The Art of Living Well

Strategy 7 in “7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness: Power Ideas from America’s Foremost Business Philosopher” by the late Jim Rohn

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I didn’t quite understand this at first and had to re-read this section.

The whole section is about learning the art of happiness.

More money will only make you more of what you already are.

If you are unhappy, more money will be a luxurious miserable person


If you master the art of lifestyle & happiness, more money will help you amplify your happiness & inner wealth.

Learning to enjoy the time you have, don’t just waste it on average things.

One way I do this is when I go to the movies I’ll go ‘Gold Class’ with the big recliner chairs, drinks delivered throughout the movie, having quality meals delivered I normally order a couple of beers and a plate of wedges – It just works for me. Its a more of an expensive way of going to the movies, but I enjoy it this way – I will go less often but treat myself to top quality service when I go.

Its also not just with wealth, its with time aswell.

I thing I have learned is to actually enjoy your vacation. This may sound odd, but I know of people that try and cram so much into their vacation that they don’t relax and actually enjoy their time off. When I was on vacation in the US, I did a tour around the middle states – I stopped in a small town in Alabama. I really liked this town & decided to stay for a week and really get to know the culture. The people were so friendly, they drove me around the area and introduced me to other people, they involved me in the community, by the end of the week I even made the front page of the local paper and had a whole crew of people send me off on my last day – It was a big thing for this insane Australian to come into their small town and be interested in how they lived. To this day, over my 12 month vacation in Nth America, my most memorable part was my week I spent in this small town in Alabama. It was probably my cheapest week in the whole trip – I didn’t have to spend much money at all, but I really enjoyed my time.

The book suggests tipping extra, or pretty much, not to be a tight ass. If the service was good, tip them.

As an Australian, its not in our culture to tip. I did learn the value in tipping the hard way when I was in Nth America. Try going to the same bar the next night after not tipping – the service isn’t all that good!

I do like the suggestion of tipping the waiter/waitress when you get seated, next time I am in the US I will be sure to try it.

So I guess its by learning to enjoy life, do a bit extra, pay a bit more for a quality product or service, enjoy your relaxation time, don’t try and do it all.

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