Put down that god damned phone

You know what used to piss me off in my old MLM – talking to prospects on the phone – All bloody day!

I was involved with a top tier MLM that wasall about talking to prospects on the phone.  You know how it is – you’re told to ‘qualify’ your prospects on the phone by asking them set up questions designed to make them qualify themselves anyway.

To be honest that part didnt bother me too much – I did a stint at telemarketing once and got used to the phone. What I hated was the 3 way call bit.  People in Network Marketing know all about the 3 way call and how its this amazing way to get someone else to close the sale for you.  I hated the 3 way call.  I hated setting up a 3 way call, I hated being the person who had to do the selling, the only part I loved about it was when I hung up the phone.

It was soooo frustrating spending majority of my time on the bloody phone! When I should have been spending my time being productive & marketing!

But I didnt know any better, It was what the company taught us to do so we did it.

Now, I’m a big believer in Home Business, Internet Business, Affiliate Marketing & Natwork Marketing – I was sold on the concept back in 1998 with the BIG A (You know who I’m talking about right) and have had the itch ever since.

So I loved the idea of Online Marketing but I was missing out on the best thing about it – making the whole bloody thing online!!!!

Thats when I was explained what I should have been doing all along – its very simple and makes sense:

  • Get people to a website.
  • Get them to add their email address
  • Get them to watch a sales video
  • Email your list of email leads daily and keep directing them to your sales page
  • Get sales

So instead of being on the phone all day or night calling, leaving messages, talking to strangers, following them up, setting up 3 way calls, just make a website, get traffic to it send out emails and get money!

Such a simple concept – I’m buggered if I know why people do it any other way.

Learn how to do this HERE!

Seriously, dont waste your time on the phone anymore.

Click this link, add your details, watch the video, sign up and do it THE RIGHT WAY from now on