How to set up an Affiliate Coded Team Hangout Page

How would you like to be able to make your own team hangout page that can be affiliate ID coded so that all of your team can use the page & make everyone’s life simple?

For me it seemed like an easy enough thing to do – I’d seen plenty of other people do it so I figured lots of people knew how to set it up.

I was wrong…..

I asked around heaps of friends of mine that are leaders in the online marketing space, lots of which I knew had used these kinds of pages in the past.

After lots and lots of asking around, I finally found a friend of mine that knew how to do it & he was actually able to do it for me for a small fee.

Initially I thought that would be a great idea – saved me doing it… right.

But then I thought I would like to actually learn it myself – so I can create a blog post (This page) so I can show my team how to be able to set their own one up when they decide to start their own hangouts.

So first I’ll outlay the benefits of having a page that can be coded to any other affiliate in your company to be able to use:

  • First – its something that is easy for new members to use – all they will need to do is add their affiliate link to the end and they can invite anyone on

  • Second – it shows to your team that you are serious about your business – you have invested some serious time & effort & a bit of cash in setting this up

  • Third – when you bring special guests onto your hangout to do trainings they can also see that you are taking your business serious so they will probably give it a little bit extra effort.

  • Fourth – your special guest that you invite on, if they are also an affiliate of the same company, they will be able to send people to that same link.

  • Fifth – you will be able to encourage your team to be able to have their own hangouts & create their own page. I remember being on a zoom with my mentor Dave Wood & he was saying that he would rather have 1000 team hangouts every week with 10 people on them than 10 hangouts with 1000 each on them.

[tweet_box design=”default”]I’d rather see 1000 team hangouts every week with 10 people on them than 10 hangouts with 1000 each on them – Dave Wood[/tweet_box]

OK so now here is what you will need to have:

  • Your own domain name

  • A hosted WordPress website

  • An easy to use WordPress site builder

  • A plugin called “Cookie Monster”

That’s It!

And this is how I did it for my Team Hangout at

So first up you need a domain name.  Now I already have an account a so I went there for my domain.

I thought up different domain names I could get, and obviously was taken, so was, so I had to think of what was easy to remember but stay true to the current team, so I chose

So I went and I bought that first.

Second was getting website hosting.

Now, I’ve never had to buy hosting in the past so I just went on recommendation so I was sent to Site Ground and they were fine – nice and easy to use – so If you want good cheap hosting then you can click here to get hosting at

All I did was went the cheap option and went for the Start Up option of $3.95/month


On the next page you will have to select “I already have a domain”  and add your domain that you just purchased from in the space provided.


After that create Your account, add your details, pay for the length you want hosting for and BAM! you now have a a hosted website!

OK so the next step is linking your domain you bought to your hosted website.

You should have been sent an email from SiteGround with an order confirmation saying you are now a client of SiteGround.



Now at the bottom of that email are 2 DNS settings you will need – they will look something like this:


So what you need to do now is go to your GoDaddy account that you purchased your domain from and change your Name Server addresses. (I didn’t screenshot this part when I did it sorry…….. but its fairly straight forward to do, simply manage that domain and go down to the name servers and change them.

Now this could take anywhere from 60 minutes to a full 24 hours to actually show that the servers have changed, so we can go back to that later to see if it actually worked properly.  In the meantime we can continue this whole process.

So log into your Siteground account and go to your “My Accounts” section

Then click on the red button that says “Go to cPanel”


Now you click on the WordPress Autoinstaller.


Now create your site name and title:


Scroll all the way down & click “Install”

It will then take a few seconds to install WordPress into your hosted site.

Once that is done then we head on over to get a site called

To get your account click here

OpimizePress makes having a WordPress hosted site very very easy to use & is specifically designed for marketers to create easy sales pages – they have pre-done theme’s and all sorts of goodies.

Its perfect for creating a easy to make Hangout page for your team.

They give you 3 packages to buy. All you will need here is the Core package at $97.


It then takes you to an upsell page to join their club – I didn’t worry about doing that. – Simply scroll all the way to the bottom and click the link below the button that says no thanks.

Then the next page go through the checkout and you now have OptimizePress!

So now what we need to do is scroll down on the OptimizePress main page to the downloads section and you need to download the OptimizePress Plugin. – Its a 20MB file.


Now what you need to do is go to the tutorial in OptimizePress about how to Install Optimizepress via cPanel/File Manager – That seems to be the easiest way to go about uploading it as the upload is 20MB.

Don’t forget that if you have done all of these steps super fast then there is a chance that your domain Name Server changes that we did before haven’t yet taken effect and you will just have to wait a little bit until you are able to login to your WordPress site as shown in the tutorial.

So if you still can’t log into your WordPress dashboard (It will be your domainname/wp-admin.php) Just go grab a beer or something or go to the gym or read a book or eat pizza or whatever and wait til you get access – and the only way you will know is if you click that link and it comes up looking like this:


Now once you have logged in, you need to follow the rest of the tutorial  in OptimizePress about activating the OptimizePress Plugin.

You will be asked to enter your OptimizePress API Key.

To get your API key, in your OptimizePress main dashboard you need to click the buttom that says “Get a new Licensing API Key Here”


On that page there will be 3 API keys – just grab the first one – now you will have 2 more for future sites that you build (or maybe build for other people for a fee….)

Once you have pasted the API key you now have a fully ready to go OptimizePress, WordPress based, Hosted Website!

The next step is to get the plugin for making the page able to be affiliate liked to other people.

That plugin is called “CookieMonster”

You can get that plugin here for free! 

Once you have downloaded the CookieMonster Plugin then you can upload it the same way that you uploaded the OptimizePress Plugin.

So once you have uploaded it in FileManager gone into your WordPress Dashboard, activated the CookieMonster Plugin then you need to set up your Plugin.

So click on the settings for the CookieMonster Plugin and you will be taken to a page that looks like this:


Now this is where you add your parameters to be able to have the affiliate id’s

This Plugin also has a cool feature so that if there is no parameter added then you can default it to your own id, so you might get some sly commissions if someone else doesnt add their ID – hey its better than being passed up to the company, right…..

So in the URL Parameter you add what the parameter will be – so for example if your link is ?id= then what you should add in the URL parameters is “id”

then what I would suggest is have it defaulting to your own id.

Then click “Update Options”

They should then give you another option to add another URL parameter.

This can be handy if you are using a system that allows tracking id’s aswell.

As you can see in the below picture I have added another parameter of “ad” and that defaults to “gladiatorhangout”

cookiemonster_add OK now you have everything set up for the background of your site – now its time to make your page!!!!!

This is where the power of OmtimizePress comes in – you will see how easy it is to create pages using it!

When you go to the OptimizePress section on the dashboard, select Create New Post & then you get a selection of a bunch of templates.


What I did was select a sales page with a video in it and edited it the way I wanted it.

I found it very simple to use once I understood it, its very user friendly.

I am not going to go into detail about how you can make your page with OptimizePress – If you have made it this far I am sure you are smart enough to work out how to build a basic page here (And if you’re not, then a quick YouTube search should do the trick)

Now the main thing you will want to ensure is that if you have a call to action button that will be linked to an affiliate ID, then you will need to follow this:

When you are inserting any hyperlink, at the spot where the affiliate id goes you will need to add your id that you put in your CookieMonster Plugin inside  square end brackets – [ ]


As you can see with my link I am linking my id & my tracking. The tracking will be automatically put into the link so that anybody that uses that link and has guests click that link their tracking link will be “gladiatorhangout”

Hope this makes sense.

So once you have created your page then you can share your hangout page link to your team, just make sure they know their affiliate ID. You may also need to do a quick tutorial blog post you can send to your team on how they can go about properly utilizing this page.

Please let me know in the comments below if you have found this a useful post.

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