Why The Weird People Seem to be the Successful Ones

You know there is something about weird people and success.

I chat a lot to people in my business and sometimes I hear people say things like “I’m not getting any success online because I’m not weird like …….”

I’m hearing more and more that there seems to be this belief out there that you have to some kind of weirdo and do weird stuff to be a success in an online business.

How to Avoid 9 Huge Mistakes When Building a Profitable Online Business

Would you like to know the 9 key mistakes that people do when starting or building their online business?
These are key things that most of the leaders and guru’s know about.
However most of the leaders didn’t know about this in the the beginning – they either had mentors to guide them along the way or leay learned by trial & error

How to Overcome Procrastination

Do you struggle with getting focused and getting shit done?
Not only has it been a struggle for me, but its a huge issue with home business owners all over the world.
Procrastination is possibly the biggest issue in the network marketing industry. One of the reason why is because as a general rule there isn’t much invested in their business compared to traditional bricks and mortar business, they don’t have the urgency to make things happen to recover their initial investment.

Be. Do. Have. The Ultimate Success Formula

Do you want to know the secret formula that pretty much every successful person runs with?
This is a formula for success that I have heard many many times, but it just didn’t sink in.
It goes against what many people believe is the way things should be.
I guess thats why the majority of people just aren’t successful. Most people actually follow the opposite of this formula.
The late, great Zig Ziglar said it best with “You’ve got to be before you can do, and do before you can have.”
Its now what’s known as the “Be, Do, Have” Principle.

Get an Accountability Partner & Start Achieving Your Goals

Do you struggle with staying on track with your goals?
I know I sure as hell do.
So many times I’ve headed out with all these good intentions only to get sidetracked with something else and the next thing I know I’m on a completely different path not really knowing how I got there.
But every time I have someone egging me on, be it positive or negative, there’s something deep down that keeps me going, keeps me doing something towards the goal.
One great way to keep you on the path to your goals is having an accountability partner.

Why Forrest Gump Would Have Been A Brilliant Network Marketer

It’s no secret that most people fail when they try a network marketing business.

In all honesty people look at the concept, think its easy & when they don’t make money in the first couple of months they quit and jump over to the next latest greatest, shiny, new comp plan, products that will change the world, kind of deal. Then they doný make any money there for a couple of months and jump to the next deal.