done?

Not only has it been a struggle for me, but its a huge issue with home business owners all over the world.

Procrastination is possibly the biggest issue in the network marketing industry. One of the reason why is because as a general rule there isn’t much invested in their business compared to traditional bricks and mortar business, they don’t have the urgency to make things happen to recover their initial investment.

“Procrastination is fueled by weakness in the face of impulse and by the failure to think about thinking” David McRaney

I love this Ellen video on Procrastination……

There are a few things to do to eliminate procrastination, or at least get a better handle on it.

I guess the first thing to do is accept the fact that you have a problem with procrastination.

And well I guess you’re on this page, reading this article about procrastination, so that probably means that you have already arrived at that point.

So a huge congratulations for hitting that point.

And by being at that point and reading this then you are probably looking for ways to overcome this problem you have been having with procrastination.

So read on because I’m going to shed some light on the subject and give you a few pointers.

One of the best decisions I ever made was to take a course by Dr Steve Taubman called “Procrastination Annihilation”

This course is specifically designed to help network marketers & other home business people annihilate procrastination from their lives.

Dr Steve Taubman is a master of hypnosis & mind mastery, and, well, he knows his shit when it comes to how the brain works.

Now, just to let you know I used to be a BIG, BIG procrastinator.  I would find any excuse not to do any work on my business, I would make excuses not to write blog posts, send emails, syndicate content, contact leads, place ads.  I’d find something to watch on TV, something to listen to, have a beer at the pub, watch video’s on Youtube, comment on stuff on Facebook, then at the end of the day I’d think I had a huge day, then reflect on what I’d done, kick my ass, call myself an idiot, swear I’d do something the next day, then have another unproductive day, day after day, wondering why I’d get nowhere in my business.

I had no idea about procrastination at all before I went through his course, all I knew is that I was a bloody big time procrastinator.

First things first, accept that you’ve been telling yourself lies. These are some of the lies you have been saying:

  • You’ve been overestimating how much time you’ve got to accomplish a task
  • At the same time you underestimate how long it will take to complete the task
  • And overestimate how motivated you will actually feel about doing that task when you go about finally doing it
  • Also you think that you are unable to compete a task unless you actually feel like it.

Now you need to sit down and actually look at what the actual cost is of your procrastination.  Here are a few of the costs, some of these may really blow your mind a little bit…..

  • Don’t do what you want to do – thats is what you want to do in the long run. Live your dreams, live the best possible version of your life.
  • Financial implication – By procrasting you are not doing the job to get the sale, leading to a lower income
  • Frustration & unhappiness – You get a momentary good feeling, then a hangover not accomplishing what you wanted to accomplish.
  • Let other people down. – You might be constantly making promises to get stuff done, but time after time not completing the task, or half assing the job to get it done in time.
  • Increased alcohol consumption – This one threw me a bit, and well at the time I was drinking heavily and procrastinating like crazy.  This may not always be the case, but I have a feeling it was with me.
  • Higher stress – by putting stuff aside then needing to complete it quickly you put yourself under all kinds of negative stress that you really didn’t need.
  • Self esteem suffers – This one also shocked my, but it kind of makes sense, by not competeing the task set out, you are programming yourself for failure and self sabotaging your mind setting yourself up for future failure
  • Lower immune system – Illness results from stress.  An interesting statistic Dr Steve told in the course that self admitting procrastinators in university also had a much higher illness rate
  • Poor relationships – By not following through with tasks and notbeing present relationships suffer.


Dr Steve takes a fresh look at procrastination, kind of reverse engineering why people don’t get around to doing stuff.  He breaks procrastination down to 8 categories, calling them  “The 8 Flavours of Procrastination”:

Untitled Infographic

  • Ignorance – lack of knowledge
  • Apathy – lack hope – you’ve tried and failed over and over
  • Momentum – lack time, you havent made time
  • Boredom – lacking presence/focus, need to be “In the moment”
  • Rush addiction – lack energy & need to create a need to get things done quick
  • Apprehension – lacking courage, in a state of fear in doing the job
  • Vagueness – lack clarity needing to learn how to be clear
  • Emptiness – lack purpose & passion, promising something you really dont want to deliver, have no interest in doing something you promised, so you will “do it later”

Pretty much the entire 6 week course went into breaking down these flavors of procrastination, and how to overcome them.  So instead of boring the crap out of you this is simply what you should do:

When you find yourself procrastinating about doing something, stop and have a look at the above 8 flavors of procrastination and find out which one is the reason why you’re not doing this task, or it may be a combination of a few of these.

Once you have worked out why you are procrastinating, then you can look into fixing the problem.

I know this is a oversimplification of overcoming procrastination, but its a bloody good start & its pretty much what I do now.  When I find myself procrastinating, I always stop and think about why I am procrastinating, what I would get out of stuff around, doing bugger all, and what I would get out of taking action, weigh up the difference and make a decision.

If you want to really learn how to beat procrastination and start getting on course with getting results in your business I highly recommend that you check out Dr Steve Taubmans website at Here’s a sneak preview of his Procrastination Annihilation course

Being in home business is all about taking massive action.

One way that I take action is using the Learn, Do, Teach principle.

When I learn something, I go out and implement it in my business then I write a post or send it in an email to my list or tell it to my team.

I understand that many times when I first learn something then go and implement it in my business it will be far from perfect, however by immediately implementing it, I stop procrastinating about waiting until it is perfect. I learn from my mistakes, pick myself up and go again.

Another way I find myself beating procrastination is by making sure I celebrate every win.

By celebrating your wins, you are encouraging yourself to take action so that you can enjoy your next win.


The first time I heard the concept of counting your wins was from “Beyond Freedom Evolution” a personal development program I first purchased in 2011. If you are looking for a very high end intensive personal development course check out my review I wrote on it here.

OK, so hopefully there was something in here that has somehow helped you with how to overcome procrastination.

At the end of the day, as much as you have acknowledged that you have a procrastination problem, you still need to get off your sorry ass and do something about it.

Let me know in the comments if anything here has helped you or if you have some special trick you’d love to share on how you are able to beat procrastination.

  • Wow, Alex. That video was SO ME! I love your blog and I will read it when I’m done dusting my keyboard. Just kidding! This is great! Thank you!

    • Alex Bender

      Ha Ha Leslie glad you liked the video. Now stop dusting your keyboard and go frigging do something!

  • As Nike says: “Just do it!”

    • Alex Bender

      Thats kind of what it boils down to….

  • “Once you have worked out why you are procrastinating, then you can look into fixing the problem.”

    Yes, I’ve struggled with procrastination too! Being accountable to my family and clear on my why is keeping me taking action!

    Thanks for all the info and loved the video of Ellen! 😀

    • Alex Bender

      Yes being kept accountable is a great way to overcome procrastinaion aswell.
      Glad you loved the video & thanks for your comment Emily

  • Hey Alex awesome post about how to kill procrastination! There are many psychological issues at play when people procrastinate and you did a great job at explaining how to get into action NOW!

    • Alex Bender

      Thanks for your comment Vitaliy.

  • Great articles on how to beat procrastination, Alex. This is definitely one of the biggest problems people face in any area of life. You have outlined it perfectly on what to focus on and how to start taking action!

    • Alex Bender

      Thanks for your comment Jelena

  • Wow! Lots of great info here! Procrastination elimination!
    Thanks for the coaching!

    • Alex Bender

      Thanks for the comment Colleen

  • Like your style of writing Alex. Really good information here. I sometimes amaze myself at what I used to do in order to avoid what needed to be done — even clean house (and I hate housework). I have a tad different way of looking at this question of procrastination. I see it more as lack of alignment (for whatever reason — lack of knowledge, lack of support, other things on my mind, etc, etc). And this can be addressed by bringing myself into alignment with the task at hand — and maybe today is not the right day for me to do it. Clearly, it can be termed procrastination. I wholeheartedly agree that counting the wins puts me in the right frame of mind for doing what needs to be done. Enjoyed this post — thanks.

    • Alex Bender

      Glad you liked it Carol. Appreciate your comment.

  • i love the tips you shared on how to overcome procrastination

    i admit i am guilty of it but after seeing this, not anymore

    • Alex Bender

      So happy you’re not a procrastinator anymore Sheena.

  • Oh, that was such a good one Alex! Ellen is killing me and it’s so me. Thanks for sharing! I’ll download the image hopefully it’ll help me with… what was that noise?

  • Wow this is my bigges struggle! Love this post!

  • Wow Alex,, you hit the nail on the head, I catch myself doing this some days… and try to convince myself I deserve it.. but in reality I don’t not yet. I need to be consistent and continue to push. THanks for the kick in the butt….. lol I needed this.

  • Great article Alex! I too was the biggest procrastinator. I related to when you said about getting distracted with TV shows. I did that massively when I first started my online business. Took a lot of personal development work to grow out of that, as you did as well.
    Thanks for sharing the great tips! 🙂

    • Alex Bender

      yeah i think a lot of us have had the tv problem – but not anymore – i generally watch the odd game of sport and the occasional show but it doesnt take up much of my life anymore.

  • I’m a big procrastinator myself when it comes to tasks that I don’t see the reason to do. If I see the use of doing a task the I have no bigger problems getting started.

    Plato said: “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” and it is really true that when you finally get started the task at hand goes by quite quickly