The $150Million “Come Up” – David Sharpe is Back!

I love hearing success stories.

The rags to riches kind of stories.

Dave Sharpe’s success story is truly amazing.

A guy who left home at 14, Lived on the streets, had a serious drug & alcohol problem. Turned his life around and built an amazing business, helping thousands of people all over the world into the world of entrepreneurialism.

His early life of drug addiction haunted him in the form of Hep C & had to take a step back from everything & focus on his health.

Now he’s back!

Listen to this podcast as Justin Verrengia, aka the Hippie Jedi, my mentor, interviews Dave Sharpe in his Weird Entrepreneurs Podcast.


How awesome is this:

As an Entrepreneur you are going to be one of two things, and that’s either TEMPORARY or LEGENDARY and you’ve got to make a decision if you’re gonna be in it for the short game or the long game


Glad you’be back Dave Sharpe.  You’re a true inspiration.

Check out more Weird Entrepreneur interviews at They truly are brilliant interviews. Who know you might just learn something from then, or be inspired to go out and make your next million.

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