Never have enough time? Here’s a great way to get more stuff done.

Are you constantly thinking you can’t seem to get everything done?

Always putting off your project because you don’t seem to have enough time?

Been putting off starting your own home business because you just don’t seem to have enough hours in the day?

I’m going to let you in on something about me……

I work a construction job working 60-70 hours a week

I also have an Online Business that I spend 20 hours a week on.

How do I find the time to do my online business?

Here’s my secret sauce……..

I don’t watch TV (Shock, Horror)

No I lie, maybe once or twice a week I may turn the TV on and wind down a bit, however I have prioritized my future, and my future is not in front of the TV screen

“The average American watches more than five hours of live television every day.”

Thats from an article in

Create Freedom Online

You may read this and say – but I like watching TV……

So do I – I frigging love watching TV……… but I love success a bit more

You may say you’re not prepared to turn the TV off

That’s OK, we can’t all be successful…..

If you’re prepared to Turn the TV off & do something extra for your future. Click Here, Add Your Details & Start Your Journey of Success Today

Create Freedom Online




  • Irene Franzese

    Short post but right to the point. Watching TV is not going to make you money and by no means successful.. I watch very little myself. I tape some of the shows I like and on a weekend I treat myself to a couple of hours of watching them.

    • Alex Bender

      Yes I must admit I’m a Gold Rush fan…. I download the show and watch it when I feel like it some time as my weekly chill time.

  • Cate Saxton

    Love this Post Alex! I too enjoy a little “down time” and that sort of spaced out number out and dumbed out state of being once in a while…but FIVE hours a DAY? That’s messed up and probably a huge piece of what’s wrong in our World today!
    So Thanks for putting this out to people and NO not everyone really WANTS and desires success! So we look for “the ones who do”!

  • FJ Ortega

    Hey Alex…I love…short and to the point. I am with you….love tv, but don’t have time for it…it is the bigger time waster. Thanks for value and tips…

  • Sabrey Jamal

    Great info, its obvious watching too much tv if very time consuming, but we all tend to do it, i personally cut down watching tv in the last 2 years , i watch around 2-3 hours a week. i rather chase my dream and then one ill be on tv myself 😛

  • Carolyn Porter

    Love your post, TV is definitely not the way to go while building a business.

  • Robert Frank

    That’s a great post and you make a really good point about TV. Wow watch TV 5 hours a day. You could build an empire in that time. Seriously! I also liked when you said, “that’s ok, we can’t all be successful” Made me laugh because I guess it’s true, many people really aren’t willing to give up TV to get more stuff done. 🙂

  • Carol Makowski

    Excellent point you make about TV and the extra hours we allow ourselves if we cut back or eliminate it. I’d throw computer games in the mix too. Boils down to priorities. Love your straight forward style Alex.

    • Alex Bender

      Yes well new gaming machines can be ridiculously addictive & I’ve seen people play a game 48 hrs straight with only breaks to drink coke & eat chips – very valid point Carol.
      Yes I do have a very straight forward style I spose – It has got me in trouble more than one time….. but I am who I am – I don’t pretend to be anyone else.

  • H Cortez “the Coach”

    awesome post I needed this one

  • Ron Sheldon

    You’re right Alex, television is probably one of the biggest time wasters on the planet. Seems that most people are happy to waste time. But time is a precious resource and unlike money, once it is spent it can never be recovered. Personally there’s not much about tv programs that appeals to me. I’d rather relax by walking, reading or listening to music. Cheers, Ron

  • Geniece Brown

    Hi Alex, that TV is a killer! I usually take time on Friday nights for TV and movie time with my family to get some relaxation time and turn computers and other work devices off so I’m not continuing to work. If I watched TV regularly during the week though, it would soak up my time in a big way.