How to Use LinkedIn as a Lead Generating Machine

It drives me bonkers seeing all the people running around in circles on LinkedIn. Posting their “Get in business with me – I’m awesome” links in groups.

LinkdIn is a THE professional social network.  People don’t want to know about what you can offer – people visit LinkedIn to learn.

I have learned this the hard way, and now I pay the price for it – a fairly heavy price too. My account has a black mark in it & I am never able to have it removed, so don’t do what I’ve done in the past, do what I say to do now & you will be getting connection requests & be getting Hot Leads!

Today I was inspired by a Pulse article I read by Bruce Kasanoff called  “Why Social Media Is Better Than a Personal Letter“.

So check his article out on a few basic tips on how to set up your LinkedIn profile.

So, you want to generate Leads through LinkedIn – I’m going to give the secret sauce……

The secret sauce is, ADD VALUE.

Create Freedom Online

That’s all you need to know, well, not really, but always keep that in mind.

NEVER PROMOTE YOURSELF – I’ll let you in on a secret – nobody gives a shit about you, what you offer or how much money you have or how good of a business opportunity you may have.

People join groups because they want to get information from that group, they don’t come to that group to hear about the latest opportunity in that field.

If you want to generate business leads, the way to spark an interest in people is by getting them curious about you.

Get yourself a blog.  Blog about stuff.  Blog about stuff that people will be interested in hearing. (I’m blogging about this, and you’re reading it…. and your getting value out of this…..  I haven’t once mentioned what I do or how I can help you….. yet)

With your blog, post your blog to a LinkedIn group, but ONLY IF IT IS RELEVANT TO THAT GROUP (Damn I hate going into a group where someone has posted about something 100% off topic to that group…. I’ve done it in the past & got an ass kicking from the group moderator, even been kicked out of some groups – and I’m glad they did)

Now don’t just chuck your blog link in the heading and be done with it…….

Write a title that will spark an interest to the group readers.  Also write some insight as to why the readers should read it.  Create an interest for readers to check out your article.

While you are in that group – engage in the group – don’t just post your blog & piss off.  Have a look and see what other people are posting, read their articles, comment on the articles. People pay attention to people that are engagers in the group.

Become a Top Contributor! Your profile will be shown in the Top Contributor section every time anyone visits the group.

Create Freedom Online

Now don’t just stop there.

LinkedIn Pulse has some awesome articles by some awesome people giving awesome content – its an awesome place to go to!

So check out these posts, if you like a post & think other readers in some of your groups would enjoy it – SHARE IT.  But don’t just share it, give it a good headline & add a description as to why people may want to read it.

While you are at it, comment on the article, thank the author for taking the time to write it, give your perspective on it.

Share the article on twitter to your followers leaving the @authors twitter link, its letting the author know you enjoyed the article & you get on the radar of his/hers followers in a whole new social platform.

At the end of the day, your goal is to to get people to say “Damn, that person gives great stuff, I’m gonna check out their profile”

Then when they check out your profile they may want to do business with you, so they may check out your website or send you a message.

So there, add value & be a top contributor, people will follow you and you will generate leads.

Don’t forget, start off with a blog.  Check out the banner below to get your hands on the best damn blog platform on the planet (and make a nifty income at the same time), you can be cool like me and have an awesome blog like this!

I’d love to hear your comments on what you think of this, please leave your comments down below.