Ladies Gridiron League launches with an EPIC Tri Nations Tournament

When Legends Football League (Formerly Lingerie Football League) announced there wasn’t going to be comp this year in Australia I first was disappointed. The sport showed so much potential. The players played with so much passion. It seemed such a shame to just let it all go.

Then came Ladies Gridiron League (LGL) to save the day.

Not only did they sign up all the previous LFL players & pretty much keep the names but they listened to what the players wanted. They stopped making the players pay to play (Thats right, they had to pay their own insurance), they changed up the uniforms & did a whole lot of great stuff to improve the game and move it towards being a professional sport.

So LGL has already shown that they don’t mess around, instead of starting their competition and building it up they decide to do something awesome – have a Tri Nations tournament between Australia, New Zealand & the USA. 4 huge games in 1 night. That was held last night at the State Netball & Hockey Centre, Melbourne.

Now unfortunately I wasn’t there – I was stuck in Perth, so I can’t give you really the run down of how the games went. I can only know what happened via their Facebook page which is constantly being updated.

So the epic battle ended up with Team New Zealand taking the inaugural trophy in the end defeating USA 24 – 14. Be sure to get in the Facebook page for all the post match comments & game pics.

The upcoming LGL season is set to be awesome.

For more info on LGL here are a few links you may want to check out:

LGL Australia Official Website

LGL Facebook Page

Perth Angels Facebook Page

Brisbane Brigade Facebook Page

Sydney Surge Facebook Page

Melbourne Maidens Facebook Page

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