Great Internet Marketing Resources

Here’s a list of a lot of some great FREE & CHEAP Internet Marketing Resources.

I use all of these & love them all


Kalatu Brand Station


Kalatu Brand Station is easily the #1 easy for profit blogging platform around.

Not only is it WordPress simplified, its very well priced – great for anyone wanting to have a “Base of Operations” on the internet.

If you need an example of a Kalatu Blog, look no further because this website is hosted with Kalatu.

Click Here to find out more about the Kalatu Brand Station



GetResponse is a “One Stop Shop” when it comes to managing your leads.

Set up Autoresponder sequences, Manage different campaigns, create Webforms, Create Surveys & they even have their own Landing Pages.

There really isn’t much not to love about GetResponse.

You even get the first month free & start off with a small monthly fee.

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 ClickMagick is my #1 Go-To tool every day with my Online Business!

So many features its crazy and for an insanely cheap price – plus you get a free trial of it – Its a “No Brainer”.

Just seriously, Click Here and sign up for ClickMagick and send me a thanks later.



Jing is one of the handiest FREE tools out there.  Great for capturing parts of your screen & sharing it quickly

Be sure to get your free copy of Jing here

IBO ToolBox


I use IBO ToolBox all the time. Its a great place to connect with fellow Internet Marketers & a great place to advertise for free

Check them out HERE


Crazy Domains


I just love CrazyDomains as my domain hosting.

Sure they are a bit more expensive than others however the support is awesome! When I have a problem they have actually CALLED ME & fixed the issue within munites!

Check them out HERE




I like TweetBoss because its simple. I just have it running in the background all day, it send out tweets, follows people, sends messages & it’s a one off price.

Check it out HERE


Free Stock Images!


Check out my post where I have listed lots and lots of great places top get free stock images

Click here to go to the post.


Sniply is a nifty tool that lets you attach your own custom message to any website on the internet. It’s a popular tool for marketing since it allows you to add your own call-to-action to the content you curate and share across social media.

Check out my article on here




A great quick and easy way to make eBook covers on the fly

Check out my article I wrote on it 




Handbrake is an awesome free video transcoding / compressing tool.

Awesome for compressing files before uploading to youtube

Check out my article on it here



One-click screen capture recording on Windows or Mac computers with no install for FREE!

Check them out here!

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Keep Coming back here and checking out new cool stuff to add to your toolbox.

Have a great day.