Independent Review of Modere

OK, so I’m guessing you’ve been given some information about a company called Modere and now you’re searching around the Internet to find out a bit more about it. You might be wondering if this is a scam or if its legit, or if its the right business for you.

That’s a very wise decision. Its a great idea to go some looking around before you go guns blazing into a new business.  If you didn’t go looking around I’d honestly be a bit worried really. By doing some research I can see that you’re already ahead of the pack.

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 So straight up, I have no association with Modere.  This is an entirely independent review on the company.

Modere got on my radar because a couple of my friends started to talk about its big launch in Australia. They are very very excited about this opportunity.

I’ll lay out a few things in this article that you might be interested in  finding out.

Be sure to read all through to the end of the article. I will explain why 97% of people starting a home business fail & how I can help you in your Modere business & help you position yourself to win.

OK, so the first thing I wanted to know about when I heard of Modere is what they are all about.

So I did a little bit of research and here is what I discovered.

So Modere is pretty much a relaunch of Neways. Its interesting that when I did some research that not many reviews even bothered to find this out (yes I actually did research unlike many reviews…. what an amazing concept!).

Because Modere has a solid foundation with Neways as its foundation, with established products, just re-branded, already has a big distributor base & distribution channels all sorted, and with the company already knowing how to run a direct sales compensation plan, it shows to me that the company is going to be here for the foreseeable future, so you shouldn’t have to worry about the company collapsing and you lose your business. And that’s a good thing.

Modere is positioning itself into the online social world, which as we all know is big right now, the new model is being labelled as “Social Retail”.

Craig Wotton, who is heavily involved with the prelaunch in Australia sent me this video which pretty much sums up the opportunity here in Australia.

So as I mentioned & it has been mentioned in Craig’s video, Modere is using the existing Neways product line, so the products themselves stand up themselves & have stood the test of time.

You may be wondering why Neways would change its name and their entire business model.  A big multi million dollar company wouldnt go about doing this lightly.  This would have cost ridonkulous amounts of money.

And you know, sometimes, its a good thing to start fresh, its a new age we live in today. Direct sales industry has evolved, the way we communicate has evolved, the way we buy has evolved so why not evolve the company, metamorphosize it you may say (is that even a word, my spell checker doesn’t think it is….)

I do like the “Pod” compensation plan – its very social media friendly & being able to be used with computers, smart phones & tablets, they have positioned themselves very well to be able to take advantages of today’s technology.

So yes, I do think that Modere is a solid business. Its positioned itself in the right place at the right time. And as much as I haven’t personally used their products, from what I have been told they are of great quality.


If all you came on here to find out is if it was legit or a scam, then you can be happy with knowing that this is a legit business model & having come from Neways, it already has a tremendous foundation of success.

You may recall at the start of the article that I was going to explain why 97% of home business people fail.

Sure, Modere is running strong in the USA & Japan & is currently in Pre Launch in Australia just understand that just by becoming a member of Modere won’t make you money.  Like in just about any home business, 97% are probably going to fail.  In all honesty, it really doesn’t have much to do with the company – The direct sales industry has created thousands upon thousands of success stories in just about every company.

People fail in Home Business for 2 reasons:

  • Incorrect training & support
  • They don’t really have the right mindset to stick it out to learn the correct way to become successful.

Because its a home business & with minimal investment (compared to a brick & mortar business), people don’t tend to take it serious.  However the Industry is HUGE

Failure with Modere, or any other company, hardly ever is really about the company.  Most people just do what they get told to do by their sponsor – which is alright if their sponsor knows what to actually do & how to lead you properly.

What you need to understand is that Modere takes the money that traditional companies use for marketing & redistribute that money to its distributors as detailed in the above compensation plan.

Modere is not a marketing company, its focus is on its products. As much as it is a social platform and you are a “Social Retailer”, it is a good idea to actually learn some marketing skills.

Yes you will be given some great marketing information, but hundreds of thousands of other Modere Social Marketers have access to that exact same stuff.

Its much better to stand out from the crowd…. 

I can help you.

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  • this is great review of modere you have here alex. thanks for the info. Im sure people who are searching for modere will love this.

    • Alex Bender

      Thanks Sheena, yeah I hope that they do aswell.

    • It sure is isnt it Sheena, so well balanced.

      I love your company and product reviews Alex. Good to see you back blogging and sharing your awesomeness. I have heard of Modere, last year I was introduced to the concept. while I didnt take it forward out of Choice of type of platform I wish to promote. I loved their products.

      I am positive the promoters will love your review and those looking to invest will too!
      Awesome sauce!

      • Alex Bender

        Glad you liked the review Julie

  • Bill Winch

    Awesome post! I never heard of Modere before bot I did hear of Newys. Thanks for sharing.

  • Modere Was HOT for a Minute There, I couldn’t figure why the Sizzle Fizzled, However I guess its to do with the Things you addressed here Alex. Great Review!

    • Alex Bender

      Hi Tara, I hadn’t heard of Modere until my buddies started to promote the Australian launch. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Thanks for the review Alexbender I’ve never heard of this company before but just like any other business if you put the smart work and stick to your vision chances are you will become successful.

    • Alex Bender

      Sticking to your vision is the key. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Hey Alex, great review, this looks like a great company with great products. I had not heard of Modere before. Maybe because it’s based on Austrailia… 🙂 This is definitely good information, Appreciate it!

  • What a thorough review you have done of this company — Modere. Yes, you did your research which is lacking in many reviews I have read. You give folks a good picture of the company and overview of the business in general. And you tell folks what is needed to stay in business — mindset. Thanks for your tenacity Alex

    • Alex Bender

      Glad you liked it Carol

  • thanks for that great indepth review of Modere Alex, Your summery of whypeople fail in home businesses was also very interested. thanks again for sharing.

    • Alex Bender

      No probs Diane

  • Awesome review Alex. I had not heard of the company but I like your offer to help distributors stand out from the crowd. Cheers, Ron

    • Alex Bender

      Well Ron, when you see the industry stats on failure I made it a mission to help out the struggling peeps

    • Simon Poynton

      Hi Ron, so after reading the reviews did you connect with someone and start using the products?

  • Great review Alex. I love a “Real” company review

    • Alex Bender

      Well Steve, I see all these reviews on companies that just bag the crap out of someone just because they are doing something different.
      I love the Home Business industry and believe that its the best way for the average Joe to make money in their home business. I don’t see the need to bag out companies, I’d rather help the people that are struggling in it to become successful.

  • Great to see that you have done your research and provided a well rounded review.

    • Alex Bender

      Glad you enjoyed it Merly. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Gosh Alex i really dont think you have done all of your homework. I have reasearched deeply. Moderes model is not that great. No fast start bonus, no car bonus. But i have found a mega opportunity with the most powerful products to match and that is Tom Mowers company Sisel. Check it out. You will be blown away.

    • Alex Bender

      As per your request Jayne I removed your previous comment, I don’t normally remove comments unless they are full on haters.
      Yes I know about Sisel, I have checked them out and actually wrote a quick review of it on another blog of mine which I no longer really do much with.
      Honestly Jayne, its no good talking down any company unless they are really hurting the industry – And I don’t see Modere doing that at all.
      I recall speaking with Tom Mower a few years back when he was involved with another company – A real nice guy from my recollection.
      My question is why do you need a car in the comp plan? yes its a great selling point, however I would rather have all the commission in my pocket and have whatever I wanted – I’m not someone that really needs a flashy car, I’d rather have my commissions and travel the world.
      Both comp plans are solid.
      I’m involved with neither & have no intention of it – I am happy earning 70% commissions providing help to this industry that so desperately needs it.
      Not sure if you have seen, but my team has a passion for freeing 100 families per year – we are committed to it – you may be thinking 100 families isnt much, however look at the industry at a whole, everyone is selling a dream but living a nightmare, we don’t do that.
      Let me help you in your Sisel business, click here, add your details, watch the video & join out team today – it might very well be the best decision of your life.
      Appreciate your comment.

  • Mikki Laba

    I am a consumer looking into buying a few modere health and wellbring products- im confused- should i buy them?

    • Alex Bender

      Hi Mikki,
      We are all consumers…..
      Should you buy them you ask….. Well it is 100% up to you.
      I have never actually tried any of their products to even say if I personally like them.
      I must say I have never heard a bad word about the products, and Neways has been around for many many years with a good reputation.
      This answer probably hasn’t helped you though.

    • Melissa

      The best people to ask are those who have used the products or attend their product seminars to learn about the products if you’re hesitant about them. I and my family are currently using up the Neways brand left in the house, I use mainly the hair care products at the moment and haven’t looked back.

    • Hi Mikki, the best way to find out about the products is to give them a go. I did almost 8 years ago because of my sensitivities & pain and haven’t looked back. If you have any questions I would be more than happy to answer them. Cheers Sue

      • Hi Mikki,

        I feel the need to contribute as well. I have been with Neways since 2003 when I first had the privilege of meeting an naturopath who used the wonderful Neways products to help my 11-year old daughter’s low energy, hot flushes and depressed mood!

        I was later educated about the effects of some potentially harmful ingredients in our personal care and skin care products. Little by little, we changed our consumption habits to Neways.

        I agree with Sue that “give them a go” may not be a bad idea. You then can decide. I hope this helps 🙂

        Viola Tam

  • Rose Morris

    Hi Alex,
    Your research on Modere is spot on. Well done!
    I have been involved with Neways products and the company for over 12 years.
    Firstly because of health reasons for myself (CFS) 2 children asthma/ eczema so i have an in depth knowledge of the formulas and effectiveness and later introduced them into my clinic for patients because of the excellent results.
    Your review of Modere is quiet correct. The change needed to happen.
    I am happy to answer product questions for anyone if needed Kindest Rose Morris

    • Hi Alex,

      I agree with Rose that you have done a great job in reviewing Modere.

      Even though all Social Marketers for Modere are given the SAME types of tools to build our own marketing business, business growth depends on how effective we share the message with others.

      The ‘Share the Love’ Social Retail is an innovative way for potential customers to have a ‘taste’ of the Modere products. Simple and easy. And… they save money and collect credit points too!

      Everyone wins!

      Viola Tam

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  • I have been using and promoting the products for 9 years, and love them. No extra spending just change brands to safer formulas and get rewarded with cash or credits.

  • Alex,

    Thanks for your review or Mōdere and doing your research. I’ve been with Mōdere for over a year and am blessed to have found it. Love the products and Mōdere also gives you $10 to try their products, it’s free to join AND everyone gets the same price. Use promo code 130412 to get $10!! Enjoy

  • Kerry Gaynor

    I was reluctant to join at first, but I am so glad I did. Use code 527504 when registering an account and get a FREE £/$10.00 to spend off your first order. Happy shopping…

    • Alex Bender

      LOL I love it that people hijack other peoples stuff and think its going to be a good way of marketing……
      And by me leaving this comment up here I am using it as an example of what NOT TO DO with your marketing.
      If you actually want to learn how to properly market your business, make a good online income & not have to result in spamming other people – head back up to this article and click the link to connect with me……

  • Florian Ast

    Excellent Review. I’d like to ask a question: I’ve always wondered why they changed the name from Neways when Neways was fifth in the world already and since no more Neways who manufactures the products for Modere?

    • Alexander Bender

      Hi Florian,
      Thanks for your kind words about my review.
      To be honest I have no idea why they changed their name, I guess they decided it was time to go in a new direction. I’m sure they have their reasons, like you said they were top 5 MLM.
      I really only did this review for shits and giggles….. There was a guy who was trying his hardest to recruit me into Morede when they launched in Australia 2 years ago… however I was unrecruitable. I told him I would write a blog post about Modere & have it ranked on Google within a couple of months…. he laughed at me, hung up the phone & I went about my business…… A couple of months later he messaged me asking me how I did it!!!!!
      So here’s something for free….. if you want to succeed online what you need is lots and lots of people coming to your website, then once they are on your website (just like you found me on a google search…) then you will need to work out how to get them to your offer (like my links on my website….), then after that you will need to work out how to convert them to sales or recruits (at the moment I just let the companies i promote do the selling – I have no need to set up my own sales video’s – however they would probably help).