My Story of Transformation

How a broke ex-farm worker & ex-construction worker discovered a way to be able to make money online, and help other people do exactly the same thing following a few “Marketing Secrets” not found in any book.

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  • Haydee

    Hi Alex I appreciate your comments on Polaris and have followed you to here. I am still dubious about the fact that you’re talking about making money with ‘a product… it could be anything’… this is starting to sound a lot like network marketing, which I’m open to it being a legit way of making money without ripping people off and which has integrity.
    Just my thoughts. Anyway not sure what I’ve signed dup for except to receive links to more of your blogs but am intrigued enough to have done so…

    • Alex Bender

      Mate I appreciate you leaving me a comment. By getting this far down in my loooong story it really does mean you’re looking for something.
      Glad you entered you details to get my blog updates, I hope you get some golden nuggets that I like to drop.

  • When l attempt to sign up on the next page l get a message saying ‘invalid email’. Is it not optimised for smartphone?

  • Hi Alex love your blog! When l attemp to sign up on the next page l get a message saying ‘ invalid email ‘ is it not optimised for smartphone? Thanks Debbie

    • Alex Bender

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention Debbie – I will fix this ASAP – I was wondering why I wasn’t getting people adding their details from this page! I appreciate you for this.

  • Lexie Hannah

    Hey Alex. Enjoyed reading your ‘story of transformation’. Your honesty and transparency and bravery to share your story is invaluable. Very encouraging! I resonate with you about how tough your story is to tell. Thank you sooo much for your willingness to put yourself out there and sharing!!

    • Alex Bender

      Hey there Lexie – WOW you made it all the way through my story AND you left a message – I appreciate that!