So What’s Your Excuse?

I’m so tired of hearing people making excuses for why they haven’t accomplished something.

So today I’m calling you out – I declare bullshit on your excuse.

Its about time you sucked up your pride and taken responsibility for something instead of making excuses why something didn’t happen.

In David Schwartz’s book “The Magic of Thinking Big” one of his first chapters is dedicated to this titled “Cure Yourself of Excusitis, The Failure Disease.”

Did that just sink in…. The Failure Disease.

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It is so easy to find an excuse why something wont work – but look hard enough and you will find a way how it will work. I personally admit to having excusitis, I catch myself too many times justifying where I am at in life, why I did certain things, why things didnt work, why I am the weight I am, why I chose the fast food option over the healthy choice….”Well, it was right there, all I had to do was go through drive through and I had my burger, chips & coke.”…. Its an excuse.

I remember hearing a speech many years ago by Dexter Yager “Don’t make excuses, make success.” it hit home pretty hard – probably had something to do with the way he said it – Dexter is such a powerful speaker.  But that quote still resonates with me today, “Don’t make excuses, make success” …… so powerful.

Create Freedom Online

So next time when you are justifying something, stop for a second, really think about it and be honest – you could have chosen another path but you chose the easy path and now your justifying it by making excuses.

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