Success Lesson I Learned From Making Biodiesel

People are a funny bunch!
Its amazing that the people that laugh at you when you try something out of the box end up being your best supporters when you succeed.
Back in the day I decided to make Biodiesel to run the farm truck & tractors. Fuel is one of the biggest expenses in farms so if you can keep the cost down your on a win!
So I did some research liked the idea and went to the pub & told a few people about my idea.
Within a week I had people coming around telling me not to do it.
People were laughing at me saying “Watch this idiot blow up his truck”
I almost decided not to pursue this idea, but a feeling I had deep down told me to give it a go.
So I made a processor, following all the instructions that I had learned ending up making high quality Biodiesel.
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Don’t worry about my safety gear…….. at least I have gloves on!

After running my Truck & The farm Tractors, word had spread over town that I had made Biodiesel.
Oh how everyone’s attitude changed overnight.
All of a sudden everybody was behind me cheering me on, sourcing different used oil supplies and asking advice – I automatically became the expert in the field of Biodiesel in the eye’s of the locals, even though I’d only been making it for a month or 2.
So I learned a valuable lesson from this that I hold strong to this day.
If you try and do something different then automatically majority of people will talk it down.
However when you follow through & succeed then the people that tried to shoot you down end up becoming your biggest supporter.

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