Hustle – The Most Important Word Ever

So, I’m a huge fan of Gary Vaynerchuck aka Gary Vee.

As I was going through my twitter the other day I saw Gary Vee post this video, so I checked it out & well, I just loved it.

This is a guy that originally just set out to sell wine on the Internet now has a huge cult followingwith this video alone only being up for a few days has had more than 164,000 views.

If you didn’t get the video popup or shut it down but want to watch it again check it out:

There are so many awesome quotes in here:

“Everybody has time. Stop watching fucking Lost.”

“Hustle would be putting all your effort into achieving the goal at hand.”

“People like to claim that they work hard & smart, but they’re not putting in the work & they want a 9 to 6 & its not enough”

“Following the school business model is so horse shit.”

“You can punch me in the face 8000 times. I’m here to get punched”

“Look yourself in the mirror & ask yourself ‘What do I want to do for the rest of my life?’ & do that.”

“Hustle is waking up one day, the day before you die & realizing you gave it your all.”

“Hustle is the most important word.”

So much gold in this short clip it just made me want to write a post about it.

So, what’s your favorite quote out of that video? Post yours in the comments.

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Gary Vee is a reason why I am so committed to internet business & internet marketing. I just love how he gives so much knowledge out for all of us.

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