What Digital Nomads wish they knew before starting on their journey

Travelling the world & making money from your laptop…….
Many people’s ultimate dream.
For most people it had just been that… a dream.
But for others they have embraced the challenge & gone out, seen the world & make a lot of money at the same time.
They are truly free!

What will you sacrifice for your success?

How bad to you want to succeed?
Seriously, how bad?
Many people put it down to sheer luck.
However I know that most people know its more than sheer luck. Luck has something to do with it though, it just happens to be that the people that do what it takes to be successful get luckier than those that sit and wait for success.

The Power of Dream Building

Does this sound familiar: “Dream on….” or maybe “Get your head out of the clouds…”
As a general rule, society really talks down people that talk of doing grand things.
Even if people do wish they could do great things, rarely will people share this with others & generally they won’t go out looking at the “What if’s….”