The 5 Weapons Used To Commit Success-Suicide

Are you wondering why it is your not successful?

We all have desires. We all want to go places & become something.

So why is it then that so many people don’t follow through with their desires & dreams?

Dr David Schwartz in “The Magic of Thinking Big” simply puts it “All of us dream of what we really want to do. But few of us actually surrender to desire. Instead of surrendering to desire, we murder it.”

[tweet_dis]”All of us dream of what we really want to do. But few of us actually surrender to desire.”  Dr David Schwartz[/tweet_dis]

He continues to say that there are actually 5 weapons used to commit success-suicide, & he encourages you to destroy these 5 weapons:

Self Depreciation, Secuity-itis, Competition, Parental Dictation & Family Responsibility.

Self Depreciation

Destroy the thoughts of that you are not good enough to be what you desire to be.

All over the place you see  stories of people that overcame their lack of education or experience, they defeated their adversity & pushed on to become successful.

Take on the mantra that you are just as good as anyone else, you just need to learn some skills & follow through with your desire.


Its hard to take the leap of pressing on when you have a safe secure job.

This hold so many people back – and it will murder your dreams if you use it as an excuse.


Never use the excuse that there is too much competition in your field.

By having lots of competition it means that there must be a big demand in that field. Use having lots of competition to your advantage. think of how you can set yourself apart from the competition.

Parental Dictation

Parents will always have your best interests at heart, but sometimes  they will also want you to pursue a career path that you just don’t want to go down.

One of my mentors, Lawrence, has a Chinese background & his parents wanted him to become a doctor. He really sucked at that, but to please his family he chose to become an engineer.  But he was miserable as an engineer, working 12 hor days in a job he didn’t enjoy to please his family with a respectable job.  So he decided to follow his heard & start to be an online entrepreneur.  He has since gone on to make millions of dollars online and he retired himself from engineering at the age of 33.  His parents still don’t quite understand his choice to not be an engineer, but Lawrence is happy, he is free & able to spend all his time with his beautiful wife & kids becasue he followed his passion of being an online entrepreneur.

Family Responsibility

Don’t use your family as an excuse not to be successful.

Dr Schwartz uses this example is his book of a terrible attitude to have using your family as an excuse, “It would have been wise for me to change over 5 years ago, but now I’ve got a family & I can’t change”

Use your family as a reason why you will pursue your dreams & goals.

A mentor & good friend of mine, Paul quit his job & followed his dream of having his own home business when he was newly married with a couple of kids, living in a single wide trailer home.  He was struggling,  and easily could have used the excuse of going and keeping his safe secure job to look after his family. Now after took the giant leap of quitting his job & starting a home business, he is now living his dream. He is debt free. He owns his own house, on a small property in Idaho, spends quality time with his family & continuing to build his business.

As Dr Schwartz say in “The Magic of Thinking Big”, “Throw away those murder weapons! Remember, the only way to get full power, to develop full go-force, is to do what you want to do. Surrender to desire and gain energy, enthusiasm, mental zip, and even better heath. And its never too late to let desire take over”

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